At United Yorkie we are blessed to with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued and surrendered Yorkies. To share this joy we’ve created this “Happy Tails” page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful success stories with everyone who loves dogs. These stories are written by the new parents as they relate the wonderment of the new addition to their lives. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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Leia and new family

I am thrilled to let you know Leia has been adopted! Tom and Carol are the most wonderful people. I know that Leia is now the princess she should have always been!

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11/22/15 Lacey has been adopted! This sweet and beautiful little mill girl overcame so many obstacles after 2-1/2 months while in her foster home. After spending the first 6 years of her life producing puppies, she now has a happy home with a mom who loves her very much.

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Beau and new family

Beau​ ​was adopted today to an amazing family in Murfreesboro. It was love at first sight for them all. Beau is going to have the best life ever with his new mom and dad.

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Penny and new family

Today was pretty Penny's gotcha day. She has a wonderful forever mom and dad. Penny will now get all the love and attention she always wanted. Happy tails for Penny.

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Oliver and new mom

Oliver and his new mom. What a happy ending for this sweet boy. He will have so much love and attention now. His new forever life will be filled with happy days everyday. We are so happy for Little Oliver.

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Gigi and new parents

11/18/15 Gigi has been adopted to a wonderful family in Wisconsin.

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Buddy and new mom ready for the road
Buddy IA

11/18/15 I've been adopted! I'm a trucker now, which suits me perfectly. I enjoy one person around with no other dogs or kids to get on my nerves. I'm the #1 in my new mom's life!

Thank you UYR for helping find the life I was meant to have.

Best Regards, Buddy

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Harry and new mom

​11/13/15 This is Happy Harry and his new mom. He now has a wonderful new ​fur sister to play with and two human sisters to love him too. This is a great happily ever after for Harry. He will get all the love and attention he ever needed and wanted. Hooray for Harry.

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On 11/10/15 I was adopted by a wonderful retired couple and had my name changed to Briaga. Here is what they told my former foster mom.

"Got a million dollar pooch here...she's a real jewel. It's not been a week since we adopted her and she's settled in like she's been here forever. That little lady is so smart. She loves to go for walks with Larry, tail held high, and sits down nicely to get her leash on, and again for treats when she gets home. What's amazing is that she knows where she lives (the townhouses all look the same to me) and we still bypass our own door, especially in the dark. She watches the squirrels out the window and looks up into the trees for them. She sticks to me like glue and if I leave she's on Larry's knee so fast. She gets a brush each morning and her face and eyes cleaned...I want to make the grooming experience easier for her. We thoroughly enjoy her company even if cushions and toys are scattered everywhere when she has her mad moments. She keeps behind me going downstairs but just flies up them. When I'm doing yoga she gets in one of her four beds and snuggles down, keeping one eye open. She's totally spoiled already and enjoys her frequent naps. She answers to her name and usual noises no longer alarm her, like the garage door and sump pump. We love her dearly.

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Presley and his forever family

11/8/15 Presley has a new home and two new fur siblings! What a happy boy.

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Mr. Jiggs

Update 11/2/15 Hooray I'm adopted to the same family who adopted my brother, Archie. We'll be together again!

Mr. Jiggs tells his story: I am a 3 pound little boy Yorkie, 9 years of age. I had to come back to my Foster Mom in St. Angar, Iowa since my adoptive Mommy fell and was injured so she could not give me the proper care and love like she had been doing! I know she loved me a lot and this was hard for her. I am unable to go up or down stairs or jump up on things. I have wobbly back legs which prevents this. I can walk ok and I can run a little bit but really like to be carried around.

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Maxy and new family

10/18/15 Maxy has a new home

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Maggie and new family

Hi Maggie here...Well today I was adopted by my forever family.

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Tate has a new home

Tate and his new family

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Beau Beau and new mom
Beau Beau

Beau has a new home

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Buckley has a new home

Hello Buckley has been adopted! He lives about 4 blocks from his foster mommy, so we will see each other often. Mary Lou could not be a better fit for Buck, he has 2 fur sisters that he has been playing with a lot. Today is a happy day! United Yorkie Rescue has helped another "difficult" unwanted fur baby find the home he deserves!

Appreciation to all involved in his happy story.

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Perla and new family

Perla has a new home

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Nina and new mom

Nina was adopted today by her new forever mom! Joan is ready to spoil her new little girl all day, everyday. Joan is a retired RN & they will be sharing a home with just the two of them, exactly as Nina has always pictured in her dreams.

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Sterling and new family

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Mason and new mom

Mason was adopted!

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