At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we’ve created this “Happy Tails” page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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8/27/16 Sugar was adopted! She was happy in her former home until she started having trouble with the little 3 year old who just loved her too much, just not in the way she needed to be loved. After Sugar let him know, twice, she was not happy with him grabbing at her and playing too rough, her owners knew for Sugar's well being she would need to be in a better home. So to help Sugar and her family Sugar came into United Yorkie Rescue. It didn't take too long before her perfect forever mom and dad found her. A mom and dad who are home all day. There is a nice fenced yard, and best of all no little kids. Sugar will have all the attention she wants and needs. Sugar is such a happy girl now, and like her name, Sugar gives her new mom and dad love and sugar all day long.

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BooBoo and new mom

8-27-16 Baby BooBoo was adopted today. This little 6 month old puppy found his perfect forever family. He was only 4 months old when his first mommy had a serious accident and couldn't take care of him anymore. Boo was only 2 pounds, just a tiny little guy. He is now not quite 3 pounds and about as happy and sweet as can be. His new home will be so much fun for him. He has two, not one but two, fur siblings who are also young and they just play all the time. What more could a young puppy want? Well, how about a fenced yard to make it that much better. Now they can play in the house and play outside while their mom and dad watch them run all around and tumble and wrestle with each other until they flop down into a puppy pile to take a rest. BooBoo has the best home any puppy could want. What a happy tail for little Boo.

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Sassy and new mom

8/21/16 Sassy was adopted today. Her new life is ready to begin. She thought that the day her family moved she would never have a home of her own again. Although she was happy in her foster home, she wanted what she once had--A forever family to call hers. This perfect girls who gets along with everyone, dogs, cats, kids, grownups, found that home and it is the best ever. She has a little fur sister just about her age and a mom who isn't gone for long hours each day. Sassy is so happy to have a home to call hers once again.

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8/16/16 Little Louie the puppy found his perfect forever home. He will be a very loved boy with all the attention and care one sweet puppy could want. He will have either his new mommy or daddy home with him most of the time. Louie is one lucky pup who really did find his happy tails.

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Tobie has a new home

8/13/16 Tobie found her new family today. Tobie's previous owners found her on the streets and took her to the local shelter where she needed to be help for a period of time to allow the first owner to claim her. When no one came to take her home, she was adopted by the family who found her. Sadly after a few years, the circumstances in their lives changed and they were no longer able to keep her. So they asked UYR if we would take her in and help find a loving forever home for her. Now after a dental with a number of extractions and getting updated on her vaccinations, Tobie found her perfect forever home, giving love and kisses to a new mom and day. Hooray for Tobie!

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8-12-16 When Teddy's former family no longer had the time and means to give him the attention and care he needed they realized it would be the best thing for Teddy to become a United Rescue dog. When he came to his foster home this 3 year old pup was a little underweight and shy. During the time he spent in his foster home he put on a little weight and that beautiful tail of his never stopped wagging. Then today the best thing of all happened, he was adopted into the most wonderful forever home. He has a mommy and daddy who will be home with him most of the day. He also has two older fur brothers who will love to curl up next to Teddy during rest time. Best of all Teddy will get the time and attention and all the love this wonderful, special little guy needs and wants. Teddy is really home!

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Zoey and new mom

8-10-26 Zoey was adopted today. After being with the same family for ten years, this precious little girl was surrendered because they no were able to give her the time she needed. It took her several weeks at her foster home before she realized she wasn’t “going home” and she finally began adjusting to her new life. Foster Mom was more than a little worried that this little girl was having to go through yet another life changing event, but her worries became joy when she saw how Zoey was with her new mommy! She was running all through the house and wagging her tail, jumping up for her new momma to hold her. She knew, she really knew, she was “home again”. Foster mom shed a few tears, but instead of sad tears, she was crying happy tears. It was a match made in heaven……..

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8/10/16 Taffi (now Taff) has found his forever home. At age 8, he was surrendered by his family due to financial issues and UYR happily was able to take him into our rescue. The best little boy ever and very handsome, he quickly found his forever family where they will dote on him exclusively. His new mom and dad recently sent a great note about their adoption experience with UYR which they have allowed us to share below:

"We would like to take a moment to bring to your attention our most wonderful recent adoption experience with United Yorkie Rescue. Every aspect of our adoption transaction for our precious 'Taff' was met with the utmost of professionalism by Christine (his foster mom).

We cannot say enough accolades about her and wanted to acknowledge our extremely positive experience. Truly Christine is an extreme asset to United Yorkie Rescue!"

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Max and new family

8/10/16 Today is the day Max went to his forever home. What a happy, lucky guy. He has a stay at home mommy and two real life boys to play with him. What more could any puppy want? Max is so happy to have found just the most perfect home. Happy Tails, Max.

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Silas and new mom

8-4-16 Silas was adopted today and he is ready for his forever life to start. This funny, happy puppy will have such a great life with a mom and dad who will be giving Silas all the attention and love one little puppy could want. Silas will have the best life any puppy ever had. Happy Tails little Silas.

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Sweet Mattie has found her perfect forever home and has a great life of love ahead of her!

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8-3-16 This adorable little guy found his forever home and he's so happy. He get a stay at home mom and dad who are going to help him with his house training and all his manners. Timmie is such a playful fellow and now he will have attention and a family who will want to play with him all day long. He lives in a great neighborhood where there is so many doggie friends to meet and greet and tumble and rumble with. This bundle of love will be loved and cuddled from now on until forever. Happy Happy Tails, little Timmie.

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8-3-16 Sammy is finally home forever. This sweet sweet boy, for no reason of his own, found himself in over 5 different homes in his 6 short years of living. He never knew if he would go to sleep in the same home he woke up in that very morning. In spite of all that he is the most loving, well-behaved dog. He loves everyone and no matter where you take him, in the car, on a walk, to a friend's house, to the park, you could count on Sammy to behave like a perfect gentleman, but still he didn't have a home and family to call his own. And then one magic day he did. He met and fell in love with his forever mommy and she couldn't have loved him and wanted him more. Sammy's new home is such a great place. He has a fenced yard, some fur siblings to play with, and the forever home he always wanted. From now on until forever Sammy will wake up and go to sleep in the same home every single day for the rest of his life.

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8-2-16 Hi everyone, It is me, Mack. I am so excited that I have found my forever family. I will no longer have to worry about staying home alone for long periods of time because my daddy is home all the time, and my mommy is home a lot too. I already have two big sisters that I love. My sisters are rescued Greyhounds and are so gentle. Who would have thought that someone would find it in their hearts to adopt a fellow my age? Heck, I may be 11 years old but I have the spirit of a puppy. I wasn't sure I would ever again have a family to call my own after my last family couldn't keep me, but I did and a happier fellow couldn't be found anywhere. Have to run now. Time to start playing with my sisters and all my new toys.

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Axl and new mom

7/31/2016 Axl arrived early April on the tail of a March whirlwind. He rode on the fence between Looking for Love and Forever Ours for 3 months. Serious sinus issues delayed neutering as Dr. Jeni scheduled him for a sinus flush with a biopsy and radiograph of his gums along with dental extractions. In the meantime, Dr. Jeni found information where a certain skin allergy drug was effectively treating sinus issues as well, we gave it a shot and it worked. Dental surgery extracted all but 1 tooth, but the radiograph showed no further infection. We thought we were in the clear until urinalysis test indicated extremely high protein in the urine, a sure sign of first stage renal failure. But wait . . . His blood work challenged the urinalysis test so we went all the way for this little pup with an Ultrasound. Not only did he get a fantastic report, the specialist concluded he was a normal healthy dog most suitable for adoption. Axl had jumped the fence and was now Looking for Love.

This morning at approximately 10:10 AM, wheels up and he was on his journey; destination--FUREVER! Fifteen minutes later, Axl (Rose) Rock Star Yorkie strutted his way right into the home and heart of the fabulous, wonderful, loving Ms. Debbie. I got his high 5 sitting right there in her living room We then went outside to the beautiful double deck and I left him and Ms. Bella Poodle enjoying the beautiful shaded back yard of a beautiful southern home. And where was Mr. Dad? Well, he’s fly’in high in the skies, he’s a pilot.

WHEELS DOWN, Axl, you have safely and most lovingly arrived at FUREVER!

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Cody and new family

7-25-16 Cody started life a little harder than most Yorkie puppies. He had a liver shunt and needed surgery as soon as possible. this is a very serious and life-threatening condition that requires extensive treatment, usually in the form of a very expensive surgery. Cody had this surgery in March and had a long recovery until he was finally ready to go to his forever home. He needed all this time to recover from his surgery. Cody healed and became a loving, active, and happy young fellow. He loves other dogs and he loves people even more. Cody found just the perfect forever family. A mom and dad who are home most of the time and another fur friend to hang with and play with everyday. His new mom and dad will take Cody everywhere they go and if they can't he gets to go to doggie day care with his new brother. At his new home there is a great big fenced yard to run around in. This is just a dream come true for this now very healthy and amazing little pup.

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Dandy and new family

7/24/16 Dandy found his perfect forever home with a wonderful couple and two Chihuahuas as play companions. Congratulations little boy...you will be much loved and cared for.

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Lily Ann and new parents
Lily Ann

7-23-16 Lily Ann was adopted! Her new mommy and daddy loved her so much they drove all the way from a far away place to come and get her. This young pup will have the time of her life. A great big fenced yard to run around in and people who will be home a lot of the time just for her. Lily Ann will have her people to play with and friends nearby to have her puppy fun times with. She will be so loved and so cared for.

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7/22/16 Scooter lost his only mom he ever knew in all his 10 years. It was a very sad time for him, and he didn't know what was ahead for him. He had no idea when he became a United Yorkie Rescue dog that another wonderful mom was waiting to adopt him and make him hers. Scooter will live out the rest of his life with his new mom and all the love and care a dog could ever want. Scooter is such a good boy and he will have such a good life. Happy Tails ahead for Scooter.

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7/21/16 Hooray for Mia...she found her perfect forever home today! Mia was a 3 year old, 5 pound little sweetie who was surrendered by her elderly owner who could no longer care for her. She arrived dirty, matted, and in heat. No groomer would take her because she was in heat, so Foster Mom bathed her and trimmed her mats, but she desperately needs to be groomed. She was spayed and had most of her teeth removed on Wednesday, June 29th. Her teeth were so bad that the vet kept her overnight to make sure she was going to be okay. Mia found her perfect forever home with a single, young retiree and will be much loved and doted upon.

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