At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we've created this "Happy Tails" page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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Evie has a new home

Here is an Evie Happy Tale...

Just wanted to let everyone know we are lovin having Evie as an official member of the family. And she is settling in quite nicely as the resident cat. Between carrying around her long lost kitties (the flip flops) to pouncing on the other dogs, just like a cat would do when playing. We still strongly believe she may have been raised by a cat, with all her feline ways. LOVE her we do and wouldn't have her any other way. She is an original.

Thanks so much, Jerry & Colleen

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Jenna and Jack's new family

Happy Tails coming soon!

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Jack and Jenna's new family

Happy Tails coming soon!

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Dakota and Titi

Titi and Dakota

I finally got some pictures of the pooches together - thought you might want to take a look. They're a perfect pair! Dakota's doing very well and has put on some weight. In case you can't tell who's who (it's hard!), he's the one with the bandanna.

All the best,

Dianne Larrea

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Maggy and her new sister

Bio coming soon!

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Rocky's (Billy) new family
Billy the Kid

Rocky - formerly Billy - is doing exceptionally well. On our way home, we stopped at a pet shop to get some supplies and he behaved very well there. He was reluctant to eat much at first but today his appetite is good. He is quite social during his walks. He is probably one of the best behaved dogs in the neighborhood. He has slept two nights in his crate. There were some moments with my grandson, but we were able resolve that with a couple of squirts from a water bottle. Rocky is going to fit right in. He doesn't seem to mind the name change. He is a pleasure to have around. We have been to our local dog park and he is extremely well behaved. House breaking is still an issue but I am certain progress is being made in small steps. The cat has just about adjusted to Rocky, Rocky doesn't seem to care about the cat at all (but he does keep track of where he is). He still sleeps all night without a peep in his crate.

The time you spent working with him has sure paid off.

Thanks for all your hard work, Clyde

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Scooby, Sheba, new mom

Email from new mom Becky:

I want you to know that we are doing very well and I absolutely love Scooby and Sheba. They are so lovable and simply wonderful!!! I'm so fortunate to have them in my life.

Here's a note from Scooby and Sheba...

Dear Foster Mom,

Thank you so much for taking care of us. We miss you and love you very much. You Rock!!! We are loving our new Mom! She's really great and we are already feeling at home after just one day. We are eating very well and enjoying our own back yard. Mom took us for a walk in our new neighborhood yesterday and it's really cool. She loves to cuddle with us and she loves to play and act silly, just like us!!! It's a perfect match. Also, we slept all night with Mom in her bed last night. We are so happy and we owe it all to you. Thank you FM, we'll always remember you.


Scooby and Sheba

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JJ and new mom


JJ has a new home and a new mom!

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Joey and new family

Joey (being held by his new Daddy) and his new fursister (Melody) being held by Mom. They already love one another - so sweet!

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Bella has been with us a month now! I can't believe how fast that went! Of course you can put in the "successful adoptions" happy place!! I am attaching 2 photos I just took because the one from my phone just won't go through!

Bella has gained more weight, I can tell but I have not taken her in for a weight check. I plan to soon! She has so much energy! She loves to run and jump around in the back yard! She is so funny to watch as she tries to chase the birds and ducks! Sometimes she runs to hard and fast she tumbles over and over! She gets up and just keeps on going as fast as she can! She doesn't go near the pool, so that is a good thing! She loves her walks and goes to sit by the door when I ask if anyone wants to walk! She is a good walker! She still has accidents in the house occasionally but she knows she shouldn't ! I do cage her while I am at school and she is fine with it, even goes in there to sleep sometimes in the evenings while we are watching tv! She loves to be held and carried around like a baby! We just love her and am so grateful to have her!

She has a "fluff and puff" appointment with Penny on Saturday to get their hair done and get all prettied up!! I did give her a bath a week ago and she was so good, just stood still while I bathed and used a blow dryer on her!!



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I have a great homw with my new parents.

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I have a great homw with my new parents.

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Mattie and new family

To sum up how we feel about Mattie as my little Mia told it. Mattie fits right into our family because he is good, loving, gives lots of kisses and he is calm. She said she is so happy to have another dog. I think Chippy is very happy to have a little buddy. Mattie is everything his foster mom, Phyllis said he is. He is so affectionate and is great with the kids and Chippy. Phyllis has done a wonderful job taking care of him and getting him well and he was so lucky to have her! Phyllis was wonderful with our family as well and we got to visit Mattie on a weekly basis until the adoption which made it that much easier when we finally did!

The United Yorkie Rescue is a terrific organization with an amazing group of people!

Thanks for everything!

The Butera Family

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Jamie and new best friend

Well, I'm taking a minute to write this because my older fur-brother needs a rest!

My new favorite word is "jail" - strange, but I'll tell you why. The situation that was told to my mom, is that the bad peole who had me before my awesome foster mom (Hi Casey!) were given the option of going to jail or surrendering me. So they gave me up. See why I like that word now? Because when they said that word, my journey to heaven began. Besides my new parents, I have a 75 pound big brother (he's a German Shorthaired pointer that was also rescued from some pretty bad stuff!) and 2 brothers without fur. I've got a nan, an aunt, an uncle, and nephew that i haven't met yet. This family stuff is pretty cool! We pick the kids up from school, play in the backyard, and I can just attack my fur-brother whenever I want to - he doesn't even care! I steel his bones, jump on him when he's sleeping, chew on his feel when he's walking . . . nothing! How funny is that! And it only took me 2 nights to make it to the bed at night! I've got these guys wraped around my little finger (er . . . paw!) My fur is growing in real nice, I have to admit. . . I'm one handsome devil! You can't even see the scars on my neck anymore unless you look, but whose looking!!!!!! So, just wanted to let you know that life is great, and I have to go now because that's about all the time that I can take away from playing! Thanks Jennifer and Casey for rescuing me and nursng me back to health and for finding me a great home. I hope all your other rescues can be as lucky as me!!!!!! I'll keep in touch, I'm thinking of getting my own FaceBook page - I'm pretty spoiled!

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Diamond and new mom

Lady Di or DiDi (formerly Diamone) is doing wonderful! The day I brought her home, she weighd 9.1 lbs. She now weighs 10.2 lbs! The little darlin can eat!! Loves her treats, loves her brother too. They're so cute together. She's more assertive than him, and he doesn't get all the treats meant for him....man is she fast on her feet! She's aclamated to my travel schedule and does great at the dog nanny too. She's learned how to give me kisses on the phone and talk to me when I'm on speaker...I think Max taught her that. She would be the happiest if I held her all day and she gave me kisses. She is the most loving pet. She hasn't tried to get out or run (as her history states); not many opportunities, yet when you call her Diamond and are firm, she sits and doesn't move until asked to. Another major accomplishment is that she no longer hides under the back seat once the car goes into drive. She sits up front, looks out the window, tries like heck to get on my lap (with Max already there), yet she'll go right back to the passenger seat, and as long as I pet her, she stays and behaves.

She is a wonderful addition to our family, and we are blessed to have found her.

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One lucky dog and new mom

Hi! I'm Foxy. I bet you all remember me; I am the yorkie wannabe. I was rescued from death row at Miami Animal Control. My back leg was so severely broken and healed terribly that I had to have it amputated. I was so happy when UYR let me move into their foster home. I had fun there. But I am so happy to have my forever mommy and daddy. My mommy tells me every day that I am her world; she loves me more than anything. I sleep on her pillow next to her face at night. On the weekends and evenings, she takes me around to restaurants that allow doggies and to dog parks. I really have fun with her. Sometimes I just sit on her lap while she sits by the intercoastal and reads to me. I'm really thankful to UYR for getting me and my new mommy together. We couldn't be any happier. Thank you Thank you!

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Henry is the best

Henry's Story

The day started as any other for Henry's foster mom. She opened her e-mail to find a picture of a small matted dog listed as a Maltese in really bad shape located at an area shelter. He was brought there as a stray with a frayed rope tied around his neck, sores all over his body, a broken leg, and hardly any hair. She went to the shelter to find the dog from the e-mail. She knew she had to help him.

She saw that he was young - not even two years of age. She also recognized the familiar silver hair and knew this was no Maltese. This was a Yorkie! The shelter did not think he was even going to survive but they knew if he had a chance, UYR would make it happen.

Henry's FM took him home on March 5th, and off he went to the vet for a check up. He needed a neuter and a dental... but first they needed to tackle his non contagious Demodectic mange, an eye infection, corneal injury, ear infection, urine crystals, ring worm that took over his fragile weakened body, and a badly broken front leg. He would surely have been euthanized at the shelter! Henry received the treatments that he needed and his front leg had to be amputated.

I have supported many rescue dogs over the years with financial donations or a care package being sent in the mail. I have three rescue dogs - a beagle and two Yorkies. One of my Yorkies survived Hurricane Katrina and the other was a puppy mill survivor having spent her entire 5 years in a puppy mill she came to me with about six or so teeth left and her back leg amputated.

I was looking for a Yorkie to support and came across Henry's picture and his story. It was love at first sight for me. I sent Henry a care package and made a donation to help with his medical costs. I was not the only one who wanted to help Henry he had supporters from across the county and he raised over $4000 in funds to help with his medical costs as well as other Yorkies in foster homes with United Yorkie Rescue. He also received other care packages in the mail. I could not stop thinking about him, and that was the start of many e-mails back and forth to his Foster Mom Jenn asking how he was doing and looking for updates about his health. She sent me a link to the pictures of Henry that documented his journey and his road to recovery and healing. The pictures brought tears to my eyes and I sat at my computer sobbing.

I decided that Henry was the one for me after all! I submitted the application to adopt and waited to hear back from Jenn. I must say I bugged Jenn quite a bit as I waited to hear back. Jenn contacted shelters and rescue organizations in Maine in hopes that someone would do a home visit of behalf of United Yorkie Rescue. Finally, an organization stepped forward to do the home visit and Jenn called me with the great news that I was Henry's new Mom I was so happy! The next step was how was I going to get Henry? Jenn called with great news again stating that she had a family event to attend in Massachusetts and Henry would hitch a ride up with her to Maine. I picked Henry up in Dartmouth, Ma on July 10th and again it was love at first sight.

Henry did great on the car ride back to Maine sitting in my lap all the way home. He was a bit nervous the first few days I had him home he did not want to eat or drink. He followed me from room to room keeping a close eye on me. Henry continues to follow me around from room to room he is my constant companion he goes to work with me cuddles up next to me weather it is on the couch or chair. He also gets to come to work with me quite often, and everybody loves him. He is much loved and has many toys, and sweaters for the cold Maine weather that will be arriving soon.

It is said that adopters change the lives of dogs or is it the other way around that the dogs changes our lives. What I can tell you for sure is that Henry has changed my life. Henry was definitely the underdog and needed support, love and people in his corner to love and care for him.

I would like to express my sincere thanks to Jenn with United Yorkie Rescue for taking such heartfelt care of Henry and opening your home to this wonderful dog who needed a true angel to look after him. You have touched the lives of so many, many dogs in such an amazing way you are an amazing wonderful person who I am honored to call my friend.

I would also like to express thanks to the vet and vet techs that took care of Henry and for Miami Dade Rescue for taking Henry in. I would also like to thank the many, may donors that made a financial contribution to help Henry and United Yorkie Rescue and the donors for sending Henry much needed love.


Amy L. Cooper

Henry's Mom

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Harvey has a new home

Harvey and his new buddy, Skip

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Tazer and Derby

When I got my first puppy Tazer back in December I remember the excitement that she had when I brought her home for the first time and how happy she made me and my girlfriend. Everyday she's a bundle of joy to be with. But then I realized, she needed a friend to grow up with. But this time I wanted to adopt a puppy. A puppy I could give a second chance to and a loving home. That's when I found UYR. The first day I looked on the website I put in my application for a puppy but i was too late, she was adopted. The very next day Derby appeared on the website and I knew he would be perfect for our family. I put in the application and was a bit of a pain to UYR (sorry Jenn) and I was given a chance. On Derby's first visit, Tazer and him hit it off and I knew this little guy was going to be perfect. Derby was so happy when he saw all the toys and Tazer. Ever since then they have been inseparable and they bring a smile to everyones faces every day. I'm happy I could give Derby his second chance on being loved and giving him his FURever home..forever. Thank you to everyone at UYR for making all this possible and for helping me to get one step closer to completing my family.

Thanks again,

Joe, Nikki, Tazer, & Derby

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Toby hits the Lotto

Toby is headed to his new home, with a new little brother. We sure are going to miss the little guy!

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