At United Yorkie we are blessed to with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued and surrendered Yorkies. To share this joy we’ve created this “Happy Tails” page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful success stories with everyone who loves dogs. These stories are written by the new parents as they relate the wonderment of the new addition to their lives. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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Beau Beau and new mom
Beau Beau

Beau has a new home

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Buckley has a new home

Hello Buckley has been adopted! He lives about 4 blocks from his foster mommy, so we will see each other often. Mary Lou could not be a better fit for Buck, he has 2 fur sisters that he has been playing with a lot. Today is a happy day! United Yorkie Rescue has helped another "difficult" unwanted fur baby find the home he deserves!

Appreciation to all involved in his happy story.

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Perla and new family

Perla has a new home

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Nina and new mom

Nina was adopted today by her new forever mom! Joan is ready to spoil her new little girl all day, everyday. Joan is a retired RN & they will be sharing a home with just the two of them, exactly as Nina has always pictured in her dreams.

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Sterling and new family

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Mason and new mom

Mason was adopted!

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Bogey and new family

Bogey has a new family

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Brandi and new family

This sweet baby has been adopted into her forever home. She will be so happy being the only one and getting all the love and attention.

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Dora and new family

Dora has been adopted and has found her Forever home. This sweet little girl is a retired breeder dog and will now spend her days being loved by a local florist in IA. Congratulations little Dora on finding your Forever Home!

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Ivy and new mom

Ivy has been adopted.

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Tammy and new family

Tammy has been adopted.

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Frisky (Bella) and new mom

Happy Tails for Frisky! Frisky now known as "Bella" has found her forever home!

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Maxwell and new mom

Maxwell is home! Jane is the perfect match for me, she has bought me lots of toys, a new collar, leash, harness, dishes, I can go on and on. We go on long walks, we cuddle and kiss. Thank you UYR for sending me to my foster mom who could help me work through my aggression issues. I was scared, I'm not mean. If it weren't for all of you I'd have been destroyed, and my new mommy would have never had the chance to give me the home I deserve. I love you all!

Love, Max

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Bindi and new mom

This is my new mommy, her name is Cindi. She works from home and has no kids. Thank you URY for helping me find the home I deserve!

Love, Bindi

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Gigi and new family
Gigi Mae

Gigi Mae has a new home

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Otis and his new home

Otis and new family

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Bobby and new mom

Update 05/16/15: Hello everybody this is Bobby here wanting to thank everybody at United Yorkie rescue for helping me find the perfect family. It will be just me and my mommy Shari. She lost her sweet cute baby about a month ago and she's been very lonely. Now I get to help her feel better and give her company and she'll give me lots of love.

I'm looking forward to a wonderful life, Bobby

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Cooper and new family

Cooper has a new home

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Scout hits the jackpot

Scout and his new family

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Harley and new mom

Harley with his forever loving mom

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