At United Yorkie Rescue we are blessed with an extraordinary success rate in finding forever homes for our rescued foster dogs. To share this joy we've created this "Happy Tails" page. Happy Tails is devoted to the celebration of these wonderful stories with everyone who loves dogs. We hope that you enjoy these "Tails" as much as we have. Thank you!!

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Luke FL


Luke has been adopted. He has a great home where he will get lots of walks, adventures, and plenty of belly rubs. His Mom knows just what to do for his allergies to keep him comfortable. Happy Tails, Luke!

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Ollie WI

4/17/24: Ollie has found his perfect forever home! Congratulations to the happy family.

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4/7/24: Today Barney was officially adopted by his foster family and they are so delighted. Congrats to all.

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Just me and my mom!

Gracie was adopted today. Sweet Gracie has found her forever home and could not be happier. Happy Tails Gracie!

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Paisley and new mom
Paisley TX

3/24/24: Today sweet little Paisley found her perfect forever home! Congratulations to Paisley and her new family.

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I am finally home!

Daisy was adopted!

3/13/24 Sweet Daisy was adopted today Young Daisy came into United Yorkie Rescue matted to the skin. There was feces stuck to her back and and she smelled really awful. After a spa day at the groomers where over 1/2 pound of mats and debris was shaved off of her, she felt so much better. In fact this little girl who we thought was brown was actually a beautiful blonde/silver color.

Daisy did great in her foster home. No matter how much neglect and abandonment she went through she was a happy, loving, little pup. Daisy loved people, got along with other dogs, and worked hard on her little doggie manners. Her foster parents knew it would take that special family to give Daisy her perfect forever home.

It took a little while, but the right family finally came along. And lucky for Daisy they are former United Yorkie Rescue adopters and have a little dog almost exactly the same age and size as Daisy. She couldn’t have asked for a better home. They are ready, able, and willing to continue to work with Daisy. They will let her know every day how much she is loved and that she will be cared for and never left to wander the streets alone again in her life.

Daisy’s foster mom and dad are so happy for her and know she will have the best happily ever after for ever and always.

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Stella C

3/11/24: Today Stella found her happy forever home!

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Brody was adopted today!

Congrats and Happy Tails to Brody on his adoption with his new wonderful family.

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Tucker and new family
Tucker TX

3/7/24: Today sweet Tucker found his perfect forever family. Congratulations to all.

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Watson was adopted! We are so excited that Watson has found his forever home. He was right home the moment he met them and has all the love he could ever ask for. Happy Tails Watson!

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Bailey Grace and new mom
Bailey Grace

2/23/24 Our beautiful Bailey Grace is off to Arizona! What a happy ending to such a sad situation. Happy tails and many blessings on your new life

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Scotty was adopted today!

Scotty has found his forever home. He was so excited to have a new lap to chill in and a nice bog back yard to roam around in. Happy Tails Scotty!

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Saylor and new family

Saylor is adopted!

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Buster Brown and new family
Buster BrownTX

Buster is adopted

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We love each other!

Antonio was adopted today!!

Sweet little Antonio was adopted today. He has found the prefect home with a new sister that he absolutely loves. Happy Tails Antonio!

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I am sooo Happy!
Toby FL

Toby was adopted today! He has a wonderful new family to give him lots of love and cuddles!

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Buddy Boy

Buddy Boy has found his pawfect home!!

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Maddie was adopted today.

Sweet Maddie found a great home with a new mom. She is already so loved and has hit the jackpot! Happy Tails Maddie!

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Abby, who was our courtesy listing in Oklahoma has found her wonderful new family and now lives in Colorado!

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Bella Sue

1/27/24: Today Bella Sue found her perfect forever home...Congratulations sweet girl!

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