At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we’ve created this “Happy Tails” page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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Missy and new mom
Missy WI

6/24/16: Sweet Missy came to UYR in early April when her long time owner surrendered her due to health problems that prevented her from giving Missy the care she deserves. Missy is considered a 'Senior' due to being 13.5 years old at surrender. Missy had lost most of her eyesight due to cataracts and is also unable to hear normal day to day noises and voices. Given her age and condition, we weren't sure that we would find an adoptive family, and we were prepared to have her live out the rest of her life with her Foster Mom and fur/human siblings. Much to our surprise, a wonderful, retired woman in the Madison area reached out about adopting Missy, as she actually WANTS a Senior in her house, specifically to give the senior dog the best life possible in the dog's remaining life span. It seems to be a match made in heaven as our adopter has a fenced in yard, two other loving dogs in the home and she herself is home during most days. Once the adopter and Missy spent time together, it became a no brainer that this is the forever home Missy deserves. Love that we were able to place an older Yorkie with the perfect home.

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Poppy and new family

6-23-16 Poppy was adopted today and he was so happy when he met his new mom and dad. He started to give them kisses right away. He loved his new house and was so busy running after toys and bringing them back. When Poppy's former owners could to longer give him the time and attention he needed, his foster parents knew he needed a stay at home mommy and daddy and that is what he got. He will have doggie friends all around over his new neighborhood to play with, and best of all two people who will be there to throw toys for him to fetch and to love and cuddle and kiss him all day long.

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Jasmine has been adopted

6-22-16 Jasmine found her forever and ever home. Could a little girl pup be any happier? She has a wonderful mommy, but really it is her forever daddy that she is just crazy about. It was love at first site with daddy and Jasmine the minute they set eyes on each other. When Jasmine found herself alone and without a family, she just didn't know how she would end up. She was so scared that her life would not ever be good again. United Yorkie Rescue took in this sweet, little girl and vowed that she would have the most perfect forever home and they didn't let her down. Jasmine is the happiest pup ever and she knows she has a home now for the rest of her life.

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Kathie and Timmy with new family
Katie (and Timmy)

6-19-16 Katie and her brother Timmy came into this world together, lived together until their owner passed away, went to their foster home together, and now the best thing of all, they were adopted together. It was so sad for Katie and Timmy when their owner passed away and no one could take care of them. They stayed in their house alone with only a neighbor who came in a few times a day to feed them. No one walked them, played with them, or gave them much attention. Their social skills were limited because their first mommy was not very mobile, but she did love them and gave them a lot of attention, and they missed her a lot. It was a happy day when they were rescued by United Yorkie Rescue. They went to their new forever home on Father's Day and life for Katie and Timmy is great again. Katie has a stay at home mom and an older fur sister to hang with, but it is her brother Timmy with her that makes her the happiest. Life is a real Happy Tails for Katie and Timmy.

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Kathie and Timmy with new family
Timmy (and Katie)

6-19-16 Timmy and his sister came into this world together, lived together until their owner passed away, went to their foster home together, and now the best thing of all, they were adopted together. It was so sad for Timmy and Katie when their owner passed away and no one could take care of them. They stayed in their house alone with only a neighbor who came in a few times a day to feed them. No one walked them, played with them, or gave them much attention. Their social skills were limited because their first mommy was not very mobile, but she did love them and gave them a lot of attention, and they missed her a lot. It was a happy day when they were rescued by United Yorkie Rescue. They went to their new forever home on Father's Day and life for Timmy and Katie is great again. Timmy has a stay at home mom and an older fur sister to hang with, but it is his sister Katie with him that makes him the happiest. Life is a real Happy Tails for Timmy and Katie.

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Kristy and new mom

6-15-16. Kristy was adopted! Such happy news. It was so sad when Kristy's owner passed away and Kristy found herself without someone to love her and give her the time and attention she once had. Some relatives tried to keep her but Kristy was not happy being alone for so long and she missed her old mommy so much. When Kristy became a United Yorkie Rescue her life became so much better. She had some other fur friends and a foster mom who had time to give her all the love and attention she was missing. Then the best thing ever happened. A new forever family. A family with a mom and dad who are home all the time. A nice big fenced backyard and three fur sisters to play with and be with all the time. So Happy Tails, Kristy. You will live the rest of your life with love and care and so much fun.

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Riley has been adopted

6/13/16 Hooray for Riley who found his forever home with a previous adopter!

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Mischa and new dad

6/12/16: Hooray, Mischa found her forever home today. And in addition to a new home, she has a new name, Alice! We had a wonderful applicant who had previously applied for one of our foster pups (adopted just before we received the application). Once we got to know Alice we knew it would be a love connection.

Her new dad is retired and she has a new big sister. Alice can be a bit "bossy" but she and her new sister Haley were great from the start. Alice needed someone to love her right where she is but patient enough to help her learn a few things. Her new dad is just the right one for this girl. We are thrilled for both of them. Live large Alice, we love you.

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6-9-16 Nikki found her forever home and it couldn't be more perfect. This sweet girl came to United Yorkie Rescue with an ankle bone that broke away from the shin bone, and to add to that she was also heartworm positive. How anyone could have neglected such a sweet girl is a mystery, but United Yorkie Rescue would not let that continue. Her ankle bone was repaired and the heartworms were treated and then she found her forever home. Nikki will never be neglected again and she will be loved and cared for forever.

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Cocoa has a new home

6-8-16 Cocoa, the sweetest dog ever, every bit as sweet as his name, went to his forever home today. When he came to his foster home he was petty sad. His family couldn't keep him any longer and he missed them. He did fine in his foster home, but he really wanted only one person that was all his and who would love only him. Someone he could love and kiss without other dogs getting in his way. And Cocoa got that today. His new mom is so excited and loves him so much already. All the toys are his and all the doggie beds and all the attention are all his. Cocoa doesn't have to share with any other dogs. Even the great big fenced backyard is all for him to run around and play in and to chase lizards and suqirrels to his heart's content. He couldn't be happier. This is truly a happy happy tails for Cocoa.

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Pippin and new mom

6/8/16 Pippin has found his forever home! Pippin was an owner surrender at 10 years of age. Pippin was thought to have limited socialization and wouldn't like children, cats and other dogs. His foster mom did some more work with Pippin in his socialization and we learned that he is actually good with all dogs and cats as well. Since he had no intro with others, his desire to nip was just a fear based response.

Pippin's vetting had lapsed so we got him up to date on all vaccinations, did a dental and removed a polyp on his eyelid. He came through like a champ and was eating that night and playing the next day. On May 31st we had an interested adopter for two possible dogs at UYR. She chose Pippin. After all of the wonderful praises that I had received about her, our meet and greet, Pippin now has a new home with two fur brothers Bentley, a doxie and Bailey, a little Yorkie!!! Bentley wasn’t too sure if he wanted to share his mommy, but within 15 minutes he was accepted into his heart.

I was so blessed to have this precious little one in my home giving me his love and kisses. How can I explain to anyone how special Pippin’s journey was with me? It was a short, wonderful and bittersweet one, that has ended up with Pippin being the lucky one to have found such an amazing forever mommy. When Pippin was posted as a UYR looking for love, it was only 2 days later that Sandra had chosen him to be hers. Weeks later, and after glowing reports and our meet and greet, I knew she was meant for this little man. I want to wish you so many kisses and hugs Pippin as this is what you deserve little buddy. I also want to thank you Sandra for choosing Pippin! I wrote this a few days ago in a post, although I didn’t foster fail, my heart did. That’s what these babies are all about. Now on to my next………

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6-6-16 This is a little story about Buttercup from her forever mom---

We never thought we'd get another dog because Rocco was so very special. The heartache in the end was unbearable. But I then started thinking about all the love and happiness before that. Why deny us or a dog that? I feel that Rocco brought Buttercup and us together. As soon as I saw Buttercup's picture she spoke to me. I couldn't get her out of my head. I knew we had to meet her. We melted as soon as we did. She seems to love me but she LOVES my husband. :) Rocco gave us such a great life that we felt the best way to honor his memory would be to pay it forward and give Buttercup the great life she deserves. I just don't understand how after nearly 12 years someone can give up their dog. (Of course unless they are really sick or genuinely can't afford them - but not just to be done with them). Our goal is to keep that little girl happy, healthy, and very loved in her retirement! :) I'm sure we'll get love back 100 times over.

Chris just brought her today and she's such a little sweetheart. She has been exploring the house - but never roaming far from us. :) Buttercup is home forever and we couldn't love her more.

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Arthur and new mom

5-30-16 On New Year's Eve Arthur was not celebrating. He was at the emergency vet after the United Yorkie Rescue Angels rescued him from the shelter. Arthur had been hit by a car and needed immediate care. He had multiple wounds and a fractured pelvis. This poor little guy would need weeks in a crate while his fracture healed. 2016 didn't start out so great for Arthur, but just a few short months later he could begin to celebrate. His fracture had healed, his foster mom taught him wonderful manners every well-behaved pup needs to know, and best of all Arthur the cuddle bug found his forever home. He has a wonderful new mom and a new fur sister to play with. He will get to run around in his fenced yard, he will go the park and the beach and get so many hugs and so much love there will be no end to the celebrating Arthur will do. Happy New Life, Arthur.

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Razie and new family

5-28016 Scared, timid, and shaking Razie arrived at his foster home only two and a half months ago. He was pulled from a hoarding situation where he lived with 70 other dogs. He was taken to a shelter and stayed there for almost a month until United Yorkie Rescue took Razie and his brother into their care. He was so frightened he didn't leave his crate for days. Razie needed to be socialized, potty trained, and completely vetted. He had no idea that people could be kind, loving, and caring. It took some time but with the love and guidance of his wonderful foster parents, Razie became the sweetest dog. He has learned that people can be his friends. Then came the best thing of all. He got his forever home, and what a great home it is. He has a big fenced yard, just perfect for a dog like Razie who loves to run. He has a fur brother and a kitty cat for a sister. His new mom and dad love him so much. They know that they will have to continue to work with Razie on all his socialization skills, but they are ready because they already know he is one great dog who deserves all the kindness and love they can give him. What a wonderful happy tails for Razie who is no longer that shaking, scared little dog. His tail, that doesn't stop wagging, tells the whole story.

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Chloe and new family

5-26-16- Not so very long ago Chloe found herself spending hours of her time crated and alone. Her owners were no longer able to care for her and give her the time and attention she needed. She was by herself for hours and hours at a time feeling very lonely and sad. But lucky for Chloe they knew she needed a home with someone there to love her all the time and that is what United Yorkie Rescue found for her. Chloe found her perfect forever family. She now has a mom and dad who are home a lot of the time and two human kids to play with her. Chloe will get so much love and attention that she will never be sad and lonely again.

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Willow and new family
TN Willow

After 8 months in foster care, a move from NC to TN and multiple surgeries sweet Willow has finally found her forever home where she will received all the love and special attention she deserves! Willow came to us with mammary tumors, luxating patella, and a ruptured ACL. She was also very anxious as she had never known what it is like to be loved and cared for. Now this precious girl has a family all her own and a Yorkie brother to play and cuddle with. Happy Tails Willow! You so deserve a wonderful life!

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Corina and new mom

05/25/16: Corina was adopted into her forever home today and we couldn’t be happier for her. Corina is a special Yorkie mix girl who is so deserving of the wonderful life that she has ahead of her. She was rescued from a high kill shelter as a stray having been abandoned and living on the streets. Corina was in horrible condition, dirty and matted with a 1 ½ pound mass that was growing on her belly. It was so large, it actually made her lose her balance when she got excited. The shelter believed it was a huge perineal hernia and she was slated for euthanasia. UYR rescued her and got her all the vetting she needed. The mass was found to be an overgrown lipoma and it was successfully removed along with a mammary tumor during her spay procedure. No malignancies were found and Corina is expected to have a long healthy life.

Corina was with her loving foster mom for 7 and I/2 months until the perfect forever home could be found. Her foster mom misses her because she was such a sweet girl. But Corina is now in a home with a mom all to herself and a wonderful life ahead. Foster Mom says “I love you, miss you and hope you have a happy life”.

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Charlie and new family
Charley Barley

5-22-16 What a happy day. Charley Barley found his forever family. When his former owner, who had Charley since he was a puppy, died and her family just didn't have the time and resources to care for Charley, he had no idea what his future would hold for him. How sad he was to lose the one person who loved him so much and took care of him though all his puppy years until he was 8 years old. But then the future brightened up when Unietd Yorkie Rescue took him in, and his foster mom was able to give Charley the love and care he needed. Best of all came the day when Charley met his forever family. Now he has a mom and a dad, a fur brother, and even some great kids to play with and walk him and love him the rest of his life. HIs days will be spend hanging out on the lanai in the sun with his fur brother and his new family. The future is now bright and sunny for this wonderful fellow.

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5-18-16 Hope was turned in to a shelter about a month ago. She was underweight and had a huge mammary tumor that needed to be removed right away. She was on the urgent rescue list and along came United Yorkie Rescue to take care of her. Hope had the tumor removed, was spayed, and given all her vaccinations. Hope received wonderful care in her foster home. She was given good food and plenty of love. With all the care she received it wasn't long before she was playing and running around. Hope has a tail that never stops wagging. Then just at the right time the perfect mommy came along to adopt this sweet girl. She now has a nice fenced yard to run around in and a mom who is there just for her. Hope will get so much love and attention and never find herself alone in any shelter ever again. Hope wants every homeless dog to know to never give up hope because the right family will one day be there for you, too

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Birdie and new mom

On 5/15/16 Birdie found her perfect forever home. She will no longer spend her life having babies but instead be loved and pampered. She found an amazing forever home with a loving couple to snuggle with and older lab sister to show her the ropes. Birdie was usually shy meeting new people and indifferent to other animals, but on the first visit she was comfortable and explored everywhere; it was a perfect match. Birdie is now the princess she was always meant to be.

Sweet Birdie spent the first 6 years of her life being bred for profit. When she was rescued, she had high blood pressure, was fearful of strangers and open spaces. With patience and attention to helping her adjust to new environments, Birdie soon became more confident and comfortable with new people, places and pets. She began improving on her housetraining and within 2 months of rescue, was able to be placed in a wonderful new home.

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