At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we’ve created this “Happy Tails” page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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Cody and new family

7-25-16 Cody started life a little harder than most Yorkie puppies. He had a liver shunt and needed surgery as soon as possible. this is a very serious and life-threatening condition that requires extensive treatment, usually in the form of a very expensive surgery. Cody had this surgery in March and had a long recovery until he was finally ready to go to his forever home. He needed all this time to recover from his surgery. Cody healed and became a loving, active, and happy young fellow. He loves other dogs and he loves people even more. Cody found just the perfect forever family. A mom and dad who are home most of the time and another fur friend to hang with and play with everyday. His new mom and dad will take Cody everywhere they go and if they can't he gets to go to doggie day care with his new brother. At his new home there is a great big fenced yard to run around in. This is just a dream come true for this now very healthy and amazing little pup.

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Dandy and new family

7/24/16 Dandy found his perfect forever home with a wonderful couple and two Chihuahuas as play companions. Congratulations little boy...you will be much loved and cared for.

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Lily Ann and new parents
Lily Ann

7-23-16 Lily Ann was adopted! Her new mommy and daddy loved her so much they drove all the way from a far away place to come and get her. This young pup will have the time of her life. A great big fenced yard to run around in and people who will be home a lot of the time just for her. Lily Ann will have her people to play with and friends nearby to have her puppy fun times with. She will be so loved and so cared for.

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7/22/16 Scooter lost his only mom he ever knew in all his 10 years. It was a very sad time for him, and he didn't know what was ahead for him. He had no idea when he became a United Yorkie Rescue dog that another wonderful mom was waiting to adopt him and make him hers. Scooter will live out the rest of his life with his new mom and all the love and care a dog could ever want. Scooter is such a good boy and he will have such a good life. Happy Tails ahead for Scooter.

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7/21/16 Hooray for Mia...she found her perfect forever home today! Mia was a 3 year old, 5 pound little sweetie who was surrendered by her elderly owner who could no longer care for her. She arrived dirty, matted, and in heat. No groomer would take her because she was in heat, so Foster Mom bathed her and trimmed her mats, but she desperately needs to be groomed. She was spayed and had most of her teeth removed on Wednesday, June 29th. Her teeth were so bad that the vet kept her overnight to make sure she was going to be okay. Mia found her perfect forever home with a single, young retiree and will be much loved and doted upon.

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Sweet Grace has finally found her forever home! She has a fur BFF named Charlie that has equal her energy level so Grace only had a moment to sit still for a photo so that play time can commence! Happy Tails Grace! You Are HOME!

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Radar and new mom

7/16/16 Finally Radar has found his forever home. This sweet little boy went from home to home the last few years. He never knew where he would end up at the end of the day and who would be there to take care of him in the morning. His previous owner, before he became a United Yorkie Rescue dog, wanted to keep him, but her other dogs decided they didn't really like Radar and they picked on him. He is only 4.5 pounds and she was very worried about his safety, so she sadly surrendered him to UYR. Radar was so timid and scared at first. However, he found love and care and a safe place in his foster home and started to come out of his shell. Radar fell in love with his new mommy the minute he met her. They both knew they were meant to be together forever and ever. He is an only pup now and has so much love and attention. When he goes to sleep at nigh, he knows he will wakes up in the same home every morning. He knows he will never have to move again. This sweet boy who loves to be held and cuddled has truly found his happily ever after forever.

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7/11/16 From Puppy Mill girl to treasured family member, Jessa is now enjoying all the love and attention she has been missing. She has her very own humans and a playful fur brother (also adopted through UYR) to spend her days with and laps to snuggle into at night. Happy Tails Jessa! We love you!

On 6/15/16 Jessa was part of a Puppy Mill operation that was called to the attention of law enforcement agencies when neighbors reported instances of animal cruelty and suffering at a nearby Puppy Mill. All animals including many small breed dogs were seized along with Jessa and her 7 puppies. She nursed them and was a wonderful mom until on June 19 she had to be hospitalized for milk fever and a uterine infection. After starting her on medication, it was determined that she needed to have an emergency spay procedure to resolve the uterine problem which was serious. She came through with flying colors and the puppies were thankfully far enough along to be weaned and started on puppy formula. Jessa had to be kept separated from her pups, so after she was fully recovered from her surgery, she was adopted out to a perfect forever home.

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Buddy and new mom

7-10-16 Little Buddy was adopted today. This wonderful senior boy will spend the rest of his days with his forever mommy. Together they will give each other companionship and love until the end. Buddy was surrendered just a few weeks ago because his family had to keep going out of town and he was boarded and crated for days and sometimes weeks at a time. This was no life for this still young at heart boy. When Buddy arrived at his foster home he loved having the attention and freedom that came with having someone home with him much of the day. His foster mom knew that is what Buddy needed and that is what he got. He has a stay at home mom and will be an only pup getting all the attention and love that one dog could possibly get. Such a happy tails for such a wonderful fellow.

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Charlie Boy and new mom
Charlie Boy

7-8-16 Could things have happened any faster for little Charlie Boy? His first family had to keep boarding Charlie when a relative needed them with her due to unfortunate circumstances. They felt it was wrong to keep him boarded for weeks at a time. They sadly decided Charlie needed a family that could give him the time an attention he needed.. Charlie Boy became a United Yorkie Rescue foster pup on June 29th. It only took two weeks before his wonderful new family adopted him. They knew right away he was the perfect boy for them. This sweet guy is house trained, and leash trained, and just the love bug they have been searching for. Charlie will have all the love and attention he deserves and a true happily ever after forever.

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7-6-16 Barkley came to UYR in bad shape. He had a huge mass on his head, was extremely anemic, infested with hookworms, fleas and ticks. This little fella who loves to "talk" (hence the name Barkley) has since wiggled his stubby little legs into the hearts of UYR members and supporters nation wide. He is now tumor free, completely healthy and his luck didn't stop there. Barkley has found his PERFECT FOREVER HOME with an amazing couple in Nashville TN. Barkley is ensured to have a lifetime of love now and plans to spend the rest of his days talking to his humans and getting constant BELLY RUBS! Happy Tails Barkley! We will MISS YOU SO MUCH!

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Cici and new family

7/2/16 Today was such a bittersweet ending to my journey with the cutest little “little” as I called her, my Cici! This little pumpkin walked right into the house and into our hearts. Sadly, when Cici came to UYR a month ago, she had an angry and rare tumor directly attached to her eye. She immediately got into the care of Dr. Warren at the Eye Institute. We scheduled surgery and he removed Cici’s right eye. He placed an implant into the socket, sewed her eye shut, and gave this little princess a permanent wink. During the process of me introducing Cici to the world wide web, and during the updates on Cici’s progress, I kept getting emails from one lady named Cindy asking how this baby was doing, how did surgery go, how was she feeling, just the loveliest notes of concerns. Finally, I opened up an email from Cindy and she was introducing herself and her hubby and their two precious little Yorkies Daisy Mae and Max and wanted to adopt Cici if I approved. After all our reference checks and home visit, I knew this baby girl was destined to have her happy home. Thank you Brian and Cindy for genuinely loving Cici before I placed her in your arms today!

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Lucky and new family

7-1-16 Lucky’s foster mom wants to share Lucky’s Happy Tails story with everyone, Lucky is one lucky fellow. An amazing family that has been anxiously waiting for Lucky for over a month has adopted him. They had to wait until he was completely healed from his pelvic fracture. Lucky was not really lucky in the beginning, that is until he was rescued by UYR. We named this little boy Lucky because even though a car hit him, he survived. A little 8-pound guy. He was showing the world how strong he was! And ready for a new life after so much suffering.

I was so blessed to have this little guy in my home and I did everything I could to make him happy again! When he came home after his extensive surgery, he couldn’t even walk. He had sadness in his eyes and was completely quiet, shy, and scared. But with care and lots of love he recovered quickly and became the happiest puppy dog ever. Lucky cannot be sweeter. He became the best companion you could ever hope for!

Then Lucky found his wonderful forever home. His new mom and dad emailed me right after Lucky became their forever dog thanking me one more time for saving him, saying they were so blessed, and they are definitely the Lucky ones. Lots of toys, special food, 2 comfy beds, and lots of love and attention were waiting for him! He will never be lonely again!

Foster mom says, “I will never ever forget you my little boy! You cannot be more special. I hope you have the best life ever. You will be really missed and will be forever in my heart

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Maxi and new mom

6-29-16 Maxi knew it was not his fault that he ended up in the shelter alone. He had to quarantined. He didn't mean to bite the groomer, but she cut his leg so badly and it was bleeding a lot. His family decided they did't want him anymore and bought him to the shelter. The shelter doctor closed up the wound with staples and then they put him all by himself because they said he was a biter. Maxi sat in the shelter for 2 weeks while the staff got to know this sweet boy. They knew he was not a bad boy and changed his status from fear aggression to friendly. Once he was released from quarantine he was taken in by United Yorkie Rescue and spent a happy month with this foster family. Then today the best thing happened. He was adopted by a wonderful forever mommy. She understands that he is not totally potty trained, but he is only 3 years old and he will learn. She also knows he may not be totally trusting of all people because of what happened to him, but she is okay with all that and loves him so much already. Maxi is a wonderful dog. He loves belly rubs and toys. He especially loves people and now he will get attention all the time from his stay at home mommy. Maxi is home to stay. No one will hurt him or desert him again.

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Victoria and new family

6-28-16 Victoria has finally found her forever home. This tiny 5 pound little girl found herself alone with a possible broken leg and an injury to her neck. She was rescued by United Yorkie Rescue. She was cared for and her injuries were treated. Victoria did so well in her foster home and when she healed she was adopted by some nice people. Then it happened again and Victoria found herself without a home. It seems her mom and dad were great, but this was a home where little children visited a lot and Victoria didn't like that one bit. She couldn't stay there. It was just not the right home for little Victoria. Back she went to her foster home. But as luck would have it, along came the most perfect family. Just a mom and a dad and Victoria. No kids, no other dogs, no one but the three of them for the rest of her life. Victoria couldn't be happier. She found her home and people to love her and only her. No little kids to bother her or other dogs to take away her attention. Victoria is home at last.

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Riley and new family
Riley FL

6-26-16 Riley thought his life would never be good again after his first mom had to give him up because she could no longer care for him. He was so sad but then discovered that life in his foster home was really fun. He got a lot of cuddles and had some new doggie friends to play with. He even got to like the cat in his foster home. He learned so much in his foster home and he was very loved. Life was good for Riley, but he knew he really needed a forever home and then life would be perfect. And as luck would have it the right and perfect family came along. He has a great little sister to play with and even some cats. And Riley does like those cats. He has a nice fenced yard and a grandmother who lives with them and is home to take care of him all day. Riley even gets to go on vacation with the whole family. Can a dog get any luckier? Riley is living the life and loving it too. He has found his final and forever home and he couldn't be any happier.

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Missy and new mom
Missy WI

6/24/16: Sweet Missy came to UYR in early April when her long time owner surrendered her due to health problems that prevented her from giving Missy the care she deserves. Missy is considered a 'Senior' due to being 13.5 years old at surrender. Missy had lost most of her eyesight due to cataracts and is also unable to hear normal day to day noises and voices. Given her age and condition, we weren't sure that we would find an adoptive family, and we were prepared to have her live out the rest of her life with her Foster Mom and fur/human siblings. Much to our surprise, a wonderful, retired woman in the Madison area reached out about adopting Missy, as she actually WANTS a Senior in her house, specifically to give the senior dog the best life possible in the dog's remaining life span. It seems to be a match made in heaven as our adopter has a fenced in yard, two other loving dogs in the home and she herself is home during most days. Once the adopter and Missy spent time together, it became a no brainer that this is the forever home Missy deserves. Love that we were able to place an older Yorkie with the perfect home.

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Poppy and new family

6-23-16 Poppy was adopted today and he was so happy when he met his new mom and dad. He started to give them kisses right away. He loved his new house and was so busy running after toys and bringing them back. When Poppy's former owners could to longer give him the time and attention he needed, his foster parents knew he needed a stay at home mommy and daddy and that is what he got. He will have doggie friends all around over his new neighborhood to play with, and best of all two people who will be there to throw toys for him to fetch and to love and cuddle and kiss him all day long.

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Jasmine has been adopted

6-22-16 Jasmine found her forever and ever home. Could a little girl pup be any happier? She has a wonderful mommy, but really it is her forever daddy that she is just crazy about. It was love at first site with daddy and Jasmine the minute they set eyes on each other. When Jasmine found herself alone and without a family, she just didn't know how she would end up. She was so scared that her life would not ever be good again. United Yorkie Rescue took in this sweet, little girl and vowed that she would have the most perfect forever home and they didn't let her down. Jasmine is the happiest pup ever and she knows she has a home now for the rest of her life.

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Kathie and Timmy with new family
Katie (and Timmy)

6-19-16 Katie and her brother Timmy came into this world together, lived together until their owner passed away, went to their foster home together, and now the best thing of all, they were adopted together. It was so sad for Katie and Timmy when their owner passed away and no one could take care of them. They stayed in their house alone with only a neighbor who came in a few times a day to feed them. No one walked them, played with them, or gave them much attention. Their social skills were limited because their first mommy was not very mobile, but she did love them and gave them a lot of attention, and they missed her a lot. It was a happy day when they were rescued by United Yorkie Rescue. They went to their new forever home on Father's Day and life for Katie and Timmy is great again. Katie has a stay at home mom and an older fur sister to hang with, but it is her brother Timmy with her that makes her the happiest. Life is a real Happy Tails for Katie and Timmy.

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