At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we’ve created this “Happy Tails” page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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5-26-16- Not so very long ago Chloe found herself spending hours of her time crated and alone. Her owners were no longer able to care for her and give her the time and attention she needed. She was by herself for hours and hours at a time feeling very lonely and sad. But lucky for Chloe they knew she needed a home with someone there to love her all the time and that is what United Yorkie Rescue found for her. Chloe found her perfect forever family. She now has a mom and dad who are home a lot of the time and two human kids to play with her. Chloe will get so much love and attention that she will never be sad and lonely again.

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Willow and new family
TN Willow

After 8 months in foster care, a move from NC to TN and multiple surgeries sweet Willow has finally found her forever home where she will received all the love and special attention she deserves! Willow came to us with mammary tumors, luxating patella, and a ruptured ACL. She was also very anxious as she had never known what it is like to be loved and cared for. Now this precious girl has a family all her own and a Yorkie brother to play and cuddle with. Happy Tails Willow! You so deserve a wonderful life!

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Corina and new mom

05/25/16: Corina was adopted into her forever home today and we couldn’t be happier for her. Corina is a special Yorkie mix girl who is so deserving of the wonderful life that she has ahead of her. She was rescued from a high kill shelter as a stray having been abandoned and living on the streets. Corina was in horrible condition, dirty and matted with a 1 ½ pound mass that was growing on her belly. It was so large, it actually made her lose her balance when she got excited. The shelter believed it was a huge perineal hernia and she was slated for euthanasia. UYR rescued her and got her all the vetting she needed. The mass was found to be an overgrown lipoma and it was successfully removed along with a mammary tumor during her spay procedure. No malignancies were found and Corina is expected to have a long healthy life.

Corina was with her loving foster mom for 7 and I/2 months until the perfect forever home could be found. Her foster mom misses her because she was such a sweet girl. But Corina is now in a home with a mom all to herself and a wonderful life ahead. Foster Mom says “I love you, miss you and hope you have a happy life”.

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Charlie and new family
Charley Barley

5-22-16 What a happy day. Charley Barley found his forever family. When his former owner, who had Charley since he was a puppy, died and her family just didn't have the time and resources to care for Charley, he had no idea what his future would hold for him. How sad he was to lose the one person who loved him so much and took care of him though all his puppy years until he was 8 years old. But then the future brightened up when Unietd Yorkie Rescue took him in, and his foster mom was able to give Charley the love and care he needed. Best of all came the day when Charley met his forever family. Now he has a mom and a dad, a fur brother, and even some great kids to play with and walk him and love him the rest of his life. HIs days will be spend hanging out on the lanai in the sun with his fur brother and his new family. The future is now bright and sunny for this wonderful fellow.

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5-18-16 Hope was turned in to a shelter about a month ago. She was underweight and had a huge mammary tumor that needed to be removed right away. She was on the urgent rescue list and along came United Yorkie Rescue to take care of her. Hope had the tumor removed, was spayed, and given all her vaccinations. Hope received wonderful care in her foster home. She was given good food and plenty of love. With all the care she received it wasn't long before she was playing and running around. Hope has a tail that never stops wagging. Then just at the right time the perfect mommy came along to adopt this sweet girl. She now has a nice fenced yard to run around in and a mom who is there just for her. Hope will get so much love and attention and never find herself alone in any shelter ever again. Hope wants every homeless dog to know to never give up hope because the right family will one day be there for you, too

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Victoria and new parents

5-17-16 Not all that long ago little Victoria found herself in a shelter with a badly injured neck and a possible broken leg. It was thought she may have been hit by a car. She was all alone and in so much pain. United Yorkie Rescue knew they had to save her. She was taken immediately to the vet and it was found that she had a severely bruised neck fracture that would heal in time, as would her hurt leg. And then after weeks of healing the most wonderful thing ever happened. She found her forever home. She now has a wonderful mommy and daddy and a big fur brother to watch out for her. She even has a stay at home dad to be with her all day. She has a great big house and the perfect yard to play in. She will have lots of toys and doggie beds and have just the most loved life a sweet, little dog could want. Little Victoria will never find herself hurt or alone ever again. She will always be loved and cared for. She really is home forever and ever. Hooray for Victoria.

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Birdie and new mom

On 5/15/16 Birdie found her perfect forever home. She will no longer spend her life having babies but instead be loved and pampered. She found an amazing forever home with a loving couple to snuggle with and older lab sister to show her the ropes. Birdie was usually shy meeting new people and indifferent to other animals, but on the first visit she was comfortable and explored everywhere; it was a perfect match. Birdie is now the princess she was always meant to be.

Sweet Birdie spent the first 6 years of her life being bred for profit. When she was rescued, she had high blood pressure, was fearful of strangers and open spaces. With patience and attention to helping her adjust to new environments, Birdie soon became more confident and comfortable with new people, places and pets. She began improving on her housetraining and within 2 months of rescue, was able to be placed in a wonderful new home.

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Daisy and new family

5-14-16 Sweet little Daisy found the most perfect forever home. She has a wonderful new mom and dad who work from home and a new fur brother who also has 3 legs. In fact they both have the same left hind leg missing. They are quite the pair and get along great. She has a fenced yard to run around in and a nice big house with lots of doggie beds to call home. Daisy couldn't have found a better home. This amazing little girl will spend her life with so much love and affection and give kisses and get kisses every day of her life.

It was just a month ago that Daisy arrived at her foster home and was immediately taken to the vet. Her left rear leg was severely injured and it was hoped that surgery could save the leg. Sadly the injury was too severe and with the bone protruding through her skin, and the leg already showing no signs of response or feeling, the only option to save her life was amputation. Daisy healed well from her surgery and gets along beautifully on 3 legs.

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5-9-16 Rusty was adopted today into his wonderful forever home. He has a stay at home mom and dad, and they know so much about Yorkies. He gets to be the only pup in the house and that means this lucky little fellow is going to get all the love and all the attention. Rusty will have lots to toys to play with and will be taken on lots of walks. Rusty has found his forever best friends.

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Lucky Eddie and new family
Lucky Eddie

On May 7, Lucky Eddie found his forever home!

Lucky Eddie came to UYR from an Amish puppy mill in Wisconsin. I was contacted by another rescue that was full but wanted to save him from the horrible life as a breeder. Another wonderful lady was working with the miller to save him. She drove out into the middle of Wisconsin to the miller and picked him up. She drove Eddie to Illinois to meet me so he could begin his new life.

Eddie spent the first 9 years of his life making puppies for his owner's profit. He came to me with nothing. No name, no collar, he never had a soft bed or a kind word. You could see in his eyes how sad he was. I decided to call him "Lucky Eddie" because he was lucky to be saved. His breath was awful and he smelled like a skunk. His beautiful silver fur was yellow and his teeth were awful. His first stop was the vet's office. The vet went to give him a Capstar tablet and one of his canines just fell out into her hand. His teeth were decayed and rotting away. He didn't want to eat because his mouth hurt so much. When I would go to pet him he would flinch and let out a little cry. He didn't understand that the pain and suffering was over. I bathed him several times to get the smell and dirt out of his fur. He seemed grateful for the bath even though he was unsure of what was happening to him. When they did his dental the vet said pus oozed out of the holes where the teeth were. He soon felt better and was able to eat good soft food. He loved chicken and veggies. I think he decided he liked this new life. Kind people, good food, and soft beds & blankets.

He loved being petted and would seek out his foster sisters to snuggle with when it was chilly out. He wanted to be as close to people as he could get. Some puppy mill pups are afraid of humans at first but not Eddie. I think it was what he had dreamed of his entire life & he decided he liked the good life. He followed me everywhere. He was adopted today and while I will miss him very much he now has a new family. A new Mom and Dad and a Yorkie sister and two brothers. They are his dream come true. A Forever Family of his own. People to love & care for him. He will never be cold or hungry or mistreated again. Happy Tails my sweet Eddie!!! You stole a piece of my heart but you are home now!!

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5/16/16: Sweet little Jules was considered "too scared to be adopted" by the local shelter and labeled "rescue only" then given 2 days or you know what was next.

We picked her up same day and we didn't make it to the car before being covered in sweet kisses. Jules was a delight and stole our hearts immediately. Thanks to the UYR member who brought her to our attention, a 2nd member who forwarded the perfect applicant and a 3rd member who helped with a home visit, this little darling now has her own family and a darling little sister to boot. It took several people to get Jules from "scared shelter dog" to forever happy dog but that's what UYR is all about.

Happy Tails darling!!

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Heidi and new family

05/03/16: This sweet girl has been adopted!! Perfect family!!

It’s Happy Tails for Heidi

In February Heidi’s owner felt it would be in her best interest to surrender her to the care of UYR. Heidi was only 5 months old and very sick. She was experiencing symptoms consistent with a liver shunt. The condition had not been confirmed however once she began a low protein diet her potential to be a playful puppy began to slowly show through. Clinical tests and a sonogram all pointed us in the same direction. After much research and on the recommendation of the surgeon we moved forward with the surgery in hopes her shunt could be repaired. We all felt that she deserved a chance at a quality life. Thankfully our prayers were answered and the surgeon feels confident that based on type and size of the shunt that it was fully repaired and Heidi will have no future complications. Almost immediately following her surgery she began to gain weight and run and play like as a puppy should!! She quickly transformed into our little social butterfly. From day one it was obvious that Heidi is a love bug, she loved her “people” so sweetly even though she did not feel good. She loved even more intensely once she began to feel better. The best news is that this sweet girl has been adopted by a family that not only adores her but is just perfect for her, a family of four where she will be an “only pup”. She will enjoy 100% of their love and attention (right up her alley). She is already chasing balls and enjoying her own bed. This little girl is so deserving of the life that is now hers and we know she is grateful to UYR for making it possible. Although she took a big piece of her foster family’s heart with her we are all thrilled to have been part of her journey. Run and play sweet Heidi, you are so loved!

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Louie and new family

4-30-16 Louie found his most perfect forever home. He has a wonderful mom and she knows all about how to care for a little guy with diabetes. Louie knew the minute he stepped into the door this was going to be his forever home and it was going to be a wonderful home. He even has a new sister just his age to play with, to sleep with, and to keep him company every day. We could not have been happier for adorable, sweet little Louie.

Update 05-10-16: This update is from Louie's Foster Mom who received it from Louie's Forever Mom: Remember little Louie in Winston Salem NC . . . I have just a little update on this amazing little diabetic dog . . . He has an angel to begin with who is watching over him every day of his little life. He now is on a raw diabetic diet. His new Mom prepares chicken, green beans and boiled eggs chopped fine and cooked brown rice. It's served warm with a sprinkle of cheese. He sits patiently until ready. Then gobbles it all down. Treats are greenies, chicken, squash, green beans or a Broccoli Floret! Louie's dogtor did NOT put him on this diet, his new Mom knew this would be better for him and it would keep his already perfect health in check.

His big sister, Zoe keeps an eye on him and makes sure it's ok with Mom before allowing others to pet him.

And this dog that was reported to never sleep in the bed with his people, and he was perfectly happy sitting on the couch beside his people is now, sleeping with his Mom! If ever there was a happy ending this little guy has certainly found it. I was so blessed to have an angel contact me about this little dog that nobody wanted because he was 'diseased".

Diseased my foot! He was waiting for the right Mom to come along . . . and she did! Oh, how I love a Happy Tail!

UYR does not recommend any diet, but this certainly is a story worth sharing! Enjoy!

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Ferran and new mom

4/28/16 Ferran was adopted today into an amazing home. He has a new doggie friend to play with. It was love at first sight when they met. He will live on a big farm with a nice fenced yard just for the dogs. He has a new stay at home mom and just the best home a dog could ever wish for.

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Hatch and Hank with new family

4-27-16 Hutch and his brother Hank were adopted together into a great family. They have a big fenced yard to run around in. But best of all they get to stay together forever with a wonderful mom and dad.

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Hatch and Hank with new family

04-27-16 Hank and his brother Hatch were adopted together into a great family. They have a big fenced yard to run around in. But best of all they get to stay together forever with a wonderful mom and dad.

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4/22/16 Imagine how happy it is to be 14 years old and finally get your wonderful forever home. What a lucky little girl Indigo is. She has a new mommy and daddy and a fenced yard and a big fur brother who loves to give her kisses. Indigo is going to spend the rest of her life with love and kisses and all the care a sweet older pup could ever want.

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Foxy and new brother Fred
Foxy Lady

Foxy Lady went to her forever home and she can not to be happier. She has a brother Fred and they play non stop all day long. After that they crash always together. I am sure she will have all the love and care she always deserved and never will be left behind again. Her mom Nicole wants her to completely forgot her sad past life and renamed her Lola.

Another Happy Tails!

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Cash and new mom

4-21-16 Cash went to his forever home and he will be having the best time of his life. He will get so much love and attention and there is even a wonderful doggie park just down the street. Cash has his Happy Tails and his forever happy life.

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4-16-16. Sweet little Missy has found her perfect forever home. She has a wonderful stay at home mom and some kids to play with. But best of all Missy's real true brother is there. He is the same size and the same age as Missy and they are sure going to have some fun together! A big fenced yard and her puppy brother to play with. It's been a long road for Missy. From such a sick little puppy, weighing not even 3 pounds, to a wonderful, happy, healthy, and amazing puppy. It truly is a Happy Tails story for Missy.

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