It is the goal of United Yorkie Rescue to rehabilitate our rescued Yorkies to a happy, healthy state so they can be adopted. Occasionally, we find a Yorkie we have rescued has serious medical problems that do not make them a candidate for adoption.

The Board of Directors of UYR, in consultation with the rescued pupís veterinarian and foster parent, may decide that it would be in the best interest of the Yorkie to keep them in the safe and caring environment of the foster home.

Once accepted into the Forever Ours Program these special needs pups are loved and cared for by the foster parent for the rest of their life. The pupís medical expenses are covered by United Yorkie Rescue and the foster mom provides food, physical care, goodies and a family environment.

If you would like to become a special part of one these special little Yorkiesí lives please consider becoming a ĎSponsorí for them. A ĎSponsorí can make monetary donations or provide supplies for their use in the Forever Ours Home.

All monetary and material donations specified for these Forever Ours Yorkies are used for their continuing care needs.

If you have any questions about becoming a Sponsor or would like further information about this program please contact: Carl Sullenberger at:

Thank you!

We are looking for people who would be interested in being a 'Sponsor' to one or more of our Forever Ours Yorkies! As a sponsor you would become a cherished person in this dog's life.

You would receive communications about your sponsored pup and your name would appear in their story on the Forever Ours page. If you are interested please contact Carl Sullenberger at


Irene and Peter Havas are Bear's Forever Ours Sponsors

Barbara Butler: For the memory of Whozit Louise, who left us 6 years ago today: October 9th 2003 Rest in Peace Little One

Jessica Dombroff

Barbara Butler: In Memory of Byron, Golden Retriever, beloved pet of the Whitfield Family

Barbara Butler: In Memory of my Beloved Whozit Louise

Ruth Anna

Joan Sansone: In Memory of Beaux-man Sansone

In memory of Mikey Fisher from Mr. & Mrs. Anthony Fisher

In honor of Taylor Edgar
Beloved daughter of Stephen and Tina
Cherished sister of Miss T.
Adored Prom Queen Eternal!

Lindsay Reiff: In loving memory of Bentley O'Herron.

Carol Gostomski: In memory of my little Domino, and from our new little girl, Holly!

Auntie Trini Gilmore, Pixie and Gang

Geoff and Sandy Pagnotta and pups: Chisum, Ozzie and Robbie

James Monahan

Anne Wallen

Barbara Butler and Wookie: For my fellow Yorkies on my 8th birthday!

Sophie Browning: From one special needs dog to another.

Anne Wallen: In honor of my friend Kathy Redmon's birthday!!

Barbara Butler & Wookie

Ruth Anna

Rich and Gayla Hutton

Ruth Anna

Barbara Butler and Wookie in April, Barbara Butler and Wookie in June!!

Barbara Butler and Wookie

Carol Gostomski

Evo with his Christmas blanket

Evo and Knuckles



Update 11/15/2013: Evo hasn't been doing so well the past two months. His megaesophagus has started to get worse.

He has been regurgitating more through out the night. When he was a puppy and in his younger years he regurgitated every night. The older he got the less frequent it was. It would happen maybe two to three times a week. But always through the night.

Tuesday I had to take him for an emergency vet visit. He had been regurgitating since 2:00am and his little body was shaking and his breathing was rapid. I was fearful he was aspirating in his lungs.

I got him to the vet, x-rays were taken, listened to his heart and lungs and thankfully he did not aspirate into his lungs.

My vet gave me a medication called Clavamox which is a liquid to give Evo to make sure in case there was a little aspiration in his lungs this medication would help him from not getting pneumonia.

Evo got a shot and also a pill I am to give him when he starts to regurgitate. This pill is suppose to stop it.

The lining of his esophagus is wearing out from the regurgitation.

My poor little boy. Evo will be nine years old on Nov 26....I can't believe it. Evo is doing good now. He is almost finished taking the liquid medication and I have not had to give him a pill to stop regurgitation yet....Yea!! I am so happy about that.

Please keep Evo in your prayers. He is such a trooper and a special little boy!!! I LOVE him so much!

UPDATE 9/4/13: Evo has been doing pretty well. He still regurgitates when he gets excited and at night time as well. Evo is such a special little guy. He still only weighs 4lbs 5oz. My vet said that weight is ok for him. He loves to run and play in the back yard. He is such a cuddler. Always wants me to hold him....which I am happy to accommodate.

Evo doesn't like to get groomed but is getting better with that. The past two weeks when I gave him a bath he was actually good. He stood still which was amazing....something he has never done before.

Evo had to get all of his teeth pulled due to decay which is common with frequent regurgitation. Since his teeth got pulled his little tongue hangs out the side of his mouth. Everyone who sees it comments how cute it is.

Evo doesn't have a big appetite but eats appropriately for his weight. I make sure he eats even if I have to make him a scrambled egg. He likes to go for walks and enjoys playing with his one special toy. I am blessed to have him in my life....he is a wonderful sweet, gentle, funny and smart little boy.

Thank-you to everyone who has donated to help with Evo's is greatly appreciated.


Stephanie Valletti, Mary Rogers

Carol Gostomski has pledged to sponsor Evo to help UYR care for this sweet pup.

THANK YOU AUNTIE CAROL GOSTOMSKI FOR YOUR DONATIONS! 06/08, 07/08, 08/08, 09/08, 10/08, 11/08, 12/08, 01/09, 02/09, 03/09, 04/09, 05/09,06/09, 07/09, 08/09, 09/09, 10/09, 11/09, 12/09, 01/10, 02/10, 3/10, 04/10, 5/10, 7/10, 8/10, 9/10, 11/10, 12/10, 2/11, 3/11, 4/11, 5/11, 7/11, 9/11, 11/11, 1/12, 2/12, 3/12, 4/12, 5/12, 6/12, 7/12, 9/12, 10/12, 11/12, 12/12, 1/13, , 2/13, 3/13, 5/13, 6/13, 7/13, 8/13, 9/13, 10/13, 11/13, 12/13, 1/14, 2/14, 4/14, 4/14

Foster Mom: Carol Esposito -

To date we've spent $3518.91 on Evo's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $2285.00 in donations.
Please donate!
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2012: Mary Sullenberger

2012: Sandy Pagnotta





Update 01/23/14: Jessie had a dental today with the expectation that she might lose some of her molars which were not looking very good. Jessie had her canines removed in May, 2013 to help with the chronic upper respiratory infections she had. Since that was such an extensive procedure, she did not have a regular cleaning done at that time. Today was the cleaning and radiographs of her remaining 8 teeth. Surprisingly, only one was loose and required removal. All the others, including her molars, showed no bone loss in her jaw, so she just had a thorough cleaning and scaling. She was happy to come home to a dinner of soft food. Jessie and her buddy, another Forever Ours by the name of Vanessa, have bonded and are often found snuggling together. With Vanessa running over 20 pounds and Jessie just 6 pounds, they look like Mutt and Jeff...but they clearly find comfort in each other's company. Jessie is the one in the gray hoodie. Since she is on prednisone for her PLE condition, her coat is a bit thin and she needs the extra warmth.

UPDATE 11/16/13: In August, Jessie appeared to have problems with her toes and was given a liquid solution that was to treat both bacterial and yeast infections. This medication appeared to have only modest improvement and her toes were continuing to look inflamed in some areas with dark growths. A more detailed exam in October showed Jessie had a number of issues: a staph infection, mange mites resulting from her continued use of steroids to manage her PLE condition and yeast infections that required oral as well as topical treatment. Jessie has been on these additional medications and is getting weekly baths with a ketocondazole shampoo and is showing great improvement. Her chronic nasal infection also seems to have improved. We'll have a recheck in another week but so far, Jessie is doing very well. She does have to wear an e-collar to keep her from licking her paws (particularly after she has the ointment applied). Despite that, she is a happy and much more comfortable little girl.

UPDATE 5/29/13: After the last culture, Jessie was put on a new antibiotic for 30 days to treat her sinus infection. It seemed that within 3 days of stopping the meds, Jessie's drainage came back. Frustrated, we tried another approach and decided to remove what we believed was a problematic canine. On the 29th, Jessie had her dental surgery and she lost all 4 canines (not just 1). Jessie was a trooper through her procedure and has some slick x-rays to show why it was necessary to lose these teeth now (she did suffer a bit of bone loss). The vet tooth fairy left Jessie with a new bandana and a prescription of clindamycin. In 3 weeks she'll have another checkup but we anticipate this will finally fix her chronic problem. She is already responding to the medication and is eating soft food (rice with ground turkey breast). Since the infection began, she has become a pretty fussy eater. The good news is that despite the change in diet, Jessie's albumin levels are within normal range so her PLE condition is being well managed.

UPDATE: 1/9/13 Well little Jessie has been bothered for two months now with nasal drainage. She has been on a combination of antiobiotics, none of which have helped. She had a dental and 2 nasal flushes on Jan 7 and we are waiting for the results of the culture of material that was removed to determine which antiobiotic should be used for her. The flush has helped significantly and although she is still sneezing, there is no colored mucus. Her appetite has improved which is good because her albumin level dropped to 2 which is .5 below the low end of normal. When the culture results are back, we'll know how to treat her going forward.

UPDATE - 10/19/11: Hi everyone, it's Jessie from Wisconsin and I'm still here and doing quite well. I just had two checkups recently for my eyes and a little sinus problem. My eyes are doing great thanks to my daily drops and I've got some antibiotics for a tooth problem that is probably making me sneezy. I weigh a sleek 6 pounds, 5 ounces and foster mom has to keep tightening up my harness. I now have an official pet sitter, Jenny, who comes each day and takes me and Buddy, Minnie and our new foster, Vanessa, out for walks and belly rubs. I let Jenny hold me and put my eye drops in when foster mom has to travel. I'm quite the good girl but still am afraid of other people when foster mom isn't around (yep, I still stress poop when someone else tries to pick me up). I guess it's a habit that is hard to lose. I do like Vanessa who has had puppies like I did. We are couch buddies and even though she is bigger, she is still very gentle with me. Well, I've got to go get dinner now...I do love my meals!

UPDATE - 05/17/11: Jessie has been doing extremely well in terms of managing her Protein Losing Enteropathy condition and her dry eye condition. Her most recent eye exam showed such marked improvement in her tearing readings, she is now able to have her eye drop meds administered only once a day as opposed to twice a day. The eye ulcer she had developed is actually filling in and is less visible. Jessie remains on her prednisone and lasix medications and will be going for a dental this week. She has made strides in accepting new people into the home and will approach for attention and chin rubs; but she still shies away if anyone tries to get closer to pet her. Jessie is very challenging to photograph; she always turns away and I have to catch her unaware in order to get a full face picture. She just had a bath when this latest picture was taken and was too tired after bathing, drying and nail trimming to fuss about the camera. She is snuggled on the sofa where she enjoys all the extra throws that make cushy napping spots.

UPDATE - 8/3/10: Jessie had another issue with her dry eye condition and needed some extra medication at mid July. Additionally, we discovered she had a urinary tract infection that required another course of antibiotics beyond the vaccination she received. Thankfully we asked to have a culture done and learned the bacteria she had was resistant to the antibiotic vaccination she was given. Jessie is a trooper and takes it all in stride although she was getting fussy about taking her pills. I now have to hide them in little bits of hot dog. Jessie decided she liked sleeping in a crate that was intended for her "sister", Minnie who had luxating patella surgery. When Minnie isn't using the crate for quiet time, Jessie goes in there to catch a few zzzzz's. Even though it's all open, she must feel it is a secure spot.

UPDATE - 5/2/10: Jessie just had her annual exam, updates to her vaccinations, a dental cleaning (woo hoo no extractions!) and had a mammary tumor removed. We hope this growth is benign. Jessie's bloodwork was much improved. Her albumin level tested at 3.4 (best yet) and her total protein was 6.0. The diet and her continuing meds are working well. Jessie's jaw lump resurfaced in January and she has been on two antibiotics for an 8 week period that took care of this. During her dental procedure, an x-ray was taken to see if the lump was related to a tooth or tooth root. The jaw bone is normal and nothing appeared suspicious with her teeth. So future lumps may be able to need only one antibiotic for treatment (unfortunately the one she likes least). Despite all the medicine she needs, Jessie is a good little girl who loves to catch sun rays and snooze the day away. She doesn't mind when Buddy snuggles into the same bed with fact I think she likes it!

Update - 02/27/10: Jessie was diagnosed with a dry eye condition last November. She also had developed an ulcer on one eye so she got to visit a doggie opthamologist to take care of these problems. Despite Jessie's estimated age, she has no cataracts and her eyes are otherwise healthy. She had problems tolerating the cyclosporine and so she has been on a different tear medication for the last 4 months. Her last checkup tear tests were excellent. Jessie will need the eye drops for the rest of her life. She is still doing well with her special ZD diet and other meds and now that construction is finished at home, she is less stressed. Jessie is very camera shy so it is quite hard to get a nice picture of her. But we'll keep trying :-).

Update - 01/01/10: Happy New Year everybody.

Well Iíve had some health issues in the last 3 months. First, I developed an ulcer in my left eye. I was squinting all the time so foster mom took me to a doggie ophthalmologist. It turns out that in addition to the ulcer, I have that dry eye condition that Yorkies can get. So Iíve had to get eye drops twice a day for the last month or so. My ulcer is gone and my eyes look pretty good. I had to wear one of those nasty collars, but don't need it anymore. But Iíll need drops for the rest of my life.

Then, since I thought foster mom needed some excitement, I ate part of an onion on New Yearís day. Foster mom called the ASPCA hotline and they said I needed treatment based on the amount I ate. So we took a trip to the ER vet where they made me vomit and then stay overnight to get fluids and other stuff to be sure the onion didnít get absorbed. I sure didnít know that onions were badÖit seemed to taste ok. But I guess onions affect blood cells and I needed 3 blood tests over the next 5 days to be sure I was ok. Thankfully I am. My next adventure will be a dental procedure since my teeth arenít looking too tip-top. Iíll let you know how that all comes out.

UPDATE - 10/30/09: We are doing a long taper for Jessie to reduce her need for prednisone to manage her PLE condition. She now gets 1/4 of a 5 mg pill. Her last liver panel shows Total Protein and Albumin levels in the low normal range. Jessie's life has been jolted recently with the death of her pal, Lexi. In addition her foster home is undergoing remodeling. Jack hammers, power nail guns and the traffic of workmen coming and going has proved stressful to her. During the day she must be confined to an area with her other pal, Buddy, listening to some "doggie anti-stress music" playing to help keep her calm. Needless to say, Jessie is very happy to see foster mom return home and jumps on her hind legs as a welcome. Soon, grandpa will move into the home and that will be another adjustment for Jessie. Thankfully grandpa isn't noisy and doesn't move fast, so she should be able to adapt to this change as well.

UPDATE - 04/23/09: Jessie's certainly doing well. Her last hepatic panel shows normal results for Total Protein and Albumin. She now weighs 6 pounds, 12 ounces and acting spunky. Her favorite job is to bark at the neighbors when they are in their backyard, or bark at the critters she sees in her backyard. She is always happy to see me when I walk in the door and she still enjoys laying near me when I'm relaxing. She still fears others, but doesn't bark if they stay seated. They just can't get up and move around :P. She got a bath for her vet visit and a little trim up. Check out her new pics.

UPDATE - 02/28/09: Jessie's last liver panel looks normal (third good test in a row now), so we are reducing her prednisone level to 2mg per day. She still is taking lasix. She will have another test in two months and at that time we may be reducing her prednisone dosage. The lump on her jaw is totally gone and there is no indication it will return. She is definitely feeling better and acting spunky :-). She's a little love bug (just with foster mom though).

UPDATE - 12/18/08: Jessie's last blood test showed an albumin reading of 3.0, so we have had two successful tests with improving and normal readings. Jessie is winding down on her antibiotic regimen for the lump on her jaw. The lump had decreased to the point it became moveable...a sign it was not connected to the bone. As of this date, it is barely noticeable to the touch. She is still on the 2.5 mg of prednisone daily and I can see she is feeling well and spunky again.

FOSTER MOM: Sandi Wendt:

To date we've spent $16745.02 on Jessie's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $7878.85 in donations.
Please donate!
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Check out this video of Manny in couch mode.

Deborah Jurkovac, Auntie Deborah Jurkovac, Deborah Jurkovac, Patrick Herbert, Sarah Northmore

Manny has been made a UYR Forever Ours foster dog; he is 12 Ĺ years old and weighs 18 lbs; he is being fostered in Largo, FL.

Manny thought it was time to share what is happening in his life! He has been diagnosed with Canine Cognitive Dysfunction Syndrome (CCDS). This condition, once called the senile or old dog syndrome, is a newly recognized disease, somewhat similar to Alzheimerís disease in people. In dogs with CCDS, the brain undergoes a series of changes that result in a decline in the mental faculties associated with thinking, recognition, memory, and learned behavior. Fifty percent of dogs over age 10 will exhibit one or more symptoms of cognitive dysfunction syndrome. Cognitive dysfunction is a progressive disease with increasing signs of senile behavior. Disorientation is one of the principal symptoms of cognitive dysfunction syndrome.

Manny will wander and bark for hours on end, and he is not the cuddly little dog that he has previously been, but he so richly deserves a loving and compassionate life, which is what we have promised him. There is a medication similar to that given to human patients with Alzheimerís, but it is very expensive, so Foster Mom searched and found some supplements to hopefully help his brain function more on a normal level.

Foster Mom and family love Manny very much, and have committed to keep him as long as he is healthy and happy. Manny wants to thank everyone for their support and understanding.

NOTE: MANNY WILL CONTINUE TO NEED DONATIONS TO PAY FOR HIS ON-GOING CARE since UYR is committed to take care of him for the rest of his life as a UYR Forever Ours Foster Dog. We are seeking sponsors to help us pay for this care Ėa sponsor would commit to donating a certain amount each month Ė it can be any amount you are able to pay. Would you be a sponsor for Manny?

To date we've spent $624.34 on Manny's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $130.00 in donations.
Please donate!
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Vanessa enjoying the sun


Doggie Kisses to my Special Sponsors

Milosz Ciesielski 2011-Oct 3,11,29; Nov 4,28, Dec 10,17,25; 2012-Jan 6,14,21,30, Feb 10, Mar 9, Mar 25, Apr 15, July 21, Oct 4, 2013-Feb 13

Brittana Kessler 2012 - Mar 15, Goodies on March 23 for Vanessa and family, Mar 30, Goodies for Vanessa and her fur siblings Apr 24, May 15, June 6, June 29, Goodies for Vanessa, Foster Mom and Fur Siblings on Jul 12, Oct 11, Nov 6, Goodies for Vanessa, Foster Mom and Fur Siblings on Dec 24, Brittanna Kesler Dec 29

Nestor Sanchez 2012 - Apr 21, Jun 2, Jul 1, Aug 3, Sep 2, Oct 3, Nov 3, Dec 6

2013 - Jan 7, Feb 3, Mar 8, Apr 19, May 29, Jul 6, Aug 27, Nov 17

2014 - Jan 7, Feb 23

* * * * * * * * * * *


Sandy Pagnotta, Cynthia Duranti, Kristen Serafin, Jan Norrish, Jessica Johnson, Sheena Gavin - Vanessa sounds like she needs lots of attention and love; she certainly has the right foster Mom for this...., Angie Brewer,

Alaina Hood, Renae and Jerry Sutley, Laura Bower - In loving memory of Tango

Katarzyna Niezgoda, Katarzyna Niezgoda, Irene and Peter Havas, Irene and Peter Havas


Update 01/23/14: Vanessa had a recheck ultrasound today to see if there were any changes in the nodules on her spleen and verify that her IBD condition is improving. At the last ultrasound, nodules were visible on her spleen and her intestinal walls were thickened, which was indicative of IBD. She had been experiencing loose stool that was black in color. Vanessa was put on prednisone to treat her IBD condition and since she has been gaining weight lately, I wanted to make sure it was healthy weight and not related to any tumor growth. Happily, Vanessa's spleen nodules looked smaller at this visit and the thickness of her intestinal walls is decreasing which is a good sign. Poor Vanessa had an accident in the vet's office so we had a fresh stool sample for the oncologist and that looked very normal. Vanessa was in fact squirmy for her ultrasound which had not been the case in the past. It was reported that she seemed impatient with the procedure and wanted to leave...a good sign since it means she is feeling better. Vanessa will continue on her prednisone treatment, and a medication for nausea. The oncologist said she was generally pleased with her progress and her general overall body condition. Of course, we'd like the bowel thickness to be normal, but Vanessa is heading in the right direction.

Update 11/16/13: Vanessa's health issues seem to have escalated as we were tapering her off the prednisone. I became so concerned, I asked for an earlier than scheduled repeat of the ultrasound test to ensure there were no other changes to the spleen nodules. She was seen on 10/31 by the oncologist who said Vanessa appeared to have an elevated white blood count. Instead of repeating the ultrasound, Vanessa was put on Amoxicillin for any infection issues and her prednisone dosage was increased. Vanessa's appetite has improved a bit but she remains a fussy eater. As long as she eats, we can address the other issues. She will likely need a follow up blood test to see if the antibiotic has lowered the white cell count.

Update 10/03/13: Vanessa had a follow up ultrasound test today to determine if there have been any changes to the nodules on her spleen and assess the intestinal wall thickening which may be indicative of IBD. Two of the nodules appeared much the same as they did a month ago; one appeared slightly larger but it was not easy to tell if the angle of the view made it seem larger. Vanessa was up 2 pounds (thanks to the prednisone she has been receiving). We will step down her dosage to every other day administration and recheck with another ultrasound in 4-6 weeks. Vanessa has been eating well, tolerating her food (sadly she has become hooked on chicken nuggets but at this stage of her life, I'm letting her eat whatever she wants), and acting normally. She has her playful moments but does spend a good deal of her time sleeping. Since Vanessa, Jessie and my new foster Tank get to sleep with me, I'm enclosing a picture of the 3 of them on the bed. Tank is the big fella in the middle and Vanessa just turned her head to look at me. She is a very precious girl.

Update 8/13/13 Four days after Vanessa's July 16 Vinblastine injection, she became seriously ill and spent 2 days in Emergency Care where she required IV fluids and antibiotics. Her white cell count had dropped to a seriously low level and she was spiking a high fever of 104.3. She was hospitalized for 2 full days at which time her temp returned to normal and she was eating small amounts of food. For a week we struggled to get her appetite back and deal with the diarrhea. Her recheck a week later showed that her white cell count was normal. On 8/14 Vanessa gets what I hope will be her last Vinblastine injection. She will receive a reduced dosage so her bone marrow is not as seriously impacted as it was in July. We are doing all this to eliminate the mast cell tumors that continue to plague her. Through all of this, she has been a very "patient" little patient. While her eating habits have become more fussy, I don't mind the extra cooking needed to keep her eating.

Update 04/25/13 Vanessa was seen by her oncologist today and we discovered another lump that was aspirated and found to be another mast cell tumor. This is not good news because Vanessa is currently taking Palladia which should be preventing the development of new tumors. Vanessa is scheduled for surgery on Wednesday, May 1. After that, she will be put on prednisone in place of the Palladia to see if that can stop the spread of these tumors. Unfortunately Palladia has been the best treatment for these tumors, so the fact that it is no longer working is not good news. Please keep Vanessa in your thoughts and prayers as we struggle to find a solution for her.

UPDATE: 1/30/13 Vanessa met with the oncologist today and because one of the tumors that was removed was in the lymph node, Vanessa will need to go back on the Palladia medication (which runs about $95/month through a new pharmacy we learned about). Vanessa will start immediately and her treatment will go for 6 months if all goes well and she tolerates it as she did before. Please keep Vanessa in your thoughts and prayers.

UPDATE: 1/25/13 On the 18th I discovered another growth on the back of Vanessa's rear leg which seemed to pop up overnight. I was able to get her in for surgery on Monday and the vet removed two tumors in the general region, one of which was lymph node tissue. The biopsy results show mast cell tumors for both tissue samples. Vanessa and I have an appointment on Tuesday Jan 29 to meet with the oncologist to determine next steps. She may need to go back on the Palladia which I know has doubled in price (it will be more than $170/month). But we'll do whatever it takes to help her get healthy.

UPDATE: 1/9/13 Later in November it seemed like Vanessa was developing another growth, however whatever was there has disappeared. She continues to do well, has a good appetite (for foods she likes) and enjoys throwing her chew strips around. Her aim is a bit irregular and sometimes she has trouble finding them wherever they landed. Vanessa LOVES chicken and whenever that is a dinner item, she will beg for handouts. She doesn't get table food but I do make up ground chicken breast for her and that is a little treat she gets on her breakfast and dinner meals. Vanessa seems immune to the cold weather and continues to enjoy her walks despite the winter cold!

UPDATE: 9/1/12 Vanessa's tumor was a grade 2 however the grading system has changed and now there are only 3 grades of tumors. Vanessa's mitotic index on this tumor was very low which means there was no active cell development. Vanessa will continue to be watched for any new growths.

UPDATE: 8/22/12 Vanessa had her oncology checkup tonight. I had found a very small lump on her left side about a month ago. It hadn't gotten larger and in fact seemed to be shrinking. However today the vet did aspirate and it is a mast cell tumor. Vanessa will need another surgery to remove this tumor. This may be her fate for the remainder of her life. Watch for another update on the status of her surgery which will need to be scheduled quickly. Despite all this, Vanessa has had a good appetite, is active (she has started intentionally tipping the water dish when I leave for's her way of complaining about being confined to a room with 3 other dogs). I've tried a variety of strategies for placing the bowl out of harm's way, only to have it tipped every day. I think Vanessa will no longer be confined to the laundry room with everyone else. She'll be able to spread out and claim more space for herself.

UPDATE: 8/1/12 Vanessa continues to do well since completing her treatment for mast cell tumors. She will be seen by her oncologist in the next week for a follow-up body check. I have detected one small lump on her side but the size has not changed in the last 3 weeks so I'm hopeful it is a fatty growth. Vanessa, as you can see from her picture, loves to bask in the sun, even on the hottest days. The sun makes her want to take a nap which is a favorite pastime. Her other favorite pastimes include eating breakfast and dinner, taking walks, barking at the neighbors and playing with her chews which she throws about like a wild pitcher! She is a great bed-buddy who lets foster mom sleep in on weekends. One thing we have noticed is that loud noises and thunder storms are upsetting to her. She will shake a bit during storms but since it has been such a dry summer, that hasn't been much of a problem. Continue to watch for Vanessa updates and new pictures.

UPDATE 6/29/12 Last week Vanessa completed her 6 month course of medication for her mast cell tumors. She had her last pill on Wednesday and by Saturday was back to eating very hearty meals. On June 29 she had her oncology checkup, complete with bloodwork and happily all is looking very normal with no new growths. Vanessa will need another recheck in 6-8 weeks and I hope we have the same outcome. Vanessa has been a real trooper throughout her treatment period. She had developed a finicky appetite but now is eating well and cleaning her dish morning and evening. I will be transitioning her to a prescription diet to see if that helps with her allergy problems. She persistently chews her feet so hopefully the diet change will help with that. All in all, she still enjoys sitting outside and sunning herself on the deck, barking at the neighbors who are in their back yards and barking at anyone who comes in the door. She is my real watchdog! Vanessa got her summer haircut and looks adorable; but foster mom's camera battery needed recharging so pictures will be updated later.

UPDATE 5-24-12: Vanessa just had her monthly checkup with the oncologist. Since going on the metronidazole twice daily, she's been able to tolerate her Palladia medication. The cost of her Palladia (toceranib phosphates) went up to $169 per month. Thankfully this is Vanessa's last month on this medication so once we get through her next checkup, we hope she can discontinue the meds. The vet explained that the drug company had to increase the price and may stop production altogether due to the costs incurred in producing the medication. If Vanessa's mast cell tumors return, we hope the medication will continue to be available since radiation and traditional chemotherapy would be less effective for the type of tumor growth she has.

Update 1-14-12 Vanessa appears to be tolerating her medication for the mast cell tumors quite well. She takes prilosec daily which helps with any tummy upset. She still enjoys her daily walks, loves to sleep in (she'd rather sleep than eat!) All in all, she is making good progress. I've discovered no more lumps since the last surgery and start of her medication. I did discover that she doesn't like walking in the snow. We had some snowfall and she waited until I shoveled before heading outside. I guess I can't blame her for that!

Update 12-22-11 Vanessa saw an oncologist on December 15 to see what treatment would be appropriate for her mast cell tumors (two have been removed thusfar). The new medication she will begin taking is called Palladia and it has a 60% success rate on otherwise untreatable mast cell tumors. Vanessa began her treatment on December 21 and appears to take her pills well and is experiencing no side effects which would include a diminished appetite. Vanessa will be on this treatment for 6 months so please watch for updates.

Update 12/10/11: We just learned today that the lump Vanessa had removed from her leg during her final mammectomy surgery was another mast cell tumor. This is the second occurrence for her within the last two months and it is likely she will continue to develop additional tumors. We are looking at additional treatment options for her. Please say some prayers for Vanessa. She is being considered for admission into our Forever Ours program where she will remain with her foster mom for as long as she lives.

To date we've spent $11439.86 on Vanessa's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $2301.25 in donations.
Please donate!
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Walter looking super cute

Walter ready for Christmas


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Special Thank Yous to Walter's Sponsors, Suzette Hullette and Kimberly Bandusky, who have chosen to help UYR keep Walter safe and happy for the rest of his life.

Update 12/10/13: HI!! Wally here!! I have been a good boy & I'm waiting for Santa!! All except when I chase my foster brother Romeo's tail when we try to see who gets to go out the door first!! I had a few seizures but I went to the Vet & he gave me some supplements to see if they would help. So far I'm doing really well. I love the life that being a UYR Forever Foster boy has provided for me. My foster mom just bought me a new fluffy bed for these cold winter nights & I am really enjoying that. My favorite things are when I get to have some cheese for a treat & sitting with my foster dad on the sofa. Well got to go I hope everyone has a Merry Christmas!!

Update 09/03/13: HI!! Walter here!! I don't have a lot to tell. I've just been hanging out with my foster Mom & Dad & my foster brothers & sisters. My health has been really good lately. I am feeling pretty good & have a good appetite. I argue once in a while with my foster brother Romeo, but that is what brothers do!! I do love to play with my little toys. Sometimes I can toss it all the way across the room.My favorite thing to do is follow my foster dad around in the yard. Where he goes I will be right behind him. Well got to go I think I hear TREATS being served!! Love you all!! Walter XOXO

Update 06/05/13: Walter 12-092 Hi! Everybody!! Walter here. Foster Mom decided I should pose so she could update my picture. I have been doing really well. FM calls me her "Chunky Man" I'm not fat I'm fluffy!! I've been trying to be a good boy but sometimes I can be a stinker. I like to nip at my foster brother Romeo's tail when we go out the door.. Sometimes I try to sneak some of my foster sister Angel's food. She's a puppy mill girl so she can't bark, but she will squeak at me and bat me with her paw. I want to thank everyone at UYR & my Sponsors who have helped me have such a good life. I have a soft bed & toys & plenty of food to eat so I am a happy boy. <3 Love you all, Walter

Update 03-30-13 Hi!! Everyone!! Walter here. I got to go to the Paw Spaw to day to get groomed. I was a really good boy, so I'm hoping for extra treats today!! I also had a vet visit this week. I'm doing really good & I now weigh 5.8 lbs. I'm getting anxious for warm weather so I can go outside & sit in the sun. I hope everyone has a Happy Easter & I'll keep you updated on how I'm doing!!

Update 03/02/13: Hi!! Walter here!! I wanted to send everyone a new picture & thank them for all of the donations for my care. I'm sure getting tired of snow. I'm waiting for spring so I can go out in the yard & explore. I'm really trying to be a good boy so everyone will love me. I get a little grumpy when they want to bathe me or comb my hair. My foster dad is still my favorite person. I follow him everywhere & sit on his lap & sleep when I can. He tells me I am his little buddy.It sure is nice to have a buddy. Thank You again to everyone who has donated to my care. It sure is nice to know I have a loving home with a warm bed & plenty of food. I don't ever want to have to go to one of those shelters again. Love You ALL !!, Walter XOXOXO

Walter was rescued from the shelter in Chicago in July.We think he is about 9 yrs old. He was surrendered as a stray. He was a skinny, shaky, scared little bag of bones.You could feel his ribs & he was very unsteady on his feet. UYR rescued him & he came to live with us. At first he seemed to do OK, but in August he was having trouble keeping his food & water down.. He aspirated on some food and he quit breathing. We were able to do Doggie CPR on him & revive him. We took him to the vet & after some tests & ex-rays he was diagnosed as having Mega-E. He also has some neurological issues & a collapsing trachea. The vet said with out any info on him it would be hard to determine if he was born that way or if he had suffered some sort of trauma. Walter eats his softened kibble from an elevated bowl & is doing well. He has went from a skinny 4.1 lbs to 5.8 lbs. His fur is growing in & his appearance is much healthier. Walter doesn't like to be picked up & you have to approach him slowly. He is very sweet, but also very grumpy at times. We wonder if he was treated badly or teased at some point in his life. He loves to have his head & ears rubbed but on his own time. He loves playing with small toys & tossing them in the air & fetching them himself. His favorite person is his foster dad & has become his little buddy. Walter is a very loved member of our family and we will make sure he has a happy life.If you are interested in being a sponsor for Walter's care we would be happy to share pictures & his progress with you.

To date we've spent $2060.48 on Walter's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $1205.00 in donations.
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