The Rainbow Bridge

Just this side of heaven is a place called Rainbow Bridge.

When an animal dies that has been especially close to someone here, that pet goes to Rainbow Bridge. There are meadows and hills for all of our special friends so they can run and play together. There is plenty of food, water and sunshine, and our friends are warm and comfortable.

All the animals who had been ill and old are restored to health and vigor. Those who were hurt or maimed are made whole and strong again, just as we remember them in our dreams of days and times gone by. The animals are happy and content, except for one small thing; they each miss someone very special to them, who had to be left behind.

They all run and play together, but the day comes when one suddenly stops and looks into the distance. His bright eyes are intent. His eager body quivers. Suddenly he begins to run from the group, flying over the green grass, his legs carrying him faster and faster.

You have been spotted, and when you and your special friend finally meet, you cling together in joyous reunion, never to be parted again. The happy kisses rain upon your face; your hands again caress the beloved head, and you look once more into the trusting eyes of your pet, so long gone from your life but never absent from your heart.

Then you cross Rainbow Bridge together....

Author unknown...

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Louie and his buds
Ohio Louie

Louie was the sweetest little guy I ever met. He would do anything for attention including put up with children to get some love. He lived a few good years with us, but not enough.

He worked hard at keeping his food down and was upset when he threw up. He managed to gain too much weight and it made him more snuggly.

I wish he was still here, sleeping in my lap and looking up at me with those inquisitive eyes.

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Tazz had a good life

Hello All,

I used to do the adoptions for United Yorkie Rescue, but stopped when I saw that old man Tazz did best as an only dog. He was my first rescue from United Yorkie Rescue. I tried and tried to find the right home but just never could. He was very old and only had two teeth left and a deformed jaw when I first got him as a rescue. The vet pulled those teeth and he was much happier.

Tazz lived as a batchelor with just me for just a few years. Last year my daugher and her two children, a Doberman and a minature Toy Fox Terrier moved in with me. Much to my surprise Tazz perked up with all the activity. He had really aged and I think that the activity this time was very good for him. He could always retreat to my room and be alone whenever he needed that.

Through the time I had him I did resuscitation, mouth to muzzle, on him a couple of times. Four times we raced to the vet with his old age problems and he miraculously bounced back. Finally though last year about this time, he looked at me and said in his doggie way " I'm not eating or drinking because it is time". He had become skin and bones and could not stand up because he was so weak. We visited the vet for the last time and she said he was the oldest dog (estimated 20 years) she has ever treated. Tazz had a soft spot with Dr. Whetstone too.

I have never had to be the one to put a friend down, but I knew in my heart it was time. So as I held Tazz, he gently went over the Rainbow Bridge. The hardest part was hearing what he was saying to me before the decision was made. I just didn't want to listen to his saying "it's time to say good-bye for now".

Tazz was never a peppy dog because he was just old when we first met. But he provided me with so much love and appreciation that I will always cherish him so very much.

I vowed to never have another that I just couldn't stand having a broken heart. Well, forget that. This past December, just two months after Tazz went over the Rainbow Bridge, Noel came to live at my house.

A group of us Realtors were having dinner last December. One of my Realtor friends mentioned that she had a client who left his little dog (she said it was a Yorkie) outside In all kinds of weather. Upon seeing this situation, the Realtor wisely asked the seller if he really had time for his dog and he admitted he did not. She then went on to say that she knew someone who might like her (me) and he agreed. I beat a hasty path to his house the next day to pick up Noel. The owner told me that his mother who had died the previous year had a full bred Yorkie that got out and Noel was the result. His widowed father asked him to take Noel and the owner did. He traveled and left Noel either outside in the backyard in all kinds of weather or in a tiny kennel in the dark garage. He had owned her one year and had never given her a name. Imagine! Since we met in December I called her Noel.

When I first met her she was skiddish and undernourished. Today she is socialized and has a shiney coat. She never has house trained very well, but no problem . . . she wears panties and is just fine. I even buy the liners (femine napkins that I cut in half) at the dollar store. Noel does not look much like a Yorkie to me, but I did google "Chorkie" and I think (and so does the vet) that she is part Chihuahua and park Yorkie. There maybe a bit of Carine in there too. I just love her to pieces and she travels well. We have taken two road trips with friends and their dogs. What fun!

If you could, since Tazz was a United Yorkie Rescue, could you please post his photo? I keep it on my laptop, but want the world to know that old dogs do learn new tricks. . . he magically came into my life and warmed my heart. That is a big trick!

Pat Morgan

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Jake and his loving family

It is with great sadness that we must report Jake has crossed the Rainbow Bridge. He was our first and longest Forever Ours pup and he is already missed. Jake had been a part of UYR for over 5 years and he leaves a hole that will never quite be filled.

Sincerely, Carl Sullenberger, Treasurer

A few words from Jake's Forever Ours foster mom, Catherine.

Our Jake took a turn for the worse recently but this time our little "Energizer Bunny" didn't bounce back. It was his time. The vet said he had probably experienced several strokes, we assisted his passing yesterday. Jake lived to be 20 1/2 years old! Yeah, he was blind, deaf, and a leaker, but still enjoyed life to the fullest ruling the pack of both pups and humans. Jake was my 20th foster dog, yet no other had literally forced his way into my heart the way this little man did. He was the most insistant little guy you could ever meet, HE had to be on my lap, HE had to be the one cuddled closest to me in bed, HE had to be first out or in the door. Jake's urinary problems required his to wear his belly bands so we've been diapering and medicating for the last 5 1/2 years. Jake was a loving, cuddling, demanding, alpha, "BABY" and I miss him terribly. I hurt so bad I can hardly stand it.

Catherine McCool-Texas

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Sadie was rescued by one of our members at a time when we were her only hope at survival. Unfortunately, her injuries proved to be too severe, and we were unable to give her a life where she wouldn't have suffering. She was humanely euthanized by one of our rescue vets and left this world in peace. We'll never forget you, Sadie! xoxo

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Little angel, Halley

Rest in Peace Little one...You were so very loved!!

Halley was always our little Angel Girl. When we adopted her 3 yrs ago from UYR she was a quiet little dog who only barked to let us know she was ready for dinner, now! She would do her little dance which came to be known as "Dinner Dance". She loved to sleep on our warn water bed or in a sunspot on the carpet. Outdoors she loved to lay in the sun on a warm stepping stone with our other UYR, Jack.

Halley had become blind from cataracts. Her eye specialist was amazed how well she tolerated all the tests for her eyes. We were doing eye drops and ointments round the clock as she had an ulcer that had ruptured. It was finally almost healed after a couple months of care, when she developed fluid in her lungs and was into congestive heart failure and kidneys were also failing. After holding her most of the day, we decided it was time to help her onto the Rainbow Bridge. Pam held her in her arms as Dr. Nowak helped her journey to the bridge.

I must say though that Halley hated her allergy shots. She became a perpetual motion machine when I picked her up to give her the shot. But once it occured to me to warm the serum that had just come from the refrigerator she was calm about that too.

Halley was 15 + yrs old.

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Enjoying the shade

On Feb. 2, 2010, Dennis & I helped our Hope cross the Rainbow Bridge.

We found out 5 days before Christmas that Hope was in liver failure. She just bloated up one day, so I rushed her to our vet. He did blood work which showed that her protein levels were almost non-existent. She was having terrible diarrhea at that time, so maybe if we got that under control, she would get better. We got her bloating and diarrhea under control with meds, but it all happened again just 2 weeks later. By the last week of Jan., it was just becoming too much for her. The diarrhea was so unbelievably horrific...she never complained, and always tried to make it outside or to the potty pads. I cried for her every-time the diarrhea happened.

We finally had to stop being selfish and let her go. Dennis and I were, and still are so devastated from her passing. Hope was our needy little girl...she loved everyone that she met, but she was especially my girl - my third hip - my sweet, sweet cuddle bug. I am lost without her...the house is so empty without her here. I miss her funny whine every time she wanted something, which was almost all of the time...but that was Hope. I miss her always wanting to be petted...she would lay by me and nudge my hand so I would pet her head...every time I stopped, she would push her nose under my hand to pet her again - I LOVED that. I miss her big ears, her head tilt, her funny walk, her almost chopping your fingers off when you gave her a treat...but most of all, I miss the love she gave to us. To think that someone threw her out of a moving car, in the dead of winter, because she was useless to them just rips my heart apart.

Our little girl went by many names...we all called her Hope, but I would call her Hopie...Dennis called her Hopester...and my grandson Austin called her Hopers...she was also my "Hopeless in Sheboygan". She was "Our Precious Girl".

On Feb. 23rd, I brought Hope home... she was placed in a beautiful Treasure Chest...and that is what Hope always was...our treasure...we were and still are so blessed to have Hope in our lives...she was like no other...

Hope, Hopie, Hopester, Hopers...you will never leave our hearts.

Love you FOREVER!!!

Momma & Daddy

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Little Lissy went to the Rainbow Bridge on Wednesday, 01/06/10. She went peacefully and very unexpectedly. She appeared to be doing much better with Foster Mom giving her sub-q fluids at home, but sadly, we did not get her in time to save her life. Lissy's foster mom and dad are heartbroken at losing this precious little angel. God Speed Little Lissy - you will never ever be forgotten.

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Katie (a.k.a. Kate)



It is with great grief that I report that Katie crossed the Rainbow Bridge on December 17. She left this world peacefully as I rubbed her paws and told her how beautiful she was and how much she was loved. Although I only had Katie for seventeen months, she will forever live in my heart. After my parents lost their seventeen-year-old Yorkie, Duffy, my dad would often say that some day a Yorkie would need a home and find one with me. I knew that Yorkie was Katie as soon as I saw her darling face. She was a sweet, gentle soul who had been in several homes when I got her in July 2008 at age eleven. Once she realized she was finally in her "forever home," she basked in being in the only dog in the household. Although she welcomed friends and neighbors (two-legged and four-legged!), Katie thrived on being the center of attention and on rarely being left alone. When I was at work, my mom was with Katie and they adored each other. I would often come home and find both of them snoozing! Katie quickly became "one of the girls." She often looked as if she was smiling with pure pleasure at being a part of a forever family. Losing her is so very difficult. One of my friends also lost a pet recently and she said she was sure Katie was a gift from God just as her dog Maggie was; she only wished it wasn't so hard to give them back. Me, too.

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UPDATE 12/08/09: Sadly, little Richie lost his brave battle for life today @ 3:30 and is now at the Rainbow Bridge. Our vets did everything they could to diagnose what was wrong with him. Unfortunately, the owners who dropped him at the shelter were unwilling to provide important information about his prior vetting to help us to expedite the appropriate care for this brave little boy. His spirit was strong, but he was too sick to win the battle. God Speed Little Richie, you will never be forgotten by those who rescued you and tried very, very hard to save your life.

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Kassie comes home


The first picture is when I first met her. She was 4 weeks old. I wanted to see if she was a dominant dog so I turned her on her back

to see how she would react. She had never met me before this and she just fell asleep in my hands-pure trust-and that was our relationship

from then on.

She turned out to be a lot more sassy than that picture shows and had REAL attitude, especially to any dog who came close to her yard. She was truly the 7 lb terror of the neighborhood.

The second picture is how I like to remember her, sassy, in her striped shirt, showing her attitude but just a little silly with her tongue out. She was truly the light of my life. If I can create my own heaven it will truly be to spend eternity with her..

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Sheriff Pepper

His name was Pepper and the name was self-descriptive. He was a rescue dog that just needed someone to be a friend with him. At first he just wanted to try and take over our other dogs but he quickly became a playmate and running buddy of them all. We have 3 other rescues and they are all larger but he was the "Sheriff" as we liked to call him. His personality was forever heartwarming and infecting. Whenever he thought he was in trouble he would roll over on his back and just look up with that winning personality and the affair would just melt away. He loved to give kisses, ride with us whenever he could and he never met a stuffed toy he didn't like.

I've reluctantly come to the realization, that he can never be replaced in our hearts. More than any other medicine for a broken heart, the ability to possibly help another animal in need is what we feel we need to do at this point. We had considered maybe adopting a new puppy, but the hurt is still too immediate for that. We would only be trying to replace our loss.

By contributing to the rehab of some of the animals in your care is what I believe that Pepper would be happy with since he was at one time just like some of the Yorkies on the web site.

Life has been good for us, but it will never be the same without Pepper. No amount of money can bring our precious Pepper back but it can hopefully make a better life and home for others.

Warmest Regards, Danny Linville

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Avery and dad, Mike

Although Avery was only in our home a short time, he definitely left his paw prints on our hearts and we will never, ever forget him. After a lifetime of abuse and neglect, little Avery was just getting used to roaming around our house and yard and making himself at home. He had tried out all the different doggie beds until he found the one that was just right -- and the one he liked the most was large enough for a Labrador! We thought it was very sweet and symbolic of his huge heart and spirit. He wasn't a big eater but we patiently worked on keeping his nutrition up. The afternoon before he passed away he ate more than we had ever seen; cleaning off his own plate and later finishing off a plate of his siblings food. We carried him to our room at bedtime, kissed his little head and told him we loved him for the hundredth time. By morning his sweet spirit had slipped away. Even though our hearts were broken, he really looked at peace. We hope he knew that he was loved. We're grateful and honored, however briefly, to have had the opportunity to be his mom and dad.

Thank you again UYR.

Sue and Mike

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Jake with Barb and Mike

Jacob 10/19/96-10/19/2009

We adopted Jacob in August of 2003 and drove to Davenport Iowa to get him. It was love at first site the day UYR emailed a picture of him to us. We knew right away we wanted him as part of our family. Jacob was one of a kind...a VERY unique dog. He made all different kinds of sounds for different things he wanted...it was like he was trying to talk. Jake had just one toy he loved which we called Mr. Bear. It was his buddy. He would tease Mike with him, trying to entice him to take it away. Mike would get on the floor, putting his head against Jake's and he could feel how strong that little 9lb dog was when he pushed back. Jake also loved to chase the garden hose. Mike would go in a circle with the hose and Jake would just try to bite the water. It was a riot. Jake was the greatest dog ever & brought us so much joy. He was our little man and his life ended too soon. We will miss him dearly as we loved him so very much.

Barb and Mike Berney

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Sad news

This afternoon our little Beau passed away in my arms with papa Mike by my side. He taught me more about forgiveness, trust and unconditional love than anyone I have ever encountered.

For those who may not know the story, Beau (formerly known as PeeWee) was a puppy mill breeding dog who spent 14 years or more in a small dirty cage, neglected, beaten and abused. When he became ill with a bladder stone so large it was pressing against the sides of his bladder walls, he was tossed out near oil wells in central California to die or be eaten by coyotes. Fortunately he was found by kind humans before his sad demise and taken in by the angels at United Yorkie Rescue in Bakersfield. They took care of his surgery and nursed him back to health. I just happened to be working in the area in August of 2007, heard his sad story, and the rest is history. I named him after an old Norse word, Bua, which means "strong will to live".

When we met he was, not surprisingly, very angry at humans. He didn't trust me or like to be touched by me. But gradually he would come and sit beside me on the floor and, after many tears, he eventually let me pet him without running away and glaring back at me like my touch had been painful to him. I think it was when we flew the red eye from LA to Sarasota in September of 2007 that we bonded. Half way through the flight I could feel he had awakened and was bucking in his little carrier. I scooped him up in a blanket and he slept the rest of the flight in my arms. When I met Mike at the airport and handed Beau over to him while I got my luggage, he said Beau intently watched my every step until I returned and held him back in my arms. From then on I was his mommy and he was my little boy. Where he had been so afraid of me in Bakersfield, he began to do a happy little jig every time I returned home, tail wagging a mile a minute, kicking his back legs up for me to pick him up. When the kisses came I knew that I was truly blessed. I could not believe it and I was grateful for each and every one. As his health continued to fail from the effects of old age, along with his hearing and eyesight, his trust in me grew and my heart overflowed toward him with love, admiration and gratitude. He was amazingly strong and brave for such a tiny little pup. Not a stranger to neglect and abuse myself, I knew he went through so much more hardship in his wee little life than I ever did. More than most humans could ever endure. But the fact that he was able to find it in his heart to forgive another human who he had previously only known as abusers, trust a human with his every care, and unconditionally loved a human with all of his heart is a true miracle to me and a lesson I can only hope to emulate.

I will never forget little Beau and I will never be able to thank him for the lessons he brought into my life. We buried him today along with a dog tag that read "I Rescued A Human". And he did. Something I never, ever would have thought possible when I brought the little fella home. He taught me more than anyone I had ever met, and for that I will be forever grateful.

Rest in peace, little Beau. And to everyone reading this, please help ban the horrendous animal abuse of puppy mills by not buying from pet shops that sell puppy mill puppies and by adopting one of the millions of homeless animals in America. Beau thanks you. And we thank you.

Sue and Mike

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My precious little Yorkie Daley died on August 27, 2009, of kidney failure

Daley was a godsend to me. I was so lonely after my Yorkie Casey died at age 17. I had hoped that Daley and I would have, at least, that much time together. Daley was incredibly INCREDIBLY! bright and smart. Twice he alerted me to problems our aged family dog Cosmo was having. Daley was not wild about walking. He loved to be taken for strolls in his Outward Hound stroller. I enjoyed those walks. He loved to burrow under the covers at night. And he liked bedtime. If I was late going to bed, Daley would pace to and from the front hall to let me know that it was time to go to bed! If I worked on a library project in the upstairs den, he loved to sit high on the sofa there so he could look out the window and still be near me.

He liked Publix Grated Sharp Cheese on his food. Heaven help me if I forgot to sprinkle it on there! (Alex Geis, his foster mom, alerted me to that!) Mary Bisnett, Pet Pals Sitting Service, always took care of my dogs for over a decade. She was very fond of and impressed with Daley and was deeply saddened when he died.

I hope that he was happy here. I think that he was and that he knew that he was loved, cared for, and safe here.

Dearest, clever little Daley, I hope that you are now with Buddy, Pup-pup, Strathpeffer, Casey, Jasmine, and your old friend Cosmo and all the dear canine friends I have had from my childhood. Please know how much I loved you and miss you. I know that before you came to UYR and me, you had some unknown and traumatic or sad times in your life, but you were too gutsy and intelligent a little dog to let it destroy your spirit, and I admired you tremendously for that.

Take care, and thank you for the happy times that I knew with you.

With love, Tricia H.

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Visit this link to see a tribute to Mandy

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Died July 27, 2009

Coming from the streets as he had, Simba was always a work in progress. When we first got him, he really wasn't quite certain what to think of, new house, new people and new playmates. But as time passed and he settled in, he realized he was now a part of this family. He was always in someone's lap. under my feet in the kitchen when I was cooking (I know Mom's going to drop something). He was the great overseer. He is truly missed,,,,

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Cameo Farms Springtime Fable


May 17, 1996-July 26, 2009

There are often surprises as we watch how our remaining little ones cope with the loss of a pack/family member. Fable was definitely the ruling queen in our pack. She was a very serious lass and she took the job of making sure the others behaved with proper doggie manners. The only dogs she ever let into her heart as "friends" were our Stormie (who was her half brother) and Rory who were pups along with her and they all grew up together... tragically Stormie and Rory both died of cancer just 9 days apart in August of 07. With their passing my little Fable lost all interest in any of the other dogs except to step in if she felt they were doing something truly upsetting to the pack order.

When Fable passed I laid her body on her favorite snuggle bed on the bedroom floor and let all my remaining others come to sniff her and say good-bye. Simba, Sketch and Rascal showed zero interest and just walked past her to the back door and wanted to head outside and explore. Kinnon sniffed little Fable and then backed away, obviously deeply concerned. And the little one who I thought would show the least concern of all with Fable's death, Pixie, was the one who truly grieved. She sniffed Fable for a long time and then lay down beside her and looked at me with the most sorrowful eyes...if dogs cried like humans she would have been sobbing. Pixie and Fable were not close in life. They got along OK, but it was a relationship of "tolerate" rather than one of bonding...at least I thought it was...now I wonder...

It was a week ago this morning that my little Fable passed from this life, yet Pixie and Kinnon will still not walk in the part of the yard where Fable always chose as her spot to sit and "watch the world go by". They walk just up to the edges of that area and then simply sit quietly with very serious, sad eyes...and Pixie will sit that way for long, long periods of time. Sometimes I actually have to go and pick her up to carry her away from there so that she will come and join us on our walks and playtime in the back field. I wish I knew what they are thinking and how to help them know that little Fable's spirit is safe and no longer struggling. I wonder if they are waiting for her to come back and take her role as their pack queen again? I don't know how to comfort them...I don't even know how to comfort myself...except to try to go on and make each day as normal as possible, even when nothing feels or is remotely normal. :(

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Missed by his loving family


Born: 6/13/97

Died: 7/3/09

Age: 12 years

It with great sadness that my Jake passed away yesterday afternoon. He was having problems with his liver and my vet told me (after being in the hospital for 3 nights) to see a liver specialist for a biopsy. When I brought him to the specialist they said his neck was all swollen and he was having trouble breathing. They put him on oxygen but he did not make it. I thought I was going to die myself since this was totally unexpected.

He just turned 12 years old on 6/13/09 and was my owner, my best friend, my shadow, my co-worker, my everything. I do not know how I am going to be able to live without him - his never ending kisses, his scratching at my feet to pick him up all of the time, his snoring at night and his love of life. He has been a fighter all of his life.....had lyme disease, pancreatitis, bladder stone surgery twice, cancer, diabetes and cushings. I just hope he is in a better place now and to see him someday again.

His brother (from the same litter) Max misses him greatly too.

The hole in my heart hurts so much and I am in such pain.

Where ever you now are Jake please know that I did everything possible for you and LOVE and MISS you so much!!!

I will never forget you!!! You brought me the most amazing happiness for the last 12 years. Thank you.


(Max - Jake's brother)

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It is with great sadness to let you all know that sweet Wendy lost her hard-fought and valiant battle with so many medical issues, all due to neglect, at 3:30 am today, in the arms of her loving foster mom Kari Juul.

Wendy came into UYR so neglected and in such poor condition; she had heartworms, mammary tumors, rotten teeth, was almost blind - and it was later discovered that she had pyometra, which resulted in an emergency spay surgery earlier in the week. Kari noticed yesterday that Wendy was acting lethargic and not eating, so she took her back to the vet; it was determined that Wendy's temp was only 97 degrees and she had internal bleeding. The vet gave her supportive therapy and IV glucose, along with a heating pad to raise her body temperature. Sadly, we just weren't able to save Wendy......she had such a strong spirit and personality and touched the lives of everyone who met her.

It was evident that Wendy had been horribly neglected most of her life; but at least the final 20 days of her life were spent in the loving care of our truly incredible FL foster moms - thanks to Jenn (who pulled her from the shelter & transported to Foster Mom), Stephanie, who so generously offered to foster both Wendy and Carnie, who came into the shelter with Wendy, and Kari who transported both girls to the vet and temporarily fostered Wendy before and after her surgery. A big thanks to the compassionate vet who did everything she could to save Wendy. A very special thanks to President Mary S. - who approved the emergency spay surgery for Wendy even though the odds were against her, for without it, she would have died. Every person who met Wendy was impressed at her personality and spirit. God Speed Little Wendy - we shall never ever forget you.

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