It is the goal of United Yorkie Rescue to rehabilitate our rescued Yorkies to a happy, healthy state so they can be adopted. Occasionally, we find a Yorkie we have rescued has serious medical problems that do not make them a candidate for adoption.

The Board of Directors of UYR, in consultation with the rescued pup’s veterinarian and foster parent, may decide that it would be in the best interest of the Yorkie to keep them in the safe and caring environment of the foster home.

Once accepted into the Forever Ours Program these special needs pups are loved and cared for by the foster parent for the rest of their life. The pup’s medical expenses are covered by United Yorkie Rescue and the foster mom provides food, physical care, goodies and a family environment.

If you would like to become a special part of one these special little Yorkies’ lives please consider becoming a ‘Sponsor’ for them. A ‘Sponsor’ can make monetary donations or provide supplies for their use in the Forever Ours Home.

All monetary and material donations specified for these Forever Ours Yorkies are used for their continuing care needs.

If you have any questions about becoming a Sponsor or would like further information about this program please contact: Carl Sullenberger at:

Thank you!

We are looking for people who would be interested in being a 'Sponsor' to one or more of our Forever Ours Yorkies! As a sponsor you would become a cherished person in this dog's life.

You would receive communications about your sponsored pup and your name would appear in their story on the Forever Ours page. If you are interested please contact Carl Sullenberger at


Carol Gostomski sponsors Evo

Sandra Wendt sponsors Nora

Kimberly Bandusky sponsors Walter

Nestor Sanchez and Sandra Wendt sponsor Vanessa


Baby is a eleven year old tiny male yorkie. He weighs a whopping 3 pounds and is a Forever Ours foster pup who is being fostered in The Villages,FL


Irene and Peter Havas, Jim Shal in honor of Paula Shal, Kory Katz

1/1/16 Update: Sadly, Baby's brother, Zeus, went to the bridge on Christmas eve, 12/24/15. Baby will be missing his big brother, but we know his foster mom will ensure he has a happy and good life.

9/24/15 Update: Zeus and Baby are doing okay. Zeus continues to have difficulty breathing, especially when he gets excited. Baby has started to develop the same "Canadian Goose" bark. At night, if Zeus can't get to sleep, he gets some cough medicine which quiets him down. When both pups came into UYR, they had skin irritations and were treated with shots and a prescription shampoo. They are both starting to develop the same again so we'll restart the same treatment plan. They are the closest of buddies, trotting around as if they were hitched at their hips. When they sleep, they have to be touching each other - or foster mom or dad. Zeus is forever giving kisses and Baby just keeps smiling with his toothless grin. They are wonderful little guys and we love them both dearly. They are hardy eaters - even Baby, who doesn't have a tooth in his mouth. They are mostly poop-pee pad trained, but do have daily oopsies which are never a problem.

12/19/14: Hi everyone, Zeus and Baby here. What a hectic few days we’ve had. Our mother was feeling really bad because she now works all day and didn't get home until late, so we really never got to go out and run and play anymore. She decided that it would be better for us to be adopted by someone who would give us lots of love and outside exercise too (very, very unselfish of her). So, since that decision was made, these very nice ladies from UYR came to our apartment to meet us and the feline members of our family, and it was decided that we would go home with them.

One of the ladies is our Foster Mom. We like her a lot and she sure does like us too. It was a long drive to her house, and Zeus doesn’t like to ride in the car, but we made it. There’s a resident Yorkie here, his name is Charlie. He’s a pretty kewl dude. We all get to sleep in the big bed with our Foster Mom and Foster Dad (of course we don’t take up a heck of a lot of space ‘cause we’re so tiny).

We went to the dogtor today and got shots. We both cried a little, but FM and FD held us tight and rocked us till the owie went away. The dogtor said that Zeus has a very collapsed trachea and it’s bad when he gets anxious (like riding in the car), so the dogtor gave Foster Mom some medicine for times like that and also to help him sleep. The dogtor said that Baby has a very deteriorated lower jaw probably from some gum infections over time.

Baby has had all but one of his teeth removed, but that doesn’t stop him from eating ground up food at all. We both have a bit of a skin rash, which could have been caused by fleas, but FM/FD will give us baths with medicated shampoo to make that all better.Both of us have to go back for boosters (yipes) and Baby has to be neutered (not sure what that means). Zeus will have to have some dental work done then too.

Well folks, that’s it for now. We’ll be sure to pop in and give you an update pretty soon. I know Foster Mom said we couldn’t go anywhere until we’re all spic and span and up to date with shots and everything. So, if you can wait a while, we should be available in another month or two but our foster mom said she would love you to submit and application for us, so we can be ready for our forever home when the time comes.

To date we've spent $0 on Baby's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $115.00 in donations.
Please donate!
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Bubba is our newest Yorkie boy. He is approximately 6 years old, weighs 7.8 pounds and is being fostered in Clearwater, FL.


Wendy Erichsen, Amara Waterman, Heather Ozuna, Jane St. John, Cheryl Scrupski, Cindy Hsueh, Sandy Pagnotta, Craig Seal, Kelsey Leslie, Holly Kline, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Michele Lofgren, Traci Vanover, Amy Chernault, Kathleen Fisher, Joanne Vogel, Carol Gostomski, Leslie Diaz,Katalin Nagy-Takio, Missy Wilcher, DeAnn Deutsch, Malena Cueva, Rita Harris, Gale Young, Shelly Ford, Phanphatsorn Disaphanurat, Shawndel Underwood, Betty Carter, Thomas Tighue, Barbara Carvalho, Anne Faasse, Eliana Tardio, Irene and Peter Havas, Sheila Landis, Sonia Laboy, K Dionne, Mary Maher-Shaw

Update 1/27/16: Bubba has been quite a challenge to get his seizures stabilized, but after 9 months of trying different meds and doses, I think, I pray, I hope we have it figured out. Bubba was having at least one seizure per day up until January 12, and so far hasn’t had one since. He is at the maximum dose of Phenobarbital and also takes Keppra with it. We started on a lower dose of the Keppra and after increasing it he has stabilized. If necessary, we can continue to increase his Keppra to ensure he remains stable.

Bubba does have a lump on his upper chest that was biopsied once and came back as a lump that may or may not (inconclusive) be cancerous. It was/is the hope that the lump would go away on its own, but it has not, and has actually gotten larger. The plan is to biopsy it again and if cancerous, it will need to be removed.

The reason we don’t automatically remove it is because anesthesia can cause problems with seizure dogs, and we want to avoid any complications if possible. I asked about doing conscious sedation, and that is something we will try first. If he can’t stay still enough to remove the lump, they will go ahead and put him under general anesthesia. If that happens, he will also get his dental done at the same time.

Sooooo, let’s all pray that this lump is not cancerous and will eventually go away on its own. He also has a lump on the inside of his ear that seems to have maybe “popped”. We’re keeping an eye on that lump as well.

All in all, Bubba is doing as good as he possible can be, and is a pure joy to be around. He’s a very simple guy – just wants to eat, drink, potty, sleep and be loved on. I just love my “Bubba Love”…..

Update 10/16/15 Bubba went to see the neurosurgeon on October 13 to follow-up on his seizure disorder. Bubba had two seizures, 12 hours apart, since last increasing his phenobarbital dosage. The plan is to increase Bubba’s dosage, and re-check his phenobarbital level in 3 weeks. If Bubba has any seizures prior to the 3 week re-check, we will consult the neurologist again and possibly increase his dosage again.

Updated Bio 10-4-15 Bubba’s foster mom calls Bubba her sweet Bubba Love. Bubba is UYR’s little guy who has severe neurological deficits – presumably from untreated seizures. After a consult with the veterinarian neurologist there is nothing really new to report except – this is really good news – so far he has been seizure free since he has been put on the highest dosage of Phenobarbital he can be on. He still remains very obese, despite being fed nothing but Hills Prescription “Metabolic” food. When he is done with this bag of food, his foster mom plans to transition him to a different weight management food.

There is still more we will need to learn about Bubba’s condition. After that we can decide if Bubba can be adopted. He is currently doing well, but his neurological deficits may never be repairable.

He is such a darling boy, who wants nothing more than to be loved and cuddled and taken care of. United Yorkie Rescue and especially Bubba’s foster mom are doing everything that can be done to insure Bubba will always be taken care of.

When more is known about Bubba it will be posted. Watch for further updates on this precious little guy.

To date we've spent $1839.22 on Bubba's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $1167.00 in donations.
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Coco is an 8 year old, 12 pound little girl who is being fostered in Urbandale, IA


Olga Stecker, Karry Rogers, Allison Murray, Thomas Kassler, Cindy Danley, Judith Church, Alison Mainhart, Christine Schneiderman, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Irene and Peter Havas, Patricia Bain, DeAnn Deutsch, Alisha Hastings, Nicole Quintal, John Porche, Calvin Morrisette Jr., Nancy Stanley, Holly Stavis, Irene and Peter Havas, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Barbara Carvalho, Carolyn Kazmer, Westen Shelton, Erik Ebert, Sandra Wendt, Vicki Silver, Karry Rogers, Bonnie Vaupel, Connie Peters, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Tim and Dawn Hawkins, Gloria Jang, Ava Humphrey, Christine Rodriguez, Jodi Pistler, Carol Gostomski, Sharon Medina, Mary Lou Hill, Lynne Turner, Nancy Stanley

Update 1/02/16: Coco is in Iowa now, she did very well on her journey from Connecticut. She will be treated like the special little princess she is for the rest of her life. Coco has been adjusting well with her new fur brothers, of course being the only girl, they will let her have her way always.

I will keep you updated on this forever ours angel!

Updated Bio 10/31/2015: CoCo is an 8 year old Yorkie girl who we welcomed in in May of 2015. She was rescued from a high kill shelter where she was taken by her owners. She was in desperate need of dental care and removal of mammary tumors which UYR provided after her intake. She did well post operatively, and we have every reason to believe she was cured. However, her foster Mom noticed that CoCo was having bouts of colitis and bloody diarhhea and took her to the Vet for evaluation. After an ultrasound and biopsy of her colon, we learned that CoCo’s needed to have a tumor removed from her colon. Sadly, the pathology came back positive for cancer. CoCo’s tumors will regrow. We don’t know when that will happen, and in the meantime we are committed to providing her the care that she needs and a loving home for the rest of her life. It is the goal of United Yorkie Rescue to rehabilitate our rescued Yorkies to a happy, healthy state so they can be adopted. Occasionally, we find a Yorkie we have rescued has serious medical problems that mean they will never be a candidate for adoption. For these pups, once they are ours they are “Forever Ours”, and they will be kept in the safe and caring environment of their foster home for the remainder of their lives. Her medical expenses will be covered by UYR for life. CoCo is currently happy, looking and feeling good and enjoying quality of life. She is featured here playing with her newest squeaky toy.

To date we've spent $5597.90 on Coco's vet bills, and with your support we've collected $1033.50 in donations. If you would like to become a special part of CoCo’s life please consider becoming a ‘Sponsor’ for her. All Forever Ours sponsors become a cherished member of these dogs lives, receive regular personal communications about your sponsored pup and your name would appear in their story on the Forever Ours page of our website. UYR Forever Ours sponsors can make ongoing monetary donations to help use provide for her continuing care needs. Or you can help greatly by making even a single contribution toward her ongoing care by going to her You Caring page at

If you are interested in becoming an official UYR sponsor for CoCo or have any questions about our Forever Ours program please contact Carl Sullenberger at: And Thank You from United Yorkie Rescue and CoCo!

Updated Bio 10/24/2015 CoCo is a sweet 8 Year old Yorkie Girl who was rescued from a high kill New York shelter who is now a United Yorkie Rescue “Forever Ours” foster. In August of 2015, CoCo had surgery to remove a tumor in her colon and sadly, her biopsy results showed that the tumor was cancerous. Because of this, CoCo was made a UYR Forever Ours dog which means she will remain in her foster home for the rest of her life. Right now CoCo is doing GREAT. She's looks healthy, and is happy and pain free (most importantly). She is on a special diet for Cancer Support and it seems to really be helping her. She has recently had a small skin infection but she is recovering well from it and being treated with a combination of steroids, antibiotics and medicated cream. Hopefully soon she will be ready to be pampered by a trip to the groomer; her foster mom thinks this will make CoCo feel better too.

We don't know when her tumors will re-grow, but they will at some point. Until then her foster mom is lavishing her with love and attention and CoCo stays stuck to her like Velcro. CoCo is currently enjoying quality of life and United Yorkie Rescue is committed to her continued care and support for the rest of her life. We have spent over $5000 on CoCo’s medical care so far and would so appreciate it if you would consider donating toward her continuing care.

Update 08/13/15: Coco had surgery done to remove a tumor in her colon, which was causing her severe intestinal problems. We were able to get her dental done at the same time, so we were all expecting that she would be on her way to happily ever after soon after healing.

Unfortunately, we received the news that the biopsy results show cancer. So, we go back to the vet this weekend for her post surgical checkup and to discuss her prognosis. There may or may not be the need for an oncology consult, so please do consider donating to Coco's growing vet bills!

I will update once we know more about what the future holds for this sweet little girl.

To date we've spent $6204.25 on Coco's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $1583.50 in donations.
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Daphne is a beautiful and very ill little girl. She has inoperable liver shunt disease and is also prone to hypoglycemia. She is being fostered in Madison, WI


Sandy Pagnotta, Amy Gill, Diana Shoykhetbrod, Michele Gonsalves, John Sauser, Michelle Lingle, LaVerne Dissmeyer, Patricia Lingen, Sandra Wendt, Christie Rider, Rosalie Tenorio, Paul Sherman, Diane Stout, Sandy Pagnotta, Stephanie and Behnaz Memarzadeh, Cynthia Duranti, Denise Brigham, Cheryl Helley, Amanda Fletcher, Julie Sczesniak, Nancy Carney, Carol Gostomski, Susan Kornatowski, Taffi Loving, Kimberly Golter, Sandra Wendt, Sherri White, Brittany Adams, Linda Vargas Robles, Bonnie Vaupel, Dixie Burbank, Denise Brigham, Irene and Peter Havas, Susan Gentry, Christie Rider, Diane Carter, Paul Sherman, Kitty Bradley, Alexis Ball, Stephanie Memarzadeh, Paul Sherman, Natalie LaBayen, Lois Forrester, Holly Stavis, Gina Caparimo, Brenda Hutto, Lori Adams, Lois Forrester, Noel Walter, Kelly Jones, Holly Stavis, Michelle Pannoni, Julie Sczesniak, Holly Stavis, Lori Stewart, Carol Gostomski, Brenda Bargers, Linda Crawford, Karry Rogers, Kobsak Songyoo, Barbara Carvalho, Christine Flaherty, Gale Young, Brenda Pierce, Dana Peden, Rita Smith, Paul Sherman

Update 11/02/15: Daphne continues to have her ups and downs with her health. Recently she gave us a scare as she was quite lethargic. Daphne was taken to the UW Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Madison, WI where she underwent a series of diagnostic tests including blood, urine, and x-rays. She was one sick little girl! Because her liver shunt surgery failed, Daphne will always be under the watchful eye of the wonderful Doctors at the Hospital. They found that she does have bladder stones that may need to be removed, her ammonia levels were too high, and her blood sugars were too low and she had pneumonia. They kept her there for a few days to help get all the levels where they should be and to keep a close eye on the pneumonia. Even though her lungs were not totally clear, I was able to take her home. We spent many hours sitting and snuggling in our favorite chair. Daphne was glad to be home and started eating better right away! Today, Daphne is doing better! She is still on a lot of medicines to keep her ammonia levels in the normal range. Daphne continues to require special food that is low in protein. She is eating NF Kidney Function Canine Formula available from the vet. It is our hope right now that with all that is available to us medically that she stays healthy and lives a long happy life! Thanks for checking in on Daphne!!

Update 3/9/15 After evaluating Daphne's continuing challenges regulating her ammonia levels and balancing her combination of medications, we realize it is not appropriate to adopt her out. She has become a Forever Ours pup residing with her foster mom for the remainder of her life.

To date we've spent $9112.11 on Daphne's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $3271.00 in donations.
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Desi is a very sweet, very tiny little boy who is living with his Forever Foster mom in Avon, IN


Raye Mayhorn, Casey Savelli, Raye Mayhorn, Marsha Bernhardt, Lois Forrester, Nancy Stanley

Update 1/27/16: Desi continues to do well on his special diet with added Probiotics and antacids to help with his digestion. He does best with 3-4 small meals per day and plenty of quiet time to digest. He is a loving and sweet little guy who enjoys snuggling. He loves his fur brothers and sister and has a special bond with his fur brother Kaleb. Out doors are no longer as scary as they were in the beginning but he likes to make sure that his foster mom is always nearby.

Update 10/15/15: Desi continues his special diet of ID food with 3-4 small feedings per day Even a tiny amount of shredded cooked chicken will cause a stomach upset. I add probiotic and enzyme powder to every meal as well as some antacid once a day. It's important for him to stay relaxed and quiet after meals to ensure that his food stays down. He is sweet and loving and stays very close to me.

Update 08/05/14: Hi Everyone, Desi here. I've been with my foster Mom for a few months and she knows way more about me now. I now weigh 3.4 pounds and holding. I eat prescription canned food that foster Mom gets from my Vet. I have 2 medications that foster Mom puts in my food to help with my IBS. I love people and enjoy a lot of cuddling. I do not do well when left home alone so I would very much like a home where my family will be home with me a lot. Because of my small size and a previous jaw injury I would not be ok for a home with children. Because of my medical needs the best place for me would be a home in Indiana so I can be near my Vet. Foster mom says I am a real sweetheart and I sure love hearing that.

Initial Bio 11/18/13: Meet Desi. He is a FRAGILE little guy who weighs a tiny 2.1 lbs. He is estimated to be between 2-4 years of age. We are not sure of Desi's past, but it appears his jaw has been broken. Desi is a real sweet heart. He loves people and loves to cuddle. He has energy and is an affectionate dog, despite his size and condition. Foster mom says Desi has a lot of spirit and is hopeful that he has a bright future. Desi's vet recommends a 3 pound weight gain before he can be considered for adoption, so in the meantime, please keep Desi in your thoughts and prayers. A donation in his name would also be appreciated.

To date we've spent $1892.79 on Desi's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $510.00 in donations.
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Evo is the man

Evo was rescued in 2005 by UYR. He has congenital Megaesophagus which is not a curable condition. He is being fostered in Harrisburg, PA since his rescue.

Update 12/31/15: I am happy to say Evo turned 11 years old on Nov 26, 2015! To have a dog with his condition live to be 11 is a great accomplishment. I contribute this to my vet, who is as dedicated to Evo as I am, lots of love; both by me and his sponsors, being spoiled and many prayers that he receives.

I did have to take Evo to the vets on Dec 26, 2015. He didn't eat anything at all Christmas Day and his little body was shaking and his breathing was heavy and raspy. He got two shots. One was to settle his stomach. When he gets like this he throws up phlegm.

For the past couple of months Evo goes through spurts of not wanting to eat and then his body shakes & he throws up phlegm. Usually, after a day to a day and a half I can get him to eat and he gets back to being his playful self. But this time, I knew it was time for a vet visit.

Evo is doing well now. This morning he didn't want to eat, which is typical for him. But I eventually find something he likes and I can get his pills in him. This is a long process in the morning & the evening, but well worth it. His food either has to be pureed or cut up in very small pieces. I keep his food bowl elevated…which means I hold it for him. Evo is on Lasix which makes him drink a lot of water. I have to be careful that he doesn't drink too much as this is not good for his Mega-E condition. I keep towels close by for when he regurgitates, which is something he does almost daily.

Evo is such a great little boy. He weighs 4.9 lbs. He is so sweet and such a Mamma's boy. I love that!!

Thank-you for your continued support for Evo.


Stephanie Valletti, Mary Rogers, Barbara Carvalho, Cheri Speakman, Brenda Pierce, Janice Wrench, Karry Rogers, Wendy Henry, Deb Pequignot, James Hufford, Shari Bundy, Amberly Hall, Nancy Stanley, Christine Schraml, Stephanie Digman

THANK YOU AUNTIE CAROL GOSTOMSKI FOR YOUR DONATIONS! 06/08, 07/08, 08/08, 09/08, 10/08, 11/08, 12/08, 01/09, 02/09, 03/09, 04/09, 05/09,06/09, 07/09, 08/09, 09/09, 10/09, 11/09, 12/09, 01/10, 02/10, 3/10, 04/10, 5/10, 7/10, 8/10, 9/10, 11/10, 12/10, 2/11, 3/11, 4/11, 5/11, 7/11, 9/11, 11/11, 1/12, 2/12, 3/12, 4/12, 5/12, 6/12, 7/12, 9/12, 10/12, 11/12, 12/12, 1/13, , 2/13, 3/13, 5/13, 6/13, 7/13, 8/13, 9/13, 10/13, 11/13, 12/13, 1/14, 2/14, 4/14, 4/14, 5/14, 6/14, 7/14, 8/14, 9/14, 10/14, 11/14, 12/14, 1/15, 3/15, 4/15, 5/15, 6/15, 7/15, 8/15, 9/15, 10/15, 11/15, 1/16

Foster Mom: Carol Esposito -

To date we've spent $5298.49 on Evo's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $3120.00 in donations.
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Henri is a very sweet boy who has failing kidneys. His Forever Ours foster home is in Urbandale, IA


Sandy Pagnotta, Marla Wolfe, Nancy Stanley, Nancy Stanley, Nancy Stanley

Update 11/05/15: Henri is doing pretty well after his kidney emergency. He is on a strict k/d diet, both dry and canned. So far he is maintaining on that. He is spoiled rotten, we wouldn't have it any other way. Since he almost died a few months ago, we know each day is a gift with him. All the things that may have driven is crazy before, we appreciate.

Sincerely, Susan, Joel, Sommer and all the fur brother's and sister that love Henri

Update 10/6/14: Henri is now a Forever Ours pup. His age and health issues have not enabled him to be successfully adopted despite his sweet face. Henri will live out his life with his foster family and his foster siblings.

Update 06/02/14: Henri is just getting old, his kidney levels were a little high, get him to drink lots of water I was told. He has dry eye, so I have drops for that, he has really bad allergies so I have pills for that. Finding him a low protein grain free food is going to be a challenge I am up He collapses sometimes just for no reason, that is just strange, but nothing was found to explain why. Just old age. Poor old guy. He said to watch hi. For the next 30 days. Since I have pills for him I will take him to the pool with us and he can hang out with Evan and Dobby without itching like crazy from the grass.

To date we've spent $895.30 on Henri's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $125.00 in donations.
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Jamie, our newest Forever Ours puppy.

Jamie is a 9 year old 4.5 lb. Yorkie female being fostered in Winston Salem, NC.


Holly Stavis, Sheila Coleman, Tim Carpenter

Update 1/30/2016: I am Jamie's foster Mom. Little Jamie, UYR’s 9 year old 4lb heartbeat at my feet has sadly been diagnosed with chronic kidney disease and is in the early stages of kidney failure. She is now moving into United Yorkie Rescue's Forever Ours program. Jamie has only been with us a short time. Jamie was surrendered to us the first week of January 2016 with reports of food and skin allergies with no mention of any kidney disorder. Upon her wellness vet’s visit it was discovered her kidney labs were alarmingly critical and we immediately began to treat her condition. After several trips to the Vet, lots of lab tests and examinations Jamie's Vet told us that her prognosis was poor and that it would be in Jamie's best interest to keep her in the safe and loving environment of her foster home for the remainder of her life. She is tiny, and has lost some weight, but today she has had a good day and is pictured awaiting her chicken and rice breakfast. She has little help with medication for nausea and diarrhea and we hope in time she will gain some weight. Her kidney medications have been adjusted in accordance with her new treatment plan and she seems to be tolerating this adjustment well. Jamie is so tiny and so sweet. As her Foster Mom I am hoping that she will be with me as a Forever Ours pup for a long time. She will be much loved for the rest of her days.

To date we've spent $702.13 on Jamie's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $153.50 in donations.
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Mushu is a 3.5 year old 5.2 lb boy who is being fostered in Gulfport, FL


Erin Mellini, Angela, Sandy Pagnotta, Renae and Jerry Sutley, Angela Gunter, Tim Wooten, Mary Cronin, Paul Sherman, David Jacklitch, Malena Cueva, Jeselle Kempis, Jane St. John, Maria Vinat, June Lee, Crysmyra Hopkins, Irene and Peter Havas, Siobhan Mullen, Linda Lewis, Heide MacLean, Cara Pensabene, Kerin Messner, Laura Gilder, Paul Sherman, Pamela Henry, Susanne Andriano, Erik Ebert, Daniela Camacho, Megan Mason, Traci Vanover, Judy Bettridge, John Sauser, Becky Baker, Edward Elmore, Shari Jones, Sandra Wendt, John Hazard, Nestor Sanchez, Linda Naylor, Erlinda Lopez

Mushu video!

Update 12/07/15: Mushu wanted to update his fans as he continues to thrive in his furever home. He has even surprised his neurologist with his antics and progress. We had a change in medication a few months ago and have been able to cut back on his prednisone meds. He is loving having a new brother and sister in the home and is enjoying getting the new freedom to run the yard with them. We think the acupuncture and some of the herbal treatments may have helped as well as the physical therapy.

He does continue to have a lot of problems falling down and getting back up as well as visual issues. He does still have the head tilt and doesn't seem to see things correctly so will snap when getting hand fed. He is very good about taking his medication both liquid and oral. Mushu is going back to his neurologist in January and will keep you updated.

Update 09/28/15: Hi everyone, Mushu wanted to give you an update. He is moving to a home with another brother and sister and a yard to run in. We did visit the neurologist last week and she got to see a video of Mushu running in his new yard and said she would not believe it if she hadn't seen it. Upon further evaluation she said he hadn't gotten any worse, not improved but no decline this visit. Mushu's doctor, does still want to get him off the high dose of prednisone he is currently taking. The new dosage of medication she is adding is rather costly at $80 monthly and does have to be compounded. Any assistance for his prescriptions would be appreciated. Mushu sends love and kisses!!!!

Mushu is walking. Check out this video!

Update 02/26/15: At the suggestion of Mushu's neurologist, we wanted to drop the amount of prednisone he takes, because it can cause much more damage to an already terminal disease. As previously noted, every time we dropped his dosage, he would get wobbly and unable to walk. So she suggested we try acupuncture and herbs to see how he would react and we could always go back on prednisone when necessary.

Well here he is getting his third acupuncture treatment and handling it like a champ. We have been able to cut his daily meds 1/2 what he was doing previously and thrilled to let you know since we have started the match of herbs and acupuncture, he appears to be stronger then ever. His condition remains terminal, but his physical abilities are good!

UPDATED BIO 1/27/2015: Given the prognosis of Mushu's condition, we have decided to make Mushu a Forever Ours pup. He will remain with his foster mom for the remainder of his life and we will give him the best care possible.

UPDATED BIO 12/11/2014: If you recall, Mushu was stumbling a lot when UYR rescued him (and even couldn't walk when we first had him). The vet suspected Yorkie Encephalitis but could never be sure without an MRI. While we were trying to wean his steroids over time, he had a setback and was stumbling again. We raised some money from our WONDERFUL donors, and Mushu had his MRI this week!!

Soooooo, we learned that Mushu does NOT have a brain tumor! (Yay). We received the diagnosis, it is Necrotizing Encephalitis . It is also commonly referred to as Yorkie Encephalitis and is basically swelling of the brain. This being said, Mushu will be a special needs puppy for the rest of his life. He will need to be under doctor supervision and on medications forever (prednisone is not very expensive). Any potential adopter needs to know it is generally a progressive disease. He could be doing great for a very very long time as long as he is medicated, but he could also take a turn and go downhill very suddenly.

We will allow Mushu to be adopted because he deserves a forever family. We are hopeful Mushu will be one of the lucky ones who lives a very long very happy life! THANK YOU to all for caring and contributing to his care!!!

To date we've spent $3461.56 on Mushu's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $2753.00 in donations.
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Roxy is a beautiful 4 pound, 10 year old girl who was found to have cancerous uterine and rectal tumors. Her Forever Ours foster home is in Round Rock, TX


Kristin Caballero and Tanya Gudger, in memory of Mercy

Daniel Champion, Helen Wenzl-Klingensmith, Barbara Carvalho, Patty Disaphanurat, Carlos Zarur, Anne Faasse, Amber Menzie, Dennis Sepulveda, Tenile Luttenegger, Maria Flores, Karry Rogers, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Lynda Slipetz, Charlene Callicoat, Barbara Rodriguez, Cheryl Scrupski, Violet Gong, Josephine Nunes, Stephanie Frey, Kristin Vole, Renae and Jerry Sutley, Nicole Slinger, Cecilia Hoyle, Justin Yarborough, Wanda Gortman, Crystal Shores, James Hufford, Judy Winters, Carol Voncannon, Diane Howell

Update 1/25/16: Roxy is an absolutely perfect little girl. She has been in foster care now for nearly five months, and is doing very well. Roxy has a great appetite and has put some weight on; perhaps a bit too much! She'll go for her six-month checkup at the end of February, and of course we are hoping there are no signs of the return of cancer. Roxy charms everyone who meets her. She's curious about new people and new dogs, and very friendly to all. If she were adoptable, I'm sure I'd be really swamped with applications. Roxy is happy and comfortable in her forever home with her foster mom, following mom around the house and being spoiled with the attention she deserves after such a rough life.

Update 10/15/15: Roxy is doing very well since her surgery. She has settled into her foster home and is running the household like any self-respecting Yorkie would. She's as sweet as they come and we are hoping that she is going to be cancer free for a very long time. Roxy will go back to the vet soon and have him look again at her back leg because she really has no use of it. The muscles are basically shot. It doesn't seem to bother her one little bit though. She can walk on it if she goes slowly but she prefers to to cross the room quickly, she runs on three legs. Roxy does not like to go outside. She does not like the grass, but she is about 90% trained on puppy pads, so it works out just fine.

She's a precious little girl and I'm happy that she is a forever ours Yorkie. She'll get great care for the rest of her days. Thank you to all the wonderful people who have donated to her medical care. I know there will be a real need for those funds as time goes on.

Roxy had a haircut to give her a fresh start. She's going to be spoiled again with ribbons and bows as it grows!

Update 09-09-15: Sweet little Roxy's biopsy results came back today. She had about ten tumors that needed to be analyzed. Aside from the mammary tumors, and the rectal tumor, there were several in the mass found inside her uterus. Her vet said Roxy was the poster child for why people should spay their female pups.

The majority of them were benign, but sadly, not all of them. She had a stage I and a stage II to III, as well as a rectal polyp, a low grade spindle cell sarcoma. At this point, all that was apparent has been excised, and of course the hope is that none of it has spread to lymph nodes or other organs. Roxy could use your continued support. I've told her how many people are wishing her well and pulling for her. Thanks to everyone who has donated, or who can donate to her medical expenses. This precious girl deserves every chance. She's feeling much better with all that removed, and is eating well! On a positive note, Roxy is heart worm negative!

To date we've spent $1426.07 on Roxy's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $2050.00 in donations.
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Walter looking super cute

Walter ready for Christmas

Walter is a senior Yorkie who was rescued in 2012. He suffers from Megaesophagus, collapsing trachea and neurological problems. His Forever Ours foster home is in Avon, IN.


2012: Cynthia Dial

2013: Linda Almasi 1/15; Suzette Hullette 1/18 and 3/8; Jennifer Tobiansky 2/23 and 12/16; Kimberly Bandusky 2/7, 3/1, 5/3, 7/16 and 10/16;

2014: Suzette Hullette 1/13; Kimberly Bandusky 3/14, 3/20, 5/21, 7/17, 8/12, 9/15, 10/29, 11/25 and 12/17

2015: Kimberly Bandusky 1/14, 2/13, 3/16, 5/18, 7/16, 8/18, 9/24, 10/16, 12/4

2015: Nancy Stanley

2016: Kimberly Bandusky 1/28

Update 11/05/2015: Walter wants everyone to know that while he is getting older & a bit shaky & his eyesight isn't as good as it used to be he is grateful for the last 3 1/2 years that UYR has taken care of him. He spends most of his days napping. He still has a bit of pep in his step. His favorite thing to do is hang out with his foster dad. He has an occasional small seizure but he is really doing well. He says thanks for letting him be a Forever Ours Foster.

To date we've spent $2941.61 on Walter's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $2490.00 in donations.
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