It is the goal of United Yorkie Rescue to rehabilitate our rescued Yorkies to a happy, healthy state so they can be adopted. Occasionally, we find a Yorkie we have rescued has serious medical problems that do not make them a candidate for adoption.

The Board of Directors of UYR, in consultation with the rescued pupís veterinarian and foster parent, may decide that it would be in the best interest of the Yorkie to keep them in the safe and caring environment of the foster home.

Once accepted into the Forever Ours Program these special needs pups are loved and cared for by the foster parent for the rest of their life. The pupís medical expenses are covered by United Yorkie Rescue and the foster mom provides food, physical care, goodies and a family environment.

If you would like to become a special part of one these special little Yorkiesí lives please consider becoming a ĎSponsorí for them. A ĎSponsorí can make monetary donations or provide supplies for their use in the Forever Ours Home.

All monetary and material donations specified for these Forever Ours Yorkies are used for their continuing care needs.

If you have any questions about becoming a Sponsor or would like further information about this program please contact: Carl Sullenberger at:

Thank you!

We are looking for people who would be interested in being a 'Sponsor' to one or more of our Forever Ours Yorkies! As a sponsor you would become a cherished person in this dog's life.

You would receive communications about your sponsored pup and your name would appear in their story on the Forever Ours page. If you are interested please contact Carl Sullenberger at


Carol Gostomski sponsors Evo

Kimberly Bandusky sponsors Walter


Baby is a 13 year old tiny male yorkie. He weighs a whopping 3 pounds and is a Forever Ours foster pup who is being fostered in The Villages,FL


Irene and Peter Havas, Jim Shal in honor of Paula Shal, Kory Katz, Joan and James Kirby, Johnell Costa

8/6/16 Update: He's been doing okay even tho he's still having his occasional breathing bouts, but he comes out of them rather quickly. He sleeps a lot these days, but is still eating pretty good. His hearing seems to be impaired, but his sniffer is still right on. He knows when something's cooking and makes himself known in the kitchen right away. He's Lord and Master of this domain - His foster family just loves him.

4/26/16 Update: Baby (a/k/a Bubba) is doing great. He absolutely loves his blankey that was given to him by a very caring group. I'm sure he still misses his brother, Zeus (as do we), but he's adjusted to being the kingpin quite nicely. Although he is toothless, that hasn't kept him from chowing down at every opportunity. He's such a love.

1/1/16 Update: Sadly, Baby's brother, Zeus, went to the bridge on Christmas eve, 12/24/15. Baby will be missing his big brother, but we know his foster mom will ensure he has a happy and good life.

9/24/15 Update: Zeus and Baby are doing okay. Zeus continues to have difficulty breathing, especially when he gets excited. Baby has started to develop the same "Canadian Goose" bark. At night, if Zeus can't get to sleep, he gets some cough medicine which quiets him down. When both pups came into UYR, they had skin irritations and were treated with shots and a prescription shampoo. They are both starting to develop the same again so we'll restart the same treatment plan. They are the closest of buddies, trotting around as if they were hitched at their hips. When they sleep, they have to be touching each other - or foster mom or dad. Zeus is forever giving kisses and Baby just keeps smiling with his toothless grin. They are wonderful little guys and we love them both dearly. They are hardy eaters - even Baby, who doesn't have a tooth in his mouth. They are mostly poop-pee pad trained, but do have daily oopsies which are never a problem.

12/19/14: Hi everyone, Zeus and Baby here. What a hectic few days weíve had. Our mother was feeling really bad because she now works all day and didn't get home until late, so we really never got to go out and run and play anymore. She decided that it would be better for us to be adopted by someone who would give us lots of love and outside exercise too (very, very unselfish of her). So, since that decision was made, these very nice ladies from UYR came to our apartment to meet us and the feline members of our family, and it was decided that we would go home with them.

One of the ladies is our Foster Mom. We like her a lot and she sure does like us too. It was a long drive to her house, and Zeus doesnít like to ride in the car, but we made it. Thereís a resident Yorkie here, his name is Charlie. Heís a pretty kewl dude. We all get to sleep in the big bed with our Foster Mom and Foster Dad (of course we donít take up a heck of a lot of space Ďcause weíre so tiny).

We went to the dogtor today and got shots. We both cried a little, but FM and FD held us tight and rocked us till the owie went away. The dogtor said that Zeus has a very collapsed trachea and itís bad when he gets anxious (like riding in the car), so the dogtor gave Foster Mom some medicine for times like that and also to help him sleep. The dogtor said that Baby has a very deteriorated lower jaw probably from some gum infections over time.

Baby has had all but one of his teeth removed, but that doesnít stop him from eating ground up food at all. We both have a bit of a skin rash, which could have been caused by fleas, but FM/FD will give us baths with medicated shampoo to make that all better.Both of us have to go back for boosters (yipes) and Baby has to be neutered (not sure what that means). Zeus will have to have some dental work done then too.

Well folks, thatís it for now. Weíll be sure to pop in and give you an update pretty soon. I know Foster Mom said we couldnít go anywhere until weíre all spic and span and up to date with shots and everything. So, if you can wait a while, we should be available in another month or two but our foster mom said she would love you to submit and application for us, so we can be ready for our forever home when the time comes.

To date we've spent $425.96 on Baby's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $160.00 in donations.
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Bubba is approximately 8 years old, weighs 7.8 pounds. Bubba is a Forever Ours dog, peacefully living out his life in Dunedin, FL .


Wendy Erichsen, Amara Waterman, Heather Ozuna, Jane St. John, Cheryl Scrupski, Cindy Hsueh, Sandy Pagnotta, Craig Seal, Kelsey Leslie, Holly Kline, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Michele Lofgren, Traci Vanover, Amy Chernault, Kathleen Fisher, Joanne Vogel, Carol Gostomski, Leslie Diaz,Katalin Nagy-Takio, Missy Wilcher, DeAnn Deutsch, Malena Cueva, Rita Harris, Gale Young, Shelly Ford, Phanphatsorn Disaphanurat, Shawndel Underwood, Betty Carter, Thomas Tighue, Barbara Carvalho, Anne Faasse, Eliana Tardio, Irene and Peter Havas, Sheila Landis, Sonia Laboy, K Dionne, Mary Maher-Shaw, Julie and James Hufford, Deb Scott, Sylvia Ramirez, Arielle Rejewski, Ilene Rand, SallyAnn Frazier, Dadra Dukes, Amy Ashford, Jodi Pistler, Carol Nelson, Pat Swearingen, Lynne Turner, Deanna Weeks, Jan Freeman, Daniel Scafe, Christie Rider, Lisa Warner, Christine Flaherty, Tommy Piner, Marianne Alicea, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Mary Cronin, Connie Peters, Nancy Farley, Leslie Corbell, Connie Pfeiffer, Sandy Angulo, Amy Chernault, Carin Spalla, Carin Spalla, Phyllis Lewis, Karry Rogers, Melanie Colbrunn, Pamela Davis, Charlotte Robinson, Louann Larson, Katalin Nagy-Takio, Marcia Lee, Jessica Lundquist, Linda Crawford, Kobsak Songyoo, Jane St. John, Paul Clark, Teresa Beament, Sid Porter, Sandra Wendt, Sarah Bartel, John Sauser, Priscilla Sukroo, Alfred Maiorino, Denise Kotasek, Christine Sarracino, Rafael Pardo Macias, Georgia Roode, Yolanda Ramos, Steve Evans, Angie Cagle, Teri Rose, Holly Stavis

Update 12/14/16

Bubba is doing very well. Since his last update he had surgery to remove some of the tumor that was pressing on his eye. Since then he has been doing well. He has been seizure free except for one instance which was caused by decreasing his meds too low (under the neurologists care). Since returning him to his normal dose, there have been no additional seizures. Not only that, but Bubba now runs through the house (he still falls some from his severe neurological deficit), but he is able to jump up and down when his humans come home, and all in all he is much healthier. He takes his chemo every day (for the rest of his life) and tolerates it well. His foster Mom is SO glad he had the surgery to give sweet Bubba the best quality of life possible.

Update 9-21-16 Since coming into UYR, we have been reasonably successful in managing Bubba's seizures with medication. However they recently have become more frequent and lengthened in time. Finally, there may be an answer and Bubba may have a chance to live a long, healthy life. After his last emergency visit to the vet because of an uncontrollable seizure the vet asked about the swelling and redness of his right eye. It is likely Bubbaís seizures may be because of a mass behind that eye that may be pressing on his optic nerve and into his brain. The veterinary neurosurgeon feels that when we know more it could completely change the short and long term prognosis as well as the treatment and all that Bubba is experiencing, the unsteady gait and the stumbling when he walks, the inability to hold his head up, the lethargy, and his visual deficits among other things.

In order for the surgeon to know what can be done for Bubba so that he can live a long life, Bubba needs an MRI. This MRI must be done soon so that treatment and/or surgery can start as soon as possible before Bubba continues his downward spiral.

Bubba will get his MRI soon and we will know more so please check back soon for the results. And cross your paws for good news only.

Update 8/6/16

Bubba here Ė just checking in! Iíve had some challenges lately, but hopefully Iíll be better soon. I started having seizures again, and those are terrifying for me. I donít know where I am when I wake up, but thankfully my foster mom or dad are there to remind me that I am home and that they love me. But they leave me feeling so weird afterward.

Iíve had to go see my dogtor a lot lately because I keep getting ulcers in my eye too. Foster Mom says itís really expensive to see the dogtor, because they have to put stuff in my eye to look at it. I just know I donít like it at all. I also had to have my blood drawn (and that hurts) to make sure Iím doing okay. I still have more tests, and more needles, and that scares me. Foster Mom says she hopes that people will donate to help me get the tests and treatment that I need.

I still have trouble walking because of my permanent brain damage, but if I can get up the speed, I can run through house, and I love being able to do that. I have 3 sisters now, and they all love me very much.

All in all, foster Mom says Iím doing okay, but we need to get my seizures under control again. I just know that means Iíll be seeing my nice dogtor some more. Wonít you please donate to help pay for my dogtor bills?

Update 4/24/16 Hi everyone, Bubba here. Itís been a while, but Iíve been super busy! I have a new sister now, and she just wants to play all the time. I try to play with her, but I donít really know what Iím doing, but I still try. At least she keeps me busy and thatís better than just laying around doing nothing all day.

Foster Mom says Iím doing pretty good all in all, now that weíve gotten my meds figured out. I have to take my medication (yuck) five times a day, and foster mom says she has to set her alarm clock to give me my morning meds, because she isnít usually awake at 5 a.m. But hey, if I have to wake up, she should too. ha ha.

Even with the increase in my meds, I donít seem to be too steady on my feet, but I donít have seizures nearly as often either. Iím glad, because those scare me so much when I shake all over, and I donít know where Iím at when I wake up. Foster mom or dad are usually there though to remind me how much Iím loved and that Iím safe in their arms, and that helps me a lot.

Foster Mom says that my increase in medication makes it really expensive, and I need my medication to survive, so if you find it in your heart to donate to my care, Iíd really appreciate it! Okay, my sister wants to play so I gotta run. Thanks for taking the time to read about me!

Update 1/27/16: Bubba has been quite a challenge to get his seizures stabilized, but after 9 months of trying different meds and doses, I think, I pray, I hope we have it figured out. Bubba was having at least one seizure per day up until January 12, and so far hasnít had one since. He is at the maximum dose of Phenobarbital and also takes Keppra with it. We started on a lower dose of the Keppra and after increasing it he has stabilized. If necessary, we can continue to increase his Keppra to ensure he remains stable.

Bubba does have a lump on his upper chest that was biopsied once and came back as a lump that may or may not (inconclusive) be cancerous. It was/is the hope that the lump would go away on its own, but it has not, and has actually gotten larger. The plan is to biopsy it again and if cancerous, it will need to be removed.

The reason we donít automatically remove it is because anesthesia can cause problems with seizure dogs, and we want to avoid any complications if possible. I asked about doing conscious sedation, and that is something we will try first. If he canít stay still enough to remove the lump, they will go ahead and put him under general anesthesia. If that happens, he will also get his dental done at the same time.

Sooooo, letís all pray that this lump is not cancerous and will eventually go away on its own. He also has a lump on the inside of his ear that seems to have maybe ďpoppedĒ. Weíre keeping an eye on that lump as well.

All in all, Bubba is doing as good as he possible can be, and is a pure joy to be around. Heís a very simple guy Ė just wants to eat, drink, potty, sleep and be loved on. I just love my ďBubba LoveĒÖ..

Update 10/16/15 Bubba went to see the neurosurgeon on October 13 to follow-up on his seizure disorder. Bubba had two seizures, 12 hours apart, since last increasing his phenobarbital dosage. The plan is to increase Bubbaís dosage, and re-check his phenobarbital level in 3 weeks. If Bubba has any seizures prior to the 3 week re-check, we will consult the neurologist again and possibly increase his dosage again.

Updated Bio 10-4-15 Bubbaís foster mom calls Bubba her sweet Bubba Love. Bubba is UYRís little guy who has severe neurological deficits Ė presumably from untreated seizures. After a consult with the veterinarian neurologist there is nothing really new to report except Ė this is really good news Ė so far he has been seizure free since he has been put on the highest dosage of Phenobarbital he can be on. He still remains very obese, despite being fed nothing but Hills Prescription ďMetabolicĒ food. When he is done with this bag of food, his foster mom plans to transition him to a different weight management food.

There is still more we will need to learn about Bubbaís condition. After that we can decide if Bubba can be adopted. He is currently doing well, but his neurological deficits may never be repairable.

He is such a darling boy, who wants nothing more than to be loved and cuddled and taken care of. United Yorkie Rescue and especially Bubbaís foster mom are doing everything that can be done to insure Bubba will always be taken care of.

When more is known about Bubba it will be posted. Watch for further updates on this precious little guy.

To date we've spent $8109.47 on Bubba's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $5624.50 in donations.
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Sandy Pagnotta, Sandra Wendt, Pamela Davis, Amy Chernault, Aneta Roszkowski, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Karry Rogers, Jodi Pistler, Christie Rider, Connie Peters, Sarah Bartel, Carol Nelson, Joy Graham Travis, Irene and Peter Havas in memory of Buddy and Vanessa, John Sauser, Crystal Shores, Carol Gostomski, Anthony Riviera, Joan Shelly, Michael Baxter, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Susan Klingbeil, Irene and Peter Havas in Memory of Buddy and Vanessa, Daniel Champion

Update 11/16/16 Sweet Dallas is doing very well considering his condition (Hydrocephalus). Because he is blind and sometimes becomes disoriented we try to keep him to a schedule for his benefit. He just loves to run around in the living room so if we are at home he has free roam. It's a game of "where's DallasĒ and then he comes running by at the speed of light. He gets so excited he goes two wheeling on his front legs sometimes. I always shame our other dogs by telling them that Dallas is blind yet he finds his way to his pad to do his business, more than I can say for them sometimes. Lol. He has good days, better days and great days. A good day in Dallas's life is when he is seizure free (he has not to date had a seizure so fingers crossed). A great day is when he eats and drinks like a little piggy, runs around like a race car and falls asleep in my arms. Most days include a little circling (common for his condition) but he is a happy and loved little boy. He spends his down time in a little cozy area (pack and play) and when he has a "race car " day looks like a tornado went through there but when he is having fun then we are grateful. Dallas is a joy and blessing and we are grateful to be part of his story. All specialists agree that his life expectancy is 5 minutes - 5 years but so far he has proven to be a little trooper. He takes two prescribed drugs daily, prednisone and omeprazole and will for all of his life. We would love for you to be part of his story too if you feel lead. You can donate towards Dallas's care on our website or by keeping him in your thoughts and prayers. Thank you to UYR for allowing this little darling to live his life loved and safe.

On July 13/16 Dallas became a Forever Ours pup. We originally believed he had a liver shunt condition which brought on some puzzling neurological issues. He was originally surrendered to UYR because his owner couldn't afford the surgery. Dallas was promptly seen by a UYR vet and received medications and put on a low protein diet to help stabilize him. In order to give him the best chance possible, we transferred Dallas to one of our members in Texas where he could be treated by a specialist who has helped us before with other liver shunt pups. Dallas was seen by two vets and they recommended more extensive bile acid tests than the one done originally by the owner. The result of these recent tests showed that there was no liver shunt; rather Dallasí problems are neurological in nature.

After being evaluated by a neurologist, it was determined that Dallas had hydrocephalus, a condition that must be medically managed given his tiny size. Dallas has improved with the medication he is taking, however he is still blind (his eyes function however the brain is not interpreting the visual messages) and will never be normal. Nonetheless, Dallas is a very happy little boy. When his foster parents are gone he stays in (and sleeps in) a pack and play. He eats and drinks normally and even uses the pee pad when he finds it. He is very much a creature of habit. He likes to know where he is and who is there with him. He has a restricted area of the den that he runs and plays in. Occasionally when he begins to circle or run into things too often, his foster parents comfort him and put him back in his pack and play. He has not experienced a seizure which is good news as his condition often comes with them. Unfortunately this doesnít mean he will not in the future. His vet and neurologist agree that he has somewhere between 5 minutes and 5+ years in him. He will not be improving from his current status, but is a happy little boy and will remain in his loving foster home for the remainder of his life.

To date we've spent $1911.90 on Dallas's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $1105.00 in donations.
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Daphne is a beautiful and very ill little girl. She has inoperable liver shunt disease and is also prone to hypoglycemia. She is being fostered in Madison, WI

Daphne is 5 years old


Sandy Pagnotta, Amy Gill, Diana Shoykhetbrod, Michele Gonsalves, John Sauser, Michelle Lingle, LaVerne Dissmeyer, Patricia Lingen, Sandra Wendt, Christie Rider, Rosalie Tenorio, Paul Sherman, Diane Stout, Sandy Pagnotta, Stephanie and Behnaz Memarzadeh, Cynthia Duranti, Denise Brigham, Cheryl Helley, Amanda Fletcher, Julie Sczesniak, Nancy Carney, Carol Gostomski, Susan Kornatowski, Taffi Loving, Kimberly Golter, Sandra Wendt, Sherri White, Brittany Adams, Linda Vargas Robles, Bonnie Vaupel, Dixie Burbank, Denise Brigham, Irene and Peter Havas, Susan Gentry, Christie Rider, Diane Carter, Paul Sherman, Kitty Bradley, Alexis Ball, Stephanie Memarzadeh, Paul Sherman, Natalie LaBayen, Lois Forrester, Holly Stavis, Gina Caparimo, Brenda Hutto, Lori Adams, Lois Forrester, Noel Walter, Kelly Jones, Holly Stavis, Michelle Pannoni, Julie Sczesniak, Holly Stavis, Lori Stewart, Carol Gostomski, Brenda Bargers, Linda Crawford, Karry Rogers, Kobsak Songyoo, Barbara Carvalho, Christine Flaherty, Gale Young, Brenda Pierce, Dana Peden, Rita Smith, Paul Sherman, Mary Ireland

Update 05/31/16: Daphne continues to require multiple medications daily to help her ammonia levels remain in the normal range. During the day, Daphne loves to "help" me in the garden by picking tomatoes and sampling them! When she is feeling good, she loves to chase balls and play with toys. In spite of all the medical concerns she has, Daphne continues to remain sweet and snuggly. She loves curling up on any lap that is available. Thank you for your continued support of Daphne!

Update 02/10/16: Hi Everybody! Daphne continues to bless us with her wonderful personality! She is a whole lot of sass in such a small girl!! Daphne continues to require meds to keep her ammonia levels under control as a result of a liver shunt. She is such a smart little girl in that she has figured out how to block the liquids from her swallowing them. She is very efficient at pushing the liquid out of her mouth! It has only been with bribery (yummy treats) that she has decided that she will swallow! Sometimes I wonder who is training whom!! Thank you for your continued support of this precious little girl. Her medical care is expensive, but she is worth it!

Update 11/02/15: Daphne continues to have her ups and downs with her health. Recently she gave us a scare as she was quite lethargic. Daphne was taken to the UW Veterinary Teaching Hospital in Madison, WI where she underwent a series of diagnostic tests including blood, urine, and x-rays. She was one sick little girl! Because her liver shunt surgery failed, Daphne will always be under the watchful eye of the wonderful Doctors at the Hospital. They found that she does have bladder stones that may need to be removed, her ammonia levels were too high, and her blood sugars were too low and she had pneumonia. They kept her there for a few days to help get all the levels where they should be and to keep a close eye on the pneumonia. Even though her lungs were not totally clear, I was able to take her home. We spent many hours sitting and snuggling in our favorite chair. Daphne was glad to be home and started eating better right away! Today, Daphne is doing better! She is still on a lot of medicines to keep her ammonia levels in the normal range. Daphne continues to require special food that is low in protein. She is eating NF Kidney Function Canine Formula available from the vet. It is our hope right now that with all that is available to us medically that she stays healthy and lives a long happy life! Thanks for checking in on Daphne!!

Update 3/9/15 After evaluating Daphne's continuing challenges regulating her ammonia levels and balancing her combination of medications, we realize it is not appropriate to adopt her out. She has become a Forever Ours pup residing with her foster mom for the remainder of her life.

To date we've spent $9413.20 on Daphne's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $3321.00 in donations.
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Desi is a very sweet, 4 to 6 year old very tiny little boy who is living with his Forever Foster mom in Avon, IN


Raye Mayhorn, Casey Savelli, Raye Mayhorn, Marsha Bernhardt, Lois Forrester, Nancy Stanley

Update 10/31/16

Desi recently had an Irritable bowel flare up and lost some weight. It was just 5 ounces but on a little guy like Desi 5 ounces is a lot. He went through a round of steroids and is now doing better. He weight is almost at his normal which is 3.2 pounds. Desi remains on a prescription diet of canned ID food with probiotic power added to each meal and an antacid once a day. To maintain a balance he has to have 3 feedings per day on a very strict and regular schedule with limited activity after his meals . He is a cuddly little guy so he loves to be held so being quiet after eating is not a problem. He's a happy loving and sweet little guy.

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Update 04/27/16: Desi had a little set back in the last few weeks. He had some stomach issues that required adding additional medication to help him with his digestion. He has lost a few ounces in weight and because he is so tiny a few ounces makes a huge difference. His weight is down to 2.8 pounds. Now that things are on the upswing we should be back up to a good weight for him in no time at all. He is a sweet little angel and very much a little fighter.

Update 1/27/16: Desi continues to do well on his special diet with added Probiotics and antacids to help with his digestion. He does best with 3-4 small meals per day and plenty of quiet time to digest. He is a loving and sweet little guy who enjoys snuggling. He loves his fur brothers and sister and has a special bond with his fur brother Kaleb. Out doors are no longer as scary as they were in the beginning but he likes to make sure that his foster mom is always nearby.

Update 10/15/15: Desi continues his special diet of ID food with 3-4 small feedings per day Even a tiny amount of shredded cooked chicken will cause a stomach upset. I add probiotic and enzyme powder to every meal as well as some antacid once a day. It's important for him to stay relaxed and quiet after meals to ensure that his food stays down. He is sweet and loving and stays very close to me.

Update 08/05/14: Hi Everyone, Desi here. I've been with my foster Mom for a few months and she knows way more about me now. I now weigh 3.4 pounds and holding. I eat prescription canned food that foster Mom gets from my Vet. I have 2 medications that foster Mom puts in my food to help with my IBS. I love people and enjoy a lot of cuddling. I do not do well when left home alone so I would very much like a home where my family will be home with me a lot. Because of my small size and a previous jaw injury I would not be ok for a home with children. Because of my medical needs the best place for me would be a home in Indiana so I can be near my Vet. Foster mom says I am a real sweetheart and I sure love hearing that.

Initial Bio 11/18/13: Meet Desi. He is a FRAGILE little guy who weighs a tiny 2.1 lbs. He is estimated to be between 2-4 years of age. We are not sure of Desi's past, but it appears his jaw has been broken. Desi is a real sweet heart. He loves people and loves to cuddle. He has energy and is an affectionate dog, despite his size and condition. Foster mom says Desi has a lot of spirit and is hopeful that he has a bright future. Desi's vet recommends a 3 pound weight gain before he can be considered for adoption, so in the meantime, please keep Desi in your thoughts and prayers. A donation in his name would also be appreciated.

To date we've spent $2445.47 on Desi's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $510.00 in donations.
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Evo is the man

Evo was rescued in 2005 by UYR. He has congenital Megaesophagus which is not a curable condition. He is 10 years old residing in Harrisburg, PA with his Forever Foster Mom


Stephanie Valletti, Mary Rogers, Barbara Carvalho, Cheri Speakman, Brenda Pierce, Janice Wrench, Karry Rogers, Wendy Henry, Deb Pequignot, James Hufford, Shari Bundy, Amberly Hall, Nancy Stanley, Christine Schraml, Stephanie Digman, Stephanie Digman, Nancy Meinershagen, Stephanie Digman, Mary Cronin, Stephanie Digman

THANK YOU AUNTIE CAROL GOSTOMSKI FOR YOUR DONATIONS! 06/08, 07/08, 08/08, 09/08, 10/08, 11/08, 12/08, 01/09, 02/09, 03/09, 04/09, 05/09,06/09, 07/09, 08/09, 09/09, 10/09, 11/09, 12/09, 01/10, 02/10, 3/10, 04/10, 5/10, 7/10, 8/10, 9/10, 11/10, 12/10, 2/11, 3/11, 4/11, 5/11, 7/11, 9/11, 11/11, 1/12, 2/12, 3/12, 4/12, 5/12, 6/12, 7/12, 9/12, 10/12, 11/12, 12/12, 1/13, , 2/13, 3/13, 5/13, 6/13, 7/13, 8/13, 9/13, 10/13, 11/13, 12/13, 1/14, 2/14, 4/14, 4/14, 5/14, 6/14, 7/14, 8/14, 9/14, 10/14, 11/14, 12/14, 1/15, 3/15, 4/15, 5/15, 6/15, 7/15, 8/15, 9/15, 10/15, 11/15, 1/16, 2/18, 3/27, 6/20, 7/17, 8/31, 9/27, 10/31, 12/20

Update 11/2/16 Evo's foster Mom has this Update: Evo has been doing pretty well these past months. Praise the Lord!! He drinks a lot of water due to him being on Laxitives. I have to monitor his drinking because he just drinks and drinks and that in turn affects his Mega-E condition. He regurgitates the water. This does happen almost every day. He just got a hair cut this past Friday 10/28/16 He looks so good. Although he doesn't hold still for the groomer. I stay with him while he gets groomed. I stand right at the table. There's days where he only eats breakfast and doesn't want supper. I always have nutra-cal on hand to give him so he gets nutrients in him.

Evo will be 12 years old on November 24th! I can't believe it. This is not the norm for a dog with Mega-E. I contribute his long life to lots of love and for my vet giving me the understanding of his condition and how to treat him. My vet for always being there and knowing what to do for Evo. I can't imagine my life without him! Nor do I want to! Thank you to all the donors who help towards Evo's care, you have made such a difference and are a tribute to having Evo be able to celebrate his 12th birthday!!

Update 04/28/16: For the most part Evo has been doing okay. He has good days and bad days. Unfortunately the bad days come about once every two weeks. On bad days, he doesn't eat for me and won't take his pills. His little body shakes and shakes. He regurgitates flem...a lot of it.

I feel so bad for him. He wants me to hold him. I most certainly do and I even work from home when he has a bad day. I have a doggie bag, he loves to be carried in and I put him in that and he sits on my lap all day while I work from home. I try several times throughout the day to try and get him to eat, but I know it has to run its course and by the next day he is usually feeling better. But to see him go through this every two weeks is heart breaking. His little body shaking and his breathing is raspy. But I give him lots of love and keep him as comfortable as possible. It usually lasts for a 24 hour period. I have a pill to give him for his stomach and he will usually take it the next day after he feels better. This helps to calm his stomach. He is on lasix which makes him drink a lot of water. In turn this is not good for his mega-E condition. So I have to monitor his water intake.

I try to take Evo for walks as much as possible. I do believe this helps him and he likes to go for walks. He also has congenital heart failure. But taking him on walks, I believe, helps his heart to be a little stronger.

He is such a special little boy and to be 10 years old with this condition is rare but I am doing everything possible to keep him as healthy as possible with lots of love, eating healthy and exercise.

Your donations make that possible.

Thank you!

Evoís Foster Forever Mom

Update 12/31/15: I am happy to say Evo turned 11 years old on Nov 26, 2015! To have a dog with his condition live to be 11 is a great accomplishment. I contribute this to my vet, who is as dedicated to Evo as I am, lots of love; both by me and his sponsors, being spoiled and many prayers that he receives.

I did have to take Evo to the vets on Dec 26, 2015. He didn't eat anything at all Christmas Day and his little body was shaking and his breathing was heavy and raspy. He got two shots. One was to settle his stomach. When he gets like this he throws up phlegm.

For the past couple of months Evo goes through spurts of not wanting to eat and then his body shakes & he throws up phlegm. Usually, after a day to a day and a half I can get him to eat and he gets back to being his playful self. But this time, I knew it was time for a vet visit.

Evo is doing well now. This morning he didn't want to eat, which is typical for him. But I eventually find something he likes and I can get his pills in him. This is a long process in the morning & the evening, but well worth it. His food either has to be pureed or cut up in very small pieces. I keep his food bowl elevatedÖwhich means I hold it for him. Evo is on Lasix which makes him drink a lot of water. I have to be careful that he doesn't drink too much as this is not good for his Mega-E condition. I keep towels close by for when he regurgitates, which is something he does almost daily.

Evo is such a great little boy. He weighs 4.9 lbs. He is so sweet and such a Mamma's boy. I love that!!

Thank-you for your continued support for Evo.

Foster Mom: Carol Esposito -

To date we've spent $5366.49 on Evo's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $3590.00 in donations.
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Maizie is a precious, little, senior female Yorkie living in her Forever Ours Home near Louisville, KY


Christine Flaherty, Linda Crawford, Vicki Silver, Natalie Avery, Marcia Lee, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Anna Schappaugh, Kai Martin, Elizabeth Giannone, Sidney Porter, Karry Rogers, Julie and James Hufford, Teresa Beament, Connie Vendetto, John Sauser, Jean deVegter, Debra Roby, Angela Heath, Olga Stecker, Steve Ward, Brad Buckley

Initial Forever Ours Bio 11/8/16

Given Maizie's multiple medical issues, the decision was made to make Maizie a Forever Ours Yorkie today. This means that Maizie will spend the rest of her life in the safety and comfort of her foster home.

Maizie came to us after she landed in a rural shelter. She was in very rough shape. Maizie is estimated to be somewhere between 12 and 14 years of age. Maizie has no lower jaw as it was surgically removed at some point in her life, most likely due to some type of oral cancer. She also has laryngeal paralysis and this means that she coughs a lot is at risk for aspiration when she eats. She must have special food and also be closely monitored to ensure that she does not aspirate and her airway does not collapse. Maizie also has neurological deficits that cause balance issues. She has severe luxating patellas (grade 4) but the orthopedic specialist feels that they are beyond repair surgically and the surgery would pose to great a risk for Maizie so for now the best treatment for her is to limit her activity and keep her in a safe environment. For all of these reasons, in consult with Maizie's specialists we made the decision that the best thing for Maizie is to live out the rest of her life in the quiet controlled setting setting of her foster home where she receives lots of love and special attention. Maizie's care has been expensive as she has seen 4 specialists. If you would like to help us with Maizie's past expenses and ongoing care then please click the PayPal button located below and THANK YOU!

To date we've spent $1352.22 on Maizie's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $775.00 in donations.
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Missy WI

Updated FO Bio 12/31/2016

Missy turned 14 years old in October, and she has settled in very nicely with her forever foster home after her adoption didn't work out. Although Missy is blind and deaf, and struggles with digestion problems, she happily joins her fur siblings for walks around the block, as long as the weather is nice. It can be cold and snowy in Wisconsin at this time of year! Missy was home alone for weeks before UYR took her in, so she does still seem sensitive when she perceives her foster Mom isn't close by, she calls out loudly when she can't find her human, and we are grateful to be able to give her a loving home where she is rarely without a human close by. Missy is not currently incurring any vet costs, she is simply enjoying her life at home without fear of having to adjust to another new living situation. Thank you to UYR for letting this older gal remain in rescue for the rest of her years. Please consider helping us pay for the cost of her ongoing care and THANK YOU!

FO BIO 10/21/16

Missy is a 14 year old deaf and mostly blind Yorkie who came into the Rescue in April 2016 because her original owner could no longer care for her. Missy had been with her owner for her entire life, and going into a new home was a bit traumatic for her. Missy has severe cataracts in both eyes, although we believe she can see about 15% out of her left eye, and she truly cannot hear anything but the highest of pitches. Missy was not house trained when she was surrendered, but she did manage to get the hang of it after being in her Foster Mom's home for a few weeks. Missy was adopted out to a wonderful lady at the end of June 2016. Unfortunately, the adoptive Mom decided that it would be best if Missy returned to the Rescue due to Missy biting her at times. We happily took Missy back into our Forever Ours program as she is truly a wonderful little character, and Foster Mom has not experienced any incidents of biting. Initially, we expected we would try to once again find a forever home for Missy, but ultimately we decided that it would be too traumatic for Missy to have to become accustomed to a third new home in just 6 months, so we've accepted Missy into our Forever Ours program. Missy will remain with her Foster Mom in WI for the remainder of her life. Missy does have some medical concerns including an enlarged heart and liver, and she regurgitates nearly every meal she eats, regardless of how small the portions are. As long as Missy can sustain a good quality of life, we will continue to love and care for her.

To date we've spent $359.62 on Missy WI's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $350.00 in donations.
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Peanut is a 15 pound, 5 year old girl who is now a Forever Ours foster in Oak Creek, WI.


Theresa Cardona, Sheila Coleman, Sheila Coleman, Cheryl Scrupski, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Nancy Farley, Jan Clasen, Karry Rogers, Lynne Turner, Jane St. John, Dalia Ashman, Sandra Wendt, Jodi Pistler, Carol Gostomski, Kari Juul, Jennifer and Joel Tobiansky, Stephanie Digman, Kimberly DeMattie, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Marcia Lee

Initial Forever Ours Bio 6/13/2016

Peanut is a 15 pound, 5 year-old Yorkie who resides in her Forever Ours foster home in Wisconsin. She came to us two years ago in June of 2014. Her adorable appearance made her attract adoption applications and she was actually adopted twice. However, each time Peanut became very anxious outside the known safe environment of her foster home and her behavior deteriorated.

Peanut suffers from severe chronic anxiety which manifests itself with compulsive licking and chewing. Any object is fair game including doors, furniture, or anything within reach of Peanutís mouth. She will lick the fabric off of a sofa or the varnish off of furniture. Recently Peanut started drooling excessively and refused to eat. A trip to the emergency room complete with ultrasound and upper GI studies found a tear in her esophagus normally seen in large dogs who swallow sticks. We feel sure she managed to ingest something that she shouldnít have. Another time Peanut was taken to the vet with similar symptoms and was found to have swallowed a string that became wrapped around the base of her tongue and also caused an abrasion.

UYR attempted several strategies to get Peanutís behavior to change but after two years of trying including behavioral modification, Prozac, etc. and no progress the decision was made to allow Peanut to stay in the place where she feels safest; her foster home. She still has anxiety and compulsive behaviors but her foster family has adapted to the challenges of dealing with Peanutís special needs and can keep her safe and happy. Peanut must be monitored constantly to ensure she is protected from her environment.

While Peanut "looks" to be a normal, healthy and happy girl, not all illnesses and wounds are visible from the outside. UYR prides itself in helping dogs with a wide variety of maladies, including those that may not be visible to the eye. We do our best to make them whole again; but when we canít we donít simply give up on them. Peanutís care has been very costly, running near the $2000 mark at this writing. Will you help us continue to care for Peanut throughout her life with us as a Forever Ours pup? Both UYR and Peanut would be Forever Grateful if you can donate and share.

To date we've spent $1857.75 on Peanut's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $710.00 in donations.
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Sweet Rocco is a 5 year old, 9.5 pound Yorkie male who lives with his Forever Ours foster mom in Carmel,IN


Sandra Wendt, Susan Smith Wheeler, Connie Vaughn, Catherine Parker, Jane St. John, Wendy Tillotson, Stephanie Slack, Connie Peters, Sari Mandresh, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Jane St. John, Lory Foster, Stacy and Henry Powell, Jessica Ranger, Anita Konick, Jane St. John, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, David Rothrock, Sandra Wendt, Brenda Bargers, Karry Rogers, Tim and Dawn Hawkins, Jill Yablon, Amanda McKay, Jo-Ellen Gasior, Sheila Cohen, Olga Stecker, Irene and Peter Havas in memory of Buddy and Forever Ours Vanessa, Erin Horton, Anita Konick, Connie, Amy Chernault, Elizabeth Giannone, Angela Heath, Candace Haupt, Kimber Santorella, Robert Tiedeken, Irene and Peter Havas in Memory of Buddy and Vanessa, Angie Cagle, Mary Mulkey, Angela Heath, Anita Konick

Update 9/14/16: With Rocco's health issues and sensitivity to change, it was determined he become a Forever Ours Foster Dog and remain with his foster mom who had cared for him since he came into rescue.

Update Bio: 09/09/16. Rocco still is having a roller coaster life. Just when most things level out for him, another bomb drops. He has been doing great on the Hill's L/D diet and medications, so his labs are staying stable. We decided he was stable enough to get his vaccinations up to date. Since he has known vaccination reactions, it was decided to give them in 3 different intervals and to premedicated with Benadryl. He didn't have a reaction but was very sluggish for several days afterwards. Just about the time he started feeling better I also got a new supply of his Hills prescription diet. Well, they have changed the formula and Rocco says "NO WAY"!! He does not like it at all!! Foster mom has spent hours on the phone with Hill's and there is probably nothing we can do except start making home cooked special food for Rocco. In the meantime, foster mom has bought every can of the "old" Hill's L/D within a 20 mile radius of our home and Rocco is once again eating and feeling better. We will start a slow transition to home cooked special food. In the meantime, if you are interested in adopting Rocco, please follow the link below and complete the application. But, please be patient as make this transition to a home cooked diet.

To date we've spent $5578.18 on Rocco's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $2081.60 in donations.
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Roxy is a beautiful 4 pound, 10 year old girl who was found to have cancerous uterine and rectal tumors. Her Forever Ours foster home is in Round Rock, TX


Kristin Caballero and Tanya Gudger, in memory of Mercy

Daniel Champion, Helen Wenzl-Klingensmith, Barbara Carvalho, Patty Disaphanurat, Carlos Zarur, Anne Faasse, Amber Menzie, Dennis Sepulveda, Tenile Luttenegger, Maria Flores, Karry Rogers, Wendy Fuhrmaneck, Lynda Slipetz, Charlene Callicoat, Barbara Rodriguez, Cheryl Scrupski, Violet Gong, Josephine Nunes, Stephanie Frey, Kristin Vole, Renae and Jerry Sutley, Nicole Slinger, Cecilia Hoyle, Justin Yarborough, Wanda Gortman, Crystal Shores, James Hufford, Judy Winters, Carol Voncannon, Diane Howell, Irene and Peter Havas in memory of Buddy and Vanessa

Update 11/3/16

This little girl is the best pup ever, and such a trooper! Roxy has had a couple of trips to the vet this past month for an unusual sore on her side. The first time we were perplexed, but with simple treatment it healed nicely. Then this past week another appeared, followed by three more. They had to be uncomfortable, but not a complaint from Roxy. Her vet is a bit concerned that her immune system is weak as a result of the cancer, but still does not believe these are cancerous spots. We're treating Roxy with medication and keeping a close eye on her. Roxy doesn't like being on the grass, and doesn't walk well with her weak back leg, so they are definitely not environmental. Roxy's outdoor excursions are in her stroller! She loves it!

Update 6/20/16

Roxy is doing very well. She appears to be a healthy dog at this time, but we are keeping close track of her to be sure her cancer does not resurface. Roxy is a love bug and gives you kisses whenever you get close enough. She has to be the easiest dog in the world to take care of and the sweetest I've seen. Roxy does still have problems with her back leg, and I am going to be taking her to the vet next week to have it rechecked.

Before she showed up at the shelter, we think she was in a cage breeding puppies for a good portion of her life. This could be why there is no muscle tone in that leg. She gets around very easily, but when she's in a hurry she only runs on three legs. Lately it seems to bother her, so we're going to have it checked out again.

Roxy wants to thank all of her supporters and especially those who have donated towards her continued care.

Update 1/25/16: Roxy is an absolutely perfect little girl. She has been in foster care now for nearly five months, and is doing very well. Roxy has a great appetite and has put some weight on; perhaps a bit too much! She'll go for her six-month checkup at the end of February, and of course we are hoping there are no signs of the return of cancer. Roxy charms everyone who meets her. She's curious about new people and new dogs, and very friendly to all. If she were adoptable, I'm sure I'd be really swamped with applications. Roxy is happy and comfortable in her forever home with her foster mom, following mom around the house and being spoiled with the attention she deserves after such a rough life.

Update 10/15/15: Roxy is doing very well since her surgery. She has settled into her foster home and is running the household like any self-respecting Yorkie would. She's as sweet as they come and we are hoping that she is going to be cancer free for a very long time. Roxy will go back to the vet soon and have him look again at her back leg because she really has no use of it. The muscles are basically shot. It doesn't seem to bother her one little bit though. She can walk on it if she goes slowly but she prefers to to cross the room quickly, she runs on three legs. Roxy does not like to go outside. She does not like the grass, but she is about 90% trained on puppy pads, so it works out just fine.

She's a precious little girl and I'm happy that she is a forever ours Yorkie. She'll get great care for the rest of her days. Thank you to all the wonderful people who have donated to her medical care. I know there will be a real need for those funds as time goes on.

Roxy had a haircut to give her a fresh start. She's going to be spoiled again with ribbons and bows as it grows!

Update 09-09-15: Sweet little Roxy's biopsy results came back today. She had about ten tumors that needed to be analyzed. Aside from the mammary tumors, and the rectal tumor, there were several in the mass found inside her uterus. Her vet said Roxy was the poster child for why people should spay their female pups.

The majority of them were benign, but sadly, not all of them. She had a stage I and a stage II to III, as well as a rectal polyp, a low grade spindle cell sarcoma. At this point, all that was apparent has been excised, and of course the hope is that none of it has spread to lymph nodes or other organs. Roxy could use your continued support. I've told her how many people are wishing her well and pulling for her. Thanks to everyone who has donated, or who can donate to her medical expenses. This precious girl deserves every chance. She's feeling much better with all that removed, and is eating well! On a positive note, Roxy is heart worm negative!

To date we've spent $1961.77 on Roxy's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $2070.00 in donations.
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Jennifer and Joel Tobiansky, Sandra Wendt, Sandra Wendt

Update 11/1/16

Our "Forever Ours" boy Scruffy, isn't so Scruffy anymore. His foster Mom is "brushing up" on poodle cuts! Scruffy is spoiled sweet. He still growls when you touch him, but hasn't bitten for a very long time. The other dogs have learned to ignore the growls now. His Forever foster Mom got him a new name tag calling him "King Scuffy" that fits his attitude well. His Forever Ours foster family enjoys him very much and he seems much more relaxed since becoming a permanent part of a family. Stayed tuned for more updates.

On 8/20/16 we chose to make Scruffy a Forever Ours dog to remain with his foster mom and dad for the remainder of his life. Scruffy came to us with his Yorkie "brother" Poppy in March 2016. While it wasn't reported at the time, we have since learned that Scruffy shows some aggressive behavior that resulted in biting his foster dad and another visitor to the home. Because Scruffy appears to be a "grumpy" fellow and although he will growl to warn he isn't happy, we are not comfortable adopting him out to a forever family. His foster mom knows how to handle his behavior so he will live out his remaining years in her home.

To date we've spent $958.95 on Scruffy's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $800.00 in donations.
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Snuffy became a Forever Ours pup on March 9, 2016. He is 5 years old and living with his foster mom in Oak Creek, WI.


Holly Huckabone, Irene and Peter Havas, Holly Stavis, Sheila Coleman

Update 6/21/16 Snuffy is a senior boy who was surrendered to UYR by the family of his elderly owner. Snuffy had not been vetted in a long time and he was in a very emaciated condition. Snuffy was having difficulty eating and keeping his food down. We immediately scheduled a vet appointment and learned Snuffy has a condition called Mega Esophagus just like another Forever Ours Foster, Evo. Snuffy is being treated for his condition with a medication called Metoclopramide HCL which is a liquid administered 30 minutes prior to mealtime. This medication helps relax the muscles in his esophagus so he can actually get the food he eats down into his stomach. Foster mom also blends and waters down his food so it is of a slurry consistency and can be easily lapped up. He has been doing very well with this regimen and has actually gained weight since first coming into rescue. His Mega E condition is inoperable so medical management is all that we can do for him.

In addition, Snuffy is a biter. Thankfully his foster mom is able to handle him, but he does need to be muzzled when he sees the vet. He's a cute little guy with a sassy attitude but foster mom loves him dearly.

Update 3/9/16: Snuffy continues to suffer with his MegaE condition which causes him to vomit up his meals unless he is held upright for 30 minutes. Like our other MegaE Forever Ours pup, Evo, his condition is not really treatable or operable. He will life out his life with his loving and caring foster mom.

To date we've spent $2834.56 on Snuffy's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $68.50 in donations.
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Walter with Prayer Blanket

Walter ready for Christmas

Walter is an 12 year old Yorkie who was rescued in 2012. He suffers from Megaesophagus, collapsing trachea and neurological problems. His Forever Ours foster home is in Canton, IL.


2012: Cynthia Dial

2013: Linda Almasi 1/15; Suzette Hullette 1/18 and 3/8; Jennifer Tobiansky 2/23 and 12/16; Kimberly Bandusky 2/7, 3/1, 5/3, 7/16 and 10/16;

2014: Suzette Hullette 1/13; Kimberly Bandusky 3/14, 3/20, 5/21, 7/17, 8/12, 9/15, 10/29, 11/25 and 12/17

2015: Kimberly Bandusky 1/14, 2/13, 3/16, 5/18, 7/16, 8/18, 9/24, 10/16, 12/4

2015: Nancy Stanley

2016: Kimberly Bandusky 1/28, 3/7, 5/6, 9/28, 11/19

Jan Freeman, Jane Montford, Shannon Fair, Mary Cronin, Sandra Wendt, Phyllis Lewis, Carol Gostomski, Jane St. John, Matt Gann, Brenda Bargers, Jennifer Stein, Joan and James Kirby, Lynne Turner, Teri Rose, Lisa Santamarina, Angela Heath

Update 9/25/16

Walter has had a rough few weeks. He injured his eye & it is healing. He had a really bad seizure this week. His Foster dad found him lifeless on the floor. He picked him up & got him breathing again. We were not sure he was going to make it. After a rough few days he seems to be doing better. He gets fed by hand when he needs help. He is a tough little guy. So we will just keep doing what it takes to make him better. He is laying on his prayer blanket from the Global Comfort FAB group. The prayers seem to be working!!

Update 04/20/16: Walter is feeling pretty special this week. He got his very own prayer blanket & a yellow ducky to sleep with. He sends woofs & licks to everyone that has thought about him this month. He thanks everyone for their donations for all the Forever Ours pups!!

Update 04/19/16: Walter is 12 now and a little shaky, but still determined to do everything for himself. He is like a Timex..takes a licking, but keeps on ticking. His best buddy continues to be his Forever Dad and besides his meal times which he still loves, napping is his favorite pastime. Walter would like to thank everyone for all their good thoughts and donations to UYR to help keep him on a healthy and happy path. Walter says his forever family is the best as he always feels the love!

Update 11/05/2015: Walter wants everyone to know that while he is getting older & a bit shaky & his eyesight isn't as good as it used to be he is grateful for the last 3 1/2 years that UYR has taken care of him. He spends most of his days napping. He still has a bit of pep in his step. His favorite thing to do is hang out with his foster dad. He has an occasional small seizure but he is really doing well. He says thanks for letting him be a Forever Ours Foster.

To date we've spent $4817.91 on Walter's vet bills, but with your support we've collected $3625.00 in donations.
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